Kashiro (EUNE)
: I'm not sure i understand first sentence. People can't consistently use goolge search engine algorithms to make their pages flow to the top and you think any no-name can hack into their systems? If you assume everything is compromised then sure someone will log into your account, that's why you have to protect your data. As you said he probably got your login information some other way. Scan the PC for sure and be sure to change login details for other services/games if you used the same.
It was just some examples how someone could get in to my account, not if it would be realistic. So in that case we can say he had no access to my email so the only way, like you already said, is that he has my Riot-Games data from anywhere. I changed everything just in case, even my email. I hope that my ticket will be read as soon as possible because i had a found out that the guy used my leftover rp... I'm not sure but is there a chance i'll get my rp back and the gifts will be restored? Riot just has to check the ip to notice that it was obviously not me who did all the stuff with another ip.
Kashiro (EUNE)
: Besides LoL account try to bind an email to a phone so any changes will be confirmed with a code sent directly to you. I had quite few warning of people from (according to google localisation) Russia and China log into my account for like 3 months. Whatever was the case no one was able to get inside through multiple verification system.
The Googleaccount should just accessable either if someone hacks Google or has my password and mobilephone. I also got no warning from the side of Google so it just can be the posibility that he got either with a really lot luck my right password (but i dont think he got it in normal try n' error way) or any other way i dont know on riots side. You get just the information if someone is trying to change something on your account: "Hello **username* *, We’ve received a login or account change request for your Riot Games account. To complete your request, enter the following verification code into the security field: **5 random letters and numbers* * If this request did not come from you, change your account password immediately to prevent further unauthorized access." I would wish from riots side, if i have bind my phone to riot it should send me a quick message over either my phone directly like Google or maybe on my League+ so bad-people cant get access to your account anymore even with password.
Hansiman (EUW)
: You should [submit a request to Riot](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). They should be able to restore your summoner name as long as they can verify it wasn't you who changed it. As for what you should do, change your password to your e-mail as well. It's not unlikely that someone got access to your mail, and changed the account verification from there. Since you've already changed your password to the game, just make sure the login and password is unique to this service, meaning you don't use it on any other sites. A lot of stolen accounts occur because people use the same logins everywhere. When a breach occurs in another service, people will test out login credentials in other systems to see if there's any match.
Thanks for the tips. My account is linked to my Google-Mail so it would notice me if a new device is loged in to my mail. So I guess he found out what my Usernam and password is. They are already unique and maybe just the best allgorithm could guess what the password could be. So it confuses me how that person got access. Anyhow.. i change now everything i can change, even my e-mail password. Other plattforms told me from where someone even tries to log in to my account (luckily they never got access to them) but riot just said that someone wants to get access. Could be something for another thread maybe but i guess it's everything said now. Thanks again for your help, and let's hope for a happy end.
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