: Another penalty for afk.
i have a beefy pc and good internet and my client works perfectly. get a better computer
Nikigr5 (EUNE)
: rito nerf Olaf please!
olaf is not strong. you are just playing teemo
Demandro (EUNE)
: A bit of "forgoten" champions...
there are like 140 of them. riot is a /small indie company/
Profitzer (EUW)
: Parties of griefers and wrongful suspensions. League ends here for me.
do you really expect us to believe that you had 15 games in a row of organised party griefers? come on
Kha Trix (EUW)
: Another first game of the day, another day stuck in loading screen
: Congratulations Riot Games!You just lost a season 5 Gold 2 player!
: Let the Games Begin
yeah it's broken. good thing there are no rewards for it
: Make a colour blind mode that works?
Riot shit company. all they have is a 'colourblind mode' that just turns all the green shit to yellow or some shit. u see games with like protanopia and all those other colourlbindness optimised well but riot dont care about their players at all and will never do this
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