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: I know the outcome of every game since minute 1
Sad when one single person can zero downvote you. Such active these forums. Shows how much people even give a %%%%.
: I have no idea how much they play. And by and large I am probably not better than the average guy getting caught out in my games, I just don't understand how they have no idea it is better I save it for team fights when they %%%% up.
Its very easy, dont feed and at 5-10 minutes look at your team score, if its obviously negative it means you are on a loser team (thats how matchmaking works), its never balanced game. So just make them lose and feed. Dont participate on a broken matchmaking, dont teach anyone.. remember no one taught you either. If people cant play its not your fault, dont carry them. Only carry/play with teams that are at your level.
: 2.1 biollion$ revenue = ded :c
Millions of players, 100 posts per day. Who the %%%% are you even??
: 2.1 biollion$ revenue = ded :c
Theres a lot more than what meets the eye. You are just literally showing how much of an ignorant you are.
: Why do people always expect me to save them? [Rant]
Dont save anyone,.. if they dont play as much as you, just make them lose.
Zyzyx (EUW)
: Uh hu. And you are telling this us why exactly?
To bring up awareness to riot as to why their game is dead.
: I know the outcome of every game since minute 1
Riot thinks/expects me to try hard and/or teach noobs.. I will NEVER teach any fking one nor carry. Quite the opposite I will make them lose instantly without any sort of reaction and press play again.
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fk ur mother cnt

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