Zanador (EUNE)
: Neither. Nor am i wrong. Flamers are just a bit too sensitive and emotional.
Zanador (EUNE)
: No need to bother, i can tell you the answer right here and now: you will be able to do so as long as you want, because banning your teammates' champions is not against the rules.
u all people fail to understan the purpose of rules
Zanador (EUNE)
: You are almost right. Cursing in real life is indeed a natural way to react to pain and other bad stimulation. But _typing_ bad things isn't. You won't see someone hitting his finger with a hammer go to the next keyboard he can find to curse by a reflex. And by all means, if you get tilted, then feel free to curse verbally, in front of your screen. You won't get punished for that. Just don't type anything.
either ur 2 young or u havnt been on internet enough
Malah (EUW)
: You know nothing about mental problems. Go away and do not schism people. You know nothing. Another spamer who voting self by multi acc.
u still talking w him?
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Often after your first sentence of flame the damage is already done and that tilts your teammate which reduces the chances of winning for the rest of your team. Also often trollers are born after you flame them for making a misplay (which you thought was troll, but we all make in game mistakes) So I wouldn't put flaming below trolling, it's just the other side of the same coin
Gryndall (EUNE)
: Why you are so stupid?
: Actually, if you consult the statistics (even those released by Riot, which are false and don't sound plausible from a statistical point of view), you will realize that with every action that Riot has taken in order to reduce toxicity, never worked in the first place. The honor system is really old and it made some sense back in Season 4 or 5 but now it's mainly used as another excuse to grind the system. The same thing happens with toxicity. You misbehave, you get banned, you create a new account, procceed to rinse and repeat everything over and over again.´~ This is what has been happening for years and that is the sole reason why toxicity is still a huge part of the game and, to those who don't play this game anymore (like me), all that this game ever had: a toxic community. White knights, man your swords and defend League of Legends. I've been here since the beta and I've watched closely how Riot has been constantly ruining the game over the years. The game wasn't toxic in the beginning and we didn't have any of the bullshit you have today. No automated banning system. No permanent bans for misbehaving. The game was much more fun. The game was brought up to be toxic, hence why it can't stop being toxic. Sorry for the long text. tl;dr The game is toxic because Riot wants it to be toxic.
noo actually... at start noone gave a fk about leage sooo wasnt a point in trying so no rage. we were still playing Dota ... when ranked kicked in, flame happend, riot police came to arms, but anyway no bullshit policing will ever change flame...oh yeah Heroes of the storm TRyed even harsher method that Lol gues whatt....dead game just get over urself u got "mute" stop crying for bans
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Are you joking or just run from the cave in deep Siberia? The word "pederasty." even though that it comes from ancient Greek, changed the meaning across the times. In the past it was used to describe the homosexual love between a much younger and older person. Today it is strictly used to describe homosexual pedophile interactions between two man. And pedophilia is nowhere tolerated. You called others pedophiles and suggested them to behave this way. This should be enough for 14 days ban. But, you also called them goyim. It is true that in Old Testament the word means "nation," but today it is to either distinct Jews and non-Jews, or even a version of n-word but towards everyone except of Jews. I'm 100% sure that you exactly knew what those words means and just wanted to flame your teammates.
pff i say worse ... just don't use exact words and it's all fine.... i wish death , ineriority in intelect race soem abnormalities and all shit i can think of at the moment. Immagin policing chat on internet ROFL
Jushuu (EUW)
: Can we speak about the LoL banning system?
i give 0 fck about what is written in chat if i get annoyed i jsut mute.... but riot brain 2 small cant handle ....litterally dumbest bs they have in game is tha tpositivity that noone cares.... Look Heroes of the storms friendly ass dead game
Uhto (EUW)
: account banned 3 years ago
: I LOVE This Community - Kappa.
i would troll him solely for the fact he said "sorry"
: Troll of the Day...
bee like me... i see a temo hover ...INSTA BAN! not 2 boost myself but i could say ...Fastest ban in the west.
: Lemme give you a real life example, enjoy. No cursing, no nothing. _**The following story is fiction.**_ You go out with some friends, get stuck in a room, there are others too. A stranger starts laughing at your nose, because...well... it's too big. He constantly points at you, talks to his friends about your gigantic nose. You know that your nose is ginormous, and deep down, you're insecure about it. It's out there, nothing can cover it up. You try your hardest, it's still on your face. The guy won't shut up about it either. The whole situation is a humongous disaster, still not as big as above mentioned nose tho. He even takes a picture and threatens you with him sending the picture to your local newspaper so it can be featured in the "funny human deformities" section. The door opens, you leave. It's finally over. How do you proceed : Do you kick the living shit out of the guy ? ( answer is no, since that would get you in jail). Do you just leave laughing ? (Not really, remember, you were insecure to begin with, so it wasn't that fun) So if it wasn't that fun, a random person poking you verbally, about something that's already there, can't be changed. You could call it a NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE. Which was due to said person. Hence his whole attitude towards you, was negative. He should have realised that ignoring your astronomical nose would have been the optimal choice here, saving his own energy and at the same time not making you feel like shit. No curse words, no physical contact, just poking and making fun of. That's not necessarily punishable in IRL, it's called bullying. You were Kha's bully this game. **** From your next account, when you'll eventually get it to 30, and start the climbing from bronze/silver, adopt the following mentality. Will me repeating a player's bad score in all chat improve his score ? The answer usually is a hard no. You'll figure it out, I'm 100% sure. **** > Oh come on you know exactly what I meant...In real life you have the exact rules available, in league you have "negative attitude" and "verbal abuse" that include huge amplitude of different offences, that have been categorized in two blocks : "zero tolerance" and milder offences. Being an asshole is not punishable by law, yet there are people who park their cars too close to yours so you can't get in/out, that cut in line, that spit on the floor, etc. You can't sue them for that, you have no rights to film them IRL w/o their consent and so forth. You can ruin someone's day legally, in such an elegant manner, that literally nothing will ever happen to you - except from maybe getting punched in the face.
hey....hey...heyyyyy who put a person on that nose ?!? KEKW
well they are slowly making ranked more and more of a joke and when the ranked audiance dies the lol game preaty much dies ... it will be mainly a tft game .
rYLewis (EUW)
: 10 Game chat ban for no toxicity after 1 game of "flame"
dunno i call my apes, trash, bots, shit, garbage pathetic, useless all the time... or something like get run over... and _**spamming: ??????????**_ .... didnt get any bans... but usually once i assert one is a monkey , i ignore him ..... matchmaking rng lost me this game and then i play for fun..
: My NA account getting perma'd from games that had little to no toxicity
: Don't judge man, they were all having a bad game and it's not their fault!!! IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT, JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!
they can do sepuku
PzyXo (EUW)
: Ok, what about when you're a Kayn onetrick and you go into 3 games autofilled and you dodge them all. To queue again and get autofilled to play a role you don't want and you lose. You get autofill protection and get Kayn twice and get a remake in both games. To get autofilled again the next game. And play again and get that protection and you pick game and you get an afk and 2 inters and 1 flamer the first game, and the second game net goes off. And you get a 5 leaver buster of 20mins. And by that, you wasted 3 hours of your life doing nothing Best feeling
hits the spot just in the right way
Nittomane (EUW)
: Troll need to get banned!
the more you try to moderate what i say in chat the more reasons i have to grief int troll etc. because if a game is such a joke to care more about good looking chat than game play , then why i shouldn't be on the laughing side.
: > [{quoted}](name=flame2death,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=LmTw8N7k,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-12-04T10:05:25.704+0000) > > i ammagin from the start of the game that my team is composed of apes, then you know it kinda doesnt bother you as much ,....they're apes what can they do... apes together STRONG !!
KEKW instanly remmembered the scene
: wishing cancer the only solution?
i ammagin from the start of the game that my team is composed of apes, then you know it kinda doesnt bother you as much ,....they're apes what can they do...
: You will lose! You shall lose!
yup,it's basssicaly rng.... it's not worth try , u get 1-3 game won at machmaking then u lose 1-3 games at matchmakig... yes you can feed hard or carry hard to get threw this 1-2 game mby but the effort required to do sooo is insane... more worth just ff and go fast next in most cases
: Maybe cause it's 5v5 and you need your team to win.
so i care about the performance... for what i care it could be Stal1n
: What is wrong with LOL community??!!!
immagin complaning about ARAM
: Imagine misunderstanding what I said THAT much. Bit awkward really. Am I banned tho? Really? Beauty of having multiple accounts.
just ignore that account completely, like i do, it's a everyday boards warrior no point in talking with.
: ahahaha just got a "survey" from LoL
in 1st place why should i even care what their behaviour is like?!?!?
Rioter Comments
Hansiman (EUW)
: > Let's remember the Tyler1 case, he was banned on every account he played on within 1 game, do you really belive that it's so hard to have an automated system do that? Yes, it is. Those were manual, not automated. --- > If you've been banned once, the chances of you reforming are below 0.5% Where's the source for that statement? Most people punished reform, a minority go on to harsher penalties. --- > Imagine this, you ruin my game, i flame you, i get banned you walk away because you had a bad game? Who gives a damn about your bad game, if you're not proactivly trying to get back into the game and you continue to go full 1v1 against your laner who's clearly more skilled than you, i can call that intentional feeding You're explaining someone who's unskilled, or outclassed by someone else, and then claiming they're **intentionally** feeding. There's a very big difference between having a bad game, or being stomped by someone, than someone intentionally trying to lose. Only the latter is punishable. Flaming gets you nowhere, and will never improve another player. ---
reform?? you mean create account for different purposes or dont care about the game at all anymore.
: ban by mac-address of the PC then they need to buy a new PC and you don't hit anyone else.... But it's nice to hide behind this excuse to keep players in the database ofc :D
where do these Computing geniuses come from
: > [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=hcFFE5Z2,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-12-02T16:32:03.110+0000) > > It's pretty much impossible to permaban a player, rather than the account. > > How would you prevent a person from creating a new account? IP Ban! Checkmate Greeny.
u are joking i hope. and lets say they would get bannned perma , the game would be dead...
giorgi (EUW)
: that won't make a difference xD i prefer flamers in my team that i can instantly mute the moment they talk shit than a soft inter or trollers / afk on porpuse and people that don't have a brain and go 0-15 so yea there ya go
yeap, anyone that plays mainly ranked would want that. implementation of good behaviour revards just prove how ranked played dont give a F , except a few cases that wanna get every reward they possibly can, they would sell their kidly to get an extra badge...
: permaban? for what?
they ususlly do this why extreme cases , as bot boosting , a permabanned ID, elo boosting , 3rd party usualy don't get a response or a reason . And boards as per usual are bunch of bots. "deserved", "chat logs", just spouting the everytday horseshit like allways.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Most permas are deserved. And they also send a message when you do actually get banned. Either way you either contact support or just leave this hellhole
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: It could also mean 0.006% of all created accounts and not active players recently. This would mean 0.006% of way more than 10,000,000. But yea, this does not look convincing. 6‰ would be somehow believable, maybe they just screwed their math conversion?
they take whatever number they find more usefull, in thins case it's to make one think he's the minority , which everyone know is BS
CJXander (EUNE)
: #OP For every account banned there are additionaly 10 created afterwards, the math is pretty much correct.
well obviously u need atlest 2. 1 is needed to troll this bs chat banning system and go 0 20
Dongyi12 (EUW)
: Clash need team
woow this says alot about ur skill,, thinking that exp poinst matter.....
: getting permanted banned because a troller on my team reported me?? what is this excuse me??
dunno i griefed my mid(some of u might not get it, in game not chat), he asked everyone report me for racism nothing happend.... in another case i agreed that some races are inferior with an enemy, my temmate supposedly was very offended.... as if idd give a f nothing happend.
: Seems like even Riot employees are toxic
only in America this senstivity bs will work
Bæka (EUW)
: I have respect that you actually have the insight to see that you are sometimes toxic, it is the first step to preventing bans etc. It's hard to ignore people flaming you, I'm sure everyone has experienced this and it's extremely infuriating especially when they're wrong. The system Riot has punishes any toxic behavior out of context, as many people say: "If the other person is toxic and you are too, you deserve to be punished just as much" This is hard to accept. Try to mute others next time and refrain from typing back, it will only make the situation worse. Report them after game, even if you don't get i(nstant) feedback there's a good chance they got punished. PS: I suggest you change your name just in case someone reports you for it.
people still thinking flame is gonna do away or that it's the isssue....
rTb Kappo (EUNE)
: It's a new account i made on EUNE just because i don't like playing on NA with 156 ping, why are you so salty, lmao.
it's boards ,, for years they fighting flame and nothing will change still deluded...
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=flame2death,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Y1l0qRvO,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-12-01T12:22:09.983+0000) > > but somehow flamer hurts u more than a trolll. {mindblown} Yes mister mindblown, flamers affect me more than trolls since they happen to be there at a game basis, there are many games without trolls, but not a single one without flamers. Now do the math. Flamers become trolls if you mute them.
rTb Kappo (EUNE)
: Champ Select Trolls
welll .... based on ur elo it could work. tho it's preatty garbage.
Hansiman (EUW)
: I'm sorry you seem to have such a negative view on the community. It's really not the community I encounter, because most of whom I encounter are perfectly fine. --- > The majority of the players don't respect Riot or want to obey the rules. I'm honestly not sure how you can come to this conclusion. If you're basing it on how players interact on the boards/reddit, that's always going to skew your view in a negative way. It's common for people to come complain on the boards when they're unhappy, or gotten punished. It's not common for players to come state on the boards when they're happy about something ingame, because they're just going to keep on playing. When people want to vent, the boards is a usual place to go. --- > Riot are incapable of enforcing their rules. All you need to do to see that this isn't the case, is read the boards and see that players get punished. If you're after perfection, and every single player breaking the rules will always get punished, then you're going to be disappointed, because that will never happen. No justice system in the world holds that accuracy, so don't expect Riot to be able to do so either. --- > The only way things will improve is if the majority of the games population abandon the 1v9 mindset and stop seeing everyone around them as a troll or an inter. I agree that this mindset is a problem. These people seem to forget that the game is team oriented, and play it like a single player deathmatch. > Riot, from what I can tell, aren't doing anything to start this process How would you start this process? A lot of the players that seem to have this mindset already seem to think that nothing Riot says is valid, so why would they listen? > While there are a few with the correct mindset, they are few and far between (the only ones I can name off the top of my head are Boxbox, Riste and Foggedftw) There's a lot of value in content creators like this. Riot has the LPP program that highlights certain content creators, although there's still a lot of work that needs to be done in that department as well. (Also, don't forget Voyboy. Bizzleberry is another great attitude streamer based in EU). --- My point is this: Riot does do a lot to help shape the community. From my personal experience, Riot has been a very unique game company when it comes to devoting time and energy into their behavior programs. However, for these programs to work, you need the majority of the community to also partake actively, ensuring that unwanted behavior is reported, and mistakes from the automated systems are highlighted (be it false penalties, or people getting away). Perfection won't ever happen, but we can always strive to improve situations. Giving up just means that you're not trying to help, and then I personally feel like your complaints on the subject are rather moot, since you don't do anything about it yourself. It's like when people complain about political systems, but don't even bother voting themselves.
tsibanu (EUNE)
: Reporting system
imamgin my midlaner got soo pissed i perma stole his blue at 100 hp he asked everyone 2 report me for racism KEKW
: Dear Riot games .
the comunity is a wuss, riot trying corret it wont change a thjing i falmed and i will flame..... 1 map??? its been 1 map since like 2010. .... many maps HotS friendly ,yeah dead game... it's just the crybabies because of flame need 2 leave then it will be fine...
CJXander (EUNE)
: The problem is, people are using "troll" as a buzzword, for whatever little thing they don't like about the others. Real trolls are pretty rare, Flamers on the other hand, are present pretty much every fking game.
but somehow flamer hurts u more than a trolll. {mindblown}
: > Not only the unknown players, even friends flame as soon as you try something new. I feel you have the wrong friends.
of course who would want to sit threw ur testing .... nooone gives a shit about the others think for urself
Scoliidae (EUW)
: Aurelion support works great if you have a decent ADC that can follow up your stuns. Or take it a step further and go Aurelion+Swain bot. Never lost as Asol support, but it's been before his mini rework that I've last done it. Make sure your botlane partner is okay with it though because you'll hit a fair bit of minions :) Have fun!
the sarcasm just flew by right
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