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: Game/ Client problem
: Supports dont know how to play the game, at least below Diamond I, so good luck with that
im support main and im usually the one carying a game as supp so that they dont know how to play is a false statement
: Old champions
no they will not because it wouldnt bring them money as much as another skins or orbs wich gives you the icon you always didnt want there a company not a game developer they want money not for their players to have fun. the game sucks these days millions of buggs no new gamemodes wich were so fun back in the day. almost no balancing. buffing champs because there gonna release a new skin so people start to play the champ then when everyone bought the skin nerf him into oblivion. (just watch what happens to kha zhix after worlds) its a lost cause man they dont even read these boards anymore all they do is delete posts that tell the truth or make them look bad. just play the game while it is somewhat fun. next year it wont be if they keep heading in this direction
JustClone (EUNE)
: Playing support in everything below diamond (maaaybe high play also) is a mistake. If we talk about even lower elo as silver or gold... the adc there are utter trash. No skills to kite, to position themselves and to build the correct items/ pick the correct champion for the situation. Seriously pick any MAGE, and you will be dealing 5x your adc damage. ANY MAGE. Not just the usual five stars like lux, xerath, vel ... Picking SORAKA/JANNA/ETC... Waste. Makes the game 3 vs 5.
couldnt be more true i used to be a janna/lulu main but since i dropped below gold i can only play nauti,thresh (just strong carry champs. cuz i have to carry bottom lane as a support and 50% of the time me as nauti tank (support) go 8/5/9 while my whole team is 23/58 or something. this is how i lose nearly 30% of my games. the other 20% i go decent or win. as support that is
: most frustrating role?
most frustrating role is supp for me cuz i always need to carry my adc. i used to be a janna/lulu player (buffer). now i cant play them cuz nowadays adc are just bad players and dont know how to lane. i now play mainly team supps like thresh nauti alistar leona. cuz while they can somewhat carry bot they can still support in teamfights
bbita (EUNE)
: you will die so u should care...... there is place for religion everywhere no matter how much u have ppl like u and no matter where and no matter when. your alive it means your created your created means there is creator and hes GOD not like his creation. so wake up before u die, because when u die only believing in God "in true way "can help u, money house cars is nothing
fun fact: it is more likely for fairy tales to be true then for any god mumbo jumbo. there is absolutely no effidence of something even resembling a god. while fairy tales are mostly based on real stories overly exagurate. i say there is no god but there is a toothbrush made from non degradable plastic who created the universe. funny thing is i have more "proof" then people say that god exists. because there are physical toothbrushes made from non degradable plastic in different sizes. believe what you want just dont annoy people with your achy breaky feeliings. ur wrong im right. xD ps, this is no sarcasm this is 100% real. my proof this is real? just as much as proof for a god xD. have a nice day.
: Well you no need to get ban. If you are toxic. Your honor still won't go up. Best to just unbind enter.
im far from toxic ingame. trust me. i never flame.
: What are some champions that you think are "unfair"?
how did nobody think morgana isn't op? shes litterally counter of supp/adc with a hook or single spell burst. oh no w8 she counters everyone when she hits her q and you get stunned for eternity best thing is not 6 seconds later you get stunned again for eternity.
: Can I still reach honor 2?
honor system is fcked never received a ban. i get about 2 -3 honors a game (most games i carry) after about 500 honors guess where i am. honor lvl 4? honor lvl 3? nope. still at lvl 2 checkpoint 3. its just fcked
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: honor lvl is 2 or bigger? Is the champion owned ?
fohr3al (EUW)
: not receiving loot crates while getting first time s+ rating on champions
just played a game gained s+ on a owned champ wich i never played my honor lvl is lvl 2 last stage
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fohr3al (EUW)
: riots current direction.
theres a similar discussion wich is already ongoing go to https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/0EVE6xn8-riot-needs-to-get-their-shit-togheter
: PVE Events
they have the recources they just want money
RogueDek (EUW)
: Riot needs to get their shit togheter.
eternals will be partially free they are making common and uncommon eternals i think the price will also be reduced but there still not going in the right direction in my opinion
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: Remember the events where you could get an orb and a skin shard from the event? Good times
remember the events where you could play a pve gamemodes. wich had progress to them. now its just buy these orbs and get a new icon you never wanted.
LilSalty (EUW)
: What if Riot wasn't greedy?
its not only skins. they make skins for the champions that get played the most while some champions only have a few skins. also they anounced that there wont be any events anymore (other then old pvp events. wich is just urf and different versions of urf and hexakill) they said the reason no new events or old pve events will be reinstated is because it costs to much "recources" wich is just saying we dont care about fun in the game we just want money. they have the recources, they just dont want to spend them. also eternals srsly thats what you spent your "recources" on. there just cashgrabbing its to obvious. league is going in the shitter. not just only because of the massive amount of bugs but because of the intentions of riot changed from making a game as much fun to play to making a game as profitable as possible. (this is my opinion dont cry because someone thinks otherwise than you. civil discussions are welcome.)
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