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: i think the fan of your cpu it not attached pretty well to your cpu or you need to change the thermal paste of your cpu youtube thermal paste cpu change
: He can just test it in other games. He can play other strong games and see how his CPU reacts there. Also it can be that his CPU went into problem together when lol patch was involved so it was a ''coincidence''. Malware that is causing temperature to rise (which i had as a problem) Fan not working which is in 70% of the cases. Too much dust Bad thermal paste or dry out AMD - because AMD processors tend to mess up a lot. And I wouldn't say ''it's simply old''. My processor in old computer is old for an about 15 years and he still works like a charm.
thanks that helped sorry for late respons, i have been playing! :)
: > [{quoted}](name=forsaken unReal,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=aXFPneLB,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-04-02T11:29:50.537+0000) took out the cpu fan from motherboard and checked it aswell. it was isanely hot, maybe i need new Thermal Paste on it? did you only remove the fan from the cooler or the complete thing from the motherboard? kind of confused. if you removed the whole thing from the motherboard you should renew the paste. if you just removed the fan from the cooler, than dunno. depends on how old your computer is. they say thermalpaste should be good to go for 5 to 8 years before it needs renewing. depends also on the quality of the paste and kind of paste.
Yeah i only removed the cpu fan from my cpu, did not renew the paste, dont have it at the moment. but thanks for tip!
: first off. one post about the same issue is enough. second. is it a notebook? try to get it clean. dust it out. re-install lol. re-install windows. check hardware. check fan connections and etc. etc. if all of the above doesnt help, check back with riot
I will try to do that, seems like this happend right after the patch 8.6 my cpu as i've registered it has been 50 °C at the most. when im in game now it may reach up to 70-75 °C. all other games run easy with 60 °C.Ii've been in my bios setting the cpu fan to max rpm from 2200 rpm to 3300rpm, trying to see if that makes a difference, aswell trying to lower the setting in side league. checked for dust as you mentioned. seems to be minimum with dust. took out the cpu fan from motherboard and checked it aswell. it was isanely hot, maybe i need new Thermal Paste on it?
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How can it be my pc? this just happend after the new patch. i run everyting else. i normally at 40 °C on my cpu, it goes to 62 °C when im in champion select and then in game it goes to 75 °C then it shutsdown. its not my pc. potato.
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