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: got my account banned not my fault
i can still get on the account ill prove it and say something on this post on applemonkey2001
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Levıathan (EUNE)
: Cri Rex - The Elite Mercenary
I can help with that moba i have allot of designs for champions i have 18 designs or so My discord roy#5271
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: Yeah it is
: isn't that like the old Rek'sai ult? it's like a kalista,zaya,rek'sai hybrid {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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i have done a rework concept on amumu
xGunna1 (EUW)
: amumu rework and aatrox plz
i have done a rework concept on amumu {{champion:32}}
LovroLox (EUNE)
: Where is Vastaya?
rammus isnt a vastaya he is a rare species and the only one left of his species
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: Rackid the demon tamer
I like the quote against swain
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Virosus (EUW)
: [Champion concept] Quira - The Aspect of true ice quira just a design{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Solash (EUW)
: WOOPS I DREW VOID KLED AGAIN quira design just something
BooMHedara (EUNE)
: I don't see why is this champion support when he has 0 support abilities, i mean there is only that slow on his R and some MS for area which is like {{champion:15}}'s ultimate at some point.
: [Champion Concept] Zai'Bhok, The Void's essence
i think the creature is badly designed i could draw you something {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Phorce (EUW)
: [Idea] An interactive globe of Runterra like Google Earth
yes plssss!!! riot take my money make me poort!!!{{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: Champion BE price change
i love the way you gotta do so much work to get a champion so you need to choose the champion you want{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
FMSonto (EUW)
: Djeltic - Kumungun Pelter
beautifull idea he could be family member of rengars tribe {{champion:107}}
OMGoddyr (EUW)
: Next Ultimate Skin
ultra hunter rengar!!!
: [Unique champion concept] Irma, the space cow
> [{quoted}](name=FallOfMortality,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=EyONx0hR,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-04T21:54:59.388+0000) > > Aside with joke, today i will present my champion concept which I think is one of more unique ones yet. > > Pre-introduction: > > I am a fan of champions with unique kits (eg. Nunu), because you can experiment with them a lot which brings a lot of fun. > I love kits that may firstly seem useless but as you would experiment with them you would see that they can be pretty competitive. > I also love champions flexible that can fit almost role. > I also love odd builds that work, and "expression on opponents face" when you beat them with "useless champion". > > With new champion releases Riot proves that nothing is impossible (Zoe; able to obtain summoner spells), or older ones (Nidalee; having 7 spells instead of 4), so it would be most probably possible to create this one too. > > SHORT STORY: > > There is a small village deep in the woods. Its inhabitants live happily in peace, during the day! But during the night they hide silently behind thick walls, because at night The "Firefly of deep woods" appears seeking something and preying, and of these who stand in its path only loud cries of fear, pain and hopelessness and growl, screams or croaking are heard and only trace of them left in the morning are small stains of blood and noting more. > Many brave men have gone hunting for the firefly none have returned. > > Introduction: > > I am presenting new void champion: [Name], the firefly of deep woods. This void creature is a giant parasite that preys on creatures of lesser intelligence and controls them via connecting its nervous system with host's nervous system. > Parasite always observes its preys carefully and than chooses the one which will serve his purpose the most efficiently. If the host grows weak or parasite finds another stronger host, it will tear out host's nervous system, instantly killing its host. > > Having Introduction out of the way, we can now jump to its gameplay, abilities and roles. > > GAMEPLAY: > > Like Nidalee, this champion obtains his ultimate ability on the beginning. Ultimate ability allows him to attach to any Main regular jungle monster in the camp; ancient Krug, Great Murk wolf, Gromp, and Crimson Raptor. Reactivating ultimate ability unmounts and kills jungle monster. > If you ULT jungle monster it does not count as a kill (also good potential for stealing enemy camp in the beginning). > > > Potential abilities, gameplay: > > Each or these monsters give champion different 3 normal abilities and passive. > For Example: Grom Q would be tongue lash (since Gromp lashes you with his tongue), his W would be leap and his E would be switching ranged and melee auto-attacks or casting poisonous spit. His passive could cause oponent to get poisoned if he is beside the champion/ he gets auto-attacked by the enemy/ he successfully lands a ability on an enemy. > > Imagine how many possibilities would that open for a surprise gank. One time from bush as a frog, the other time gank with speeding wolf and so on... > > And you could always surprise the enemy with editing/changing your build/ making a odd build. > You could also fit almost any role. > > You could lend your jungler's Gromp and go AP mid or top tank and so on. > > You could change your role midgame "like Kayn". > > When Champion would not be attached to jungle monster it would hover around, and would have weak abilities and passive that would reduce damage taken for X% as his tentacles would "defend" his interior from taking much damage > > The kit does not have to make much sense, there will always be creative players that will make it work. > Power of this champions would not be in this kit but with ability to surprise your opponents, so it would have its pros and cons (enemy vision, not having ability to reach jungle monsters). > > I also made poor 2D side, rear and front view of champion and image of how his ultimate would work. > > Here is coloured image with explanations: > > Here is uncoloured image: > > > Please leave your feedback. It would be also nice to hear Rioters opinion. > > PS. > 1.) Feel free to colour and edit this 2D model any way you want . > 2.) Hope any Riot champion designer gets inspired by this concept. its a nice design i dont care that its overpowered like you said they showed us with zoe that everything is possible{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: [Suggestion] New champion. Tribe warrior.
cool creation, very creative and awesome i definitly will main this champion could he be a jungler or a top laner i think that this is my job for the abilities i am only 16 years old but full of ideas. we could work together make this champion great!. so please respond fast my skype is royminerroycoolboy123123 lets be partners sorry i am not the best writer against people never really learned it the . and , places where i needed to put them cause i am dumb xD no just kidding i am so pumped to help you with this champion what about the name alpha btw ?? that abilities that he can eat corpses is a passive of one his abilities {{champion:266}}
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: > [{quoted}](name=xXBSATSHOTXx,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=vzrMAqdy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-30T02:06:05.521+0000) > > Ivren's wifeuo? Daisy is simply not enough sometimes. You can't blame him.
nope she has some personality{{champion:427}}
: Idk if it still works to send them some artwork for RP. 20 might be a bit too much though, but you could still try.
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: Thanks dude, but atually we re working un translate The Game, when finish It we ll info you, dont worry
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=foxpower2001,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ZYYEUwQX,comment-id=000100000000000100000001000000000000000200000000,timestamp=2017-07-11T11:59:58.976+0000) > > i get some sort of an error Would you mind showing a screenshot or copy/pasting the error? So far everything you've shown me looks healthy, but I can clearly see your client is having issues hitting that link for some reason.
its working l again i reinstalled dotnet framework apearently wrong version its now upgrading client
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=foxpower2001,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ZYYEUwQX,comment-id=000100000000000100000001000000000000000200000000,timestamp=2017-07-11T11:59:58.976+0000) > > i get some sort of an error Would you mind showing a screenshot or copy/pasting the error? So far everything you've shown me looks healthy, but I can clearly see your client is having issues hitting that link for some reason.
it downloads a file and i open it with note pad it gives me this text #define USER_KERNEL_VERSION_STRING ""
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=foxpower2001,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ZYYEUwQX,comment-id=000100000000000100000001000000000000000200000000,timestamp=2017-07-11T11:59:58.976+0000) > > i get some sort of an error Would you mind showing a screenshot or copy/pasting the error? So far everything you've shown me looks healthy, but I can clearly see your client is having issues hitting that link for some reason.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=foxpower2001,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ZYYEUwQX,comment-id=0001000000000001000000010000000000000002,timestamp=2017-07-11T11:43:19.789+0000) > > Works fine, thank you :-) If you try to open [THIS LINK]( - what happens? Does it download a file, or do you get some form of error?
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=foxpower2001,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ZYYEUwQX,comment-id=00010000000000010000000100000000,timestamp=2017-07-11T11:22:57.706+0000) > > > this happens its not > and it stills gives the same error{{champion:32}} Hmm...okay. If you open up [THIS LINK]( - what do you see? Can you also try to open LoL, get the RADS error, then upload your latest RADS System File for me? * Go to "C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\RADS\" * Select the latest "rads_user_kernel.log" file * Open it using notepad or a similar program * Select everything (ctrl + A) and copy it * Go to []( and paste the content there * Set the expiration date to 1 week * Submit it * Share the link with us Thank you!
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=foxpower2001,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ZYYEUwQX,comment-id=000100000000000100000001,timestamp=2017-07-11T10:48:45.768+0000) > > oke this is it > i think the 1 and l look almost the same too xD > Would you mind please doing the following? Note this is a temporary thing and should not be forgotten, as it can cause issues in the future! - Browse to C:\windows\System32\drivers\etc - Open "hosts" with a text editor program (IE: Notepad) - Find the lines that look like this: > \# localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself. > \# localhost > \# ::1 localhost Edit it and add the last line as shown here: > \# localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself. > \# localhost > \# ::1 localhost > - Save this file to somewhere such as your desktop. Note that you will need to select "Save as type: All Files (*.*)" and ensure the file is called "hosts" and not "hosts.txt" or anything else! - Browse to C:\windows\System32\drivers\etc - Rename "hosts" to "hosts.old" - Copy the "hosts" file from your desktop, into this folder - Try to ping again This time, it should show the new address of If this works, can you please then try LoL again - do you receive the same error? this happens its not and it stills gives the same error{{champion:32}}
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=foxpower2001,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ZYYEUwQX,comment-id=0001000000000001,timestamp=2017-07-09T16:10:53.661+0000) > > > > thats it hope you can find the problem Hey FoxPower2001, My apologies, I totally missed your response! It looks like this was the wrong address, can you please try again? L3DN.RIOTGAMES.COM (not the number 13, but L 3 :-))
oke this is it i think the 1 and l look almost the same too xD
Eambo (EUW)
: ^^ Patch 7.14 has not hit any regions yet other than PBE.
heeh can you please help me with the rads error
Derifrest (EUNE)
: No offense bro, it looks cute ;)
: LoL Fans Cards: fan trading card video game based on League of Legends
i want it please let me download it {{champion:86}}
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Summer Themed Legend of the Poro King
yeah nice thinking!!!{{champion:427}}
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=foxpower2001,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ZYYEUwQX,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-07-07T20:53:52.262+0000) > > > this is the exact picture > cant take a screen shot > but its the same > is this good This error normally means you can't connect to [THIS SITE]( Can you please do the following steps: - Press Windows Key + R to open "run" - Type "cmd" and hit enter - Type "nslookup" and hit enter - Type "ping" and hit enter - upload the results for us to take a look at Thanks! :-) thats it hope you can find the problem
Derifrest (EUNE)
: Yep, that's a Mona Lisa in LoL :D
: I like the supporting idea of how you could store allied minions to prevent enemy from getting exp, aswell as when your adc leaves lane you could store some enemy minions for him to kill on his return. I didn't get the part about jungle monsters tho, would they transfrom into allied versions of themselves or rather into allied lane minion and how would you release them, at random or could you choose to release a monster or a minion?
i have concept how he could look like for you yossi hope you like it
Solash (EUW)
: Skin Concept/Fan Art - Dark Star Rakan
it looks like a void/project rakan not be mean but i like it{{champion:497}} btw rakan main!!!
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: Champion Ideas
love it!!! {{champion:427}}
: Champion ideas
yeah i wanna hear them al!!!!
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