: I kind of do but it's like lvl 16 and it's not really, really mine, more like an abandoned smurf of a friend's. Guess this gives me a good excuse to make one? I'll make you a deal, we can play some normals as I lvl an account to 30 and hopefully I'll be able to teach you a few things during this time. Wanna give it a try? I'll still want discord if yes btw.
seems good to me xD there's no way we can text in privat or somthing to set things up add me first in my Franklin1970 acc in EUW i will be waiting
: Try upgrading boots faster so you can move faster
lol i think your name is a better advice xD less chat more play hmm good one nice advice
HF5 Dragien (EUNE)
: 1) have good internet? 2) Pc that the FPS are Good? (The most Bronze players have those problems,) Lts start so... To Rank up u must read tactics, check latest news for builds,champions, counters, play on the lane / roles that u are good ( a good main adc or support e.x) focus to help team and not blame if they are dying, ficus to farm, to vision for ur sake, as faster u improve ur skill that fast u rank up. Try to not loose ur focus on the specific lane, have a tactic to push and def. . . **_Kills are good, but is not the key to victory,_** (in tha 2 years i thing for sure u have lose a game when u have awesome score)so the kills are not the key to victory, try to not hunt read the map, -u have vision where the enemies is?- all that counts as tactics for you, ... They are too many to understand for leave in a instant the Bronze Category,.. keep trying to be better and fix your mistakes. Have fun * {{champion:222}} {{champion:267}}
xD damn my fps is 13 all the time and my internet ?? xD sucks but not all the time thanks man really good advices <3
: Objectives > vision > cs > kills. Vision doesn't have to be wards alone. Vision can also be "oh, that Xin just ganked toplane, he wont be bot for a minute or two. If you do that alone, you're pretty much guaranteed to get to at least gold if not higher (assuming you suck at everything else). Aside from that, forget about supporting in bronze-gold, its harder to carry and painful to watch an incompetent adc.
xD i really have this " Vision " you talked about you know i go to invade his jgl or do a drake or gank the opposit lane stuff like that i am aware of everything in game ( not everything xD ) i am not gonna say tht i am pro and shit and it's just my team .. yeah i do mistakes sometimes really stupid stuff but i always try to recover and never blame it's just my fault... i played a game with my gold elo friend and she said your good and your not a bronze V player for sure but i don't what's wrong really
XFrostfox (EUNE)
: I won't tell you obvious advices like don't flame, cs etc, since people mention this everyday to others and most of the time its not helpful at all if you know this rules. What i tell you is keep an eye on updates of league, and watch which champions/items are buffed and which champions/items is nerfed, you might be playing so strongly nerfed champions/items. I did that mistake playing any champ and picking any item without looking its rework or new status that it killed lots of my games, but after i read, i won 20% more games than usually. Got any friends? its better if you get 4 premades, you will have much better communication with them than any random solo queue games. and also 2 years its not a lot, yea it might sounds like a lot of time spent on a game, but for moba game like league, its not that much, what i suggest you is try every single champion in league you will understand what to expect from enemies etc, especially if you main some champions for sometime you will understand how to counter this champions you main, so in future games you counter attack them easily! =) Notice how all high elo players mostly has their MAIN champion and they mostly know how to play with many other champions. Good luck.
when i am patchin the game and have nothing to do i always read those patch note and i got to say it's really halpful in game to know everything thanks for the advice m8 <3 :)
: Greetings , 1. I dont know what kind of advices i can give you but i was season 6 bronze v hard stuck , i used to play champions that arent buffed or on the strong meta like {{champion:60}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:266}} , then i learned to not die on lane alot and i was top and mid main season 6 , i thinked hard and noticed that mid is try hard lane , {{champion:55}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:84}} , not my thing , well top i left top too because i dont like some champs there like {{champion:17}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:58}} , i learned to play some botlane first i learned to farm with adc's that are really easy like {{champion:202}} , {{champion:67}} , then i learned some supporting with {{champion:40}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:267}} they are all easy support champions , nowa days i am bronze 3- b2 stuck , now i need to figure out how to get myself into Silver and what champions to use. but this was my exprience.
i changed my champs too but not the lane tho xD i was yi main really good with it but now i mainly play Ekko or kayn hmm maybe i should change both this time ( lane and champs )
BeamrB0Y (EUW)
: use the mute button and learn on your own mistakes and try to improve them, this is a team game but in the end you're the only one coaching yourself in soloq. try to use replay to look into your mistakes if you're dedicated enough to improve yourself. also try to use the sandbox mode to try and learn new combos. trust me, sandbox mode really helps in training your brain to do a certain combo within 0.2sec, which is very difficult to practice on a constant moving enemy like in pvp :) also; try to ask a friend to sincerely review your playstyle; another person's opinion could _just_ be what you're looking for in fixing your own playstyle mistakes. sincerely, yours truly {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
thx man <3 by the way xD I hear about the mute button advice so yea i will try it for sure :p thanks again
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: 5 typical bronze-silver(gold) mistakes: 1)Horrible cs 2)High death amount 3)Blaming others 4)Flaming in battle 5)Lack of map awareness.(nobody looks the minimap cause they just don't know their champ)
1) my CS is good 80% of the time 2) hmm yea i think i die alote like sometimes i think Ekko is so op that i can jump in 1 v 3 and shit also thi is happin with yi alot so yea maybe your right 3) i NEVER NEVER blame man like really sometimes it's just my fault or it's all our fault but i never blame in the chat i mainly when shit happins i say GG np or Wp it's ok 4) like i said never blame never flame 5) always looking at that mini map always warding xD my wards always are in CD haha
Rwobba (EUW)
: Add me in game or go on discord, we could talk and i watch your games. May be I can help :)
ah ok xD I will add you soon
Leptyx (EUW)
: Play unrankeds for some weeks, and in these games your objective is to never die. Doesn't matter if you win or lose, doesn't matter if your teammates don't follow you or if you don't follow your teammates (type /mute all, at the beginning of games), doesn't matter if you end up with zero kill even as an adc, just finish the game with no more than 2 deaths (but still do your best to farm) Every time you die, assume it's your fault, perhaps you went too far, too deep, you had no vision, you engaged but they killed you, etc. Try that mindset for a while, it's worth a try
hmmm ok i will try it for sure xD thanks <3 <3
: Wanna go on a discord for a bit and show me how you play?
i am in EUW i can add you if you have an account there ?
: Get better? Thats the only answer really.
xD i NEVER blame my teamates tho but you know it's bronze i know main Ekko ( AP Tank ) and it's really good good CC for ganks ez farm ez kills but in the end i keep lsing and i don't know why ( my team xD ) i played a game with my gold elo friend and she said your good and your not a bronze V player for sure
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