: Then i'm assuming the shards you have are not the ones i am talking about. You got those two shards from champion capsules i'm guessing.
yeah, but how do I get the ones that give out champs for free
: Those shards unlock champs for you. You just have to unlock them. They don't cost any blue essense.
When I click on them, both of them say I have to pay about 900 be
: You recieved 4 shards? That's what i meant.
Yeah, but those shards I got do not give me champs for free and i have never heard of nor gotten daily shards :/
Silent Note (EUNE)
: You should have way more champions by that point, all of them which you got for free. You probably know where it shows your RP and blue essence. Left to that there's the store, and left to the store, there's the loot button. You should have champion permanents and champion shards there, which you can unlock champions with for free or get a huge discount on them.
I have 2 shards right now, 4 Champs and thats it, nothing else
: The game should give you one free champ a day with the new system. That's what it did for my lastest 2 sub accounts.
Huh, weird. I did not get any champ at all only like 4 shards in total
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