: You are doing great, awesome w/l and great stats with a few champs. Keep playing khazix, fizz and gnar and u be gold in a few days/weeks.
Thanks :) and I will do, but it sucks that fizz has been nerfed (from all the tank fizz meta crap) and Gnar usually gets my teammates flaming me, as I build him like an adc, with BoTRK being my 1st item I usually buy Kha is the only one I like that rito hasn't touched (yet) but with all the pro's playing kha (knightblue or something), I imagine he will be nerfed too, soon :(
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Cypherous (EUW)
: > As for the security risk, nobody can access my PC without my password, furthermore, the .bat file will be inside of an administrator protected folder, so will not be view-able or editable without my password If the folder itself can be copied to any other machine it can be read, linux straight up ignores any security settings and literally any other windows machine can take ownership of the folder and read it > If you are talking as for the security side of a virus attempting to steal the password, there are no viruses that attempt to steal .bat files I would argue that there are bound to be a few but mostly will be targeted at servers where bat files could contain more enticing things, that being said numerous keyloggers and RAT's can capture the screen and any inputs sent, while the risk is minimal its not zero At the end of the day riot designed the client to avoid such things as automating logins using files is a security risk and riot would prefer no file contained your login details, maybe you'll find a workaround but afaik it requires 3rd party applications and even some password managers can't interact with the client directly
Yes, but as I said, its a protected folder, its not such a simple thing to do, I've set it so even I cannot move the folder without changing settings in the system registry. A RAT could, yes, touche; however no RAT is going to know to change my registry settings to find a hidden folder to get the password for my LoL account. Its massive overkill. Nobody would care that much to get my account :') As for the it may require 3rd party applications, I know, thats why I'm trying to make one! >.<
Cypherous (EUW)
: Well hearthstone doesn't require you to login as you can save login credentials, also i would advise against storing login details in an easy to read .bat file anyway so i am unaware of any direct way to achieve what you are looking to do, why exactly is typing in one password something you need a bat file for anyway?
Yes, I understand this, and still want it, its more-so because I play about 5-6 lol games a day, not usually in a row, so logging in can become tiresome when multitasking. Ultimately, I want it so that I can save time in logging in, whilst also allowing me to multitask on other things. As for the security risk, nobody can access my PC without my password, furthermore, the .bat file will be inside of an administrator protected folder, so will not be view-able or editable without my password; however it can be run without my password (Which I want). If you are talking as for the security side of a virus attempting to steal the password, there are no viruses that attempt to steal .bat files, there just simply aren't any as they have no reason to exist, as nobody keeps secure information inside of .bat files inside password protected folders.
Igglet (EUNE)
: Flash on D or F? [Poll]
This is possibly the most overused post on the forums, like "D or F for flash" 5-6 times a week. Either that, or "I just got banned for no reason" {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Bakii (EUNE)
: Well if me and my friend play on same pc it is really annoying to have to close lol and start it all over again.. or if I wan't to play on my Smurf account. Everyone who I have asked, even thought a small amount of people are paying attention to it says "LOG OFF" is missing :# {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Its really not that annoying
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Tomok2404 (EUW)
: Hey, i had a similar problem and found [This thread](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/c93Nx0LF-pingtest-using-batch-file). It's not within the Client, but easy to use (Double Click a file on Desktop)! Otherwise, implementing a client ping-test before you enter queue would be very helpful indeed. Hope it helps!
+1'd your comment, that batch file is really nice as a temporary fix, but Riot need to add an official PingTester!
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: I demand an appeal, proof coming.
Dude, I'm sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but you are EXACTLY the kind of player who does need to be banned to reflect on your actions. In those messages you clearly were flaming and abusing other members of your team....
Emillie (EUW)
: The best part is the OP actually has the audacity to act innocent and post this log when he tells people to stfu when nobody's talking to them. l0l
I never said I was innocent etc, I simply wanted the views of others as to if I deserve a 14 day ban regarding this.. I said stfu in game because it had been SPAMMED at me by that tristana like 7 times in a row. I guess I just need to use that mute function more often I suppose
LIG Gaara (EUW)
: and i think you are the most tryhard person on the planet :) how do you knolw if AD soraka top is bad? you are the greatest example of a complete retard who thinks that there is only 1 strict way to play LoL
dude, you're lvl16, you dont understand. Right now, being a lvl16 meta breaking isnt all that bad, no...because the consequences of losing the game isnt high at all.....but Porkus is saying that on ranked it matters as the player has no idea of the outcome of the game, and they are just 'trying it out' meaning that they are unlikely to succeed and will lower the chances of success in a ranked game of which the stakes are far higher. Why ask a question on the board, get a legitimate answer, then respond by calling the person a "complete retard"....you are setting a bad example of low levels like yourself, and giving more reason to riot to ban those pre-lvl30 from the boards...
: Evryone please look at this !
Why have you edited this? For a start, in chat there is a player talking called xXBirdXx, yet looking at the names, there is a "Bird" but no xXBirdXx......so, I deduce this is a really bad shoop
huckasex (EUW)
: i be an ass back. stfu you should stfu and not be involved when nobody speaks to you idiots Douche flames me all game, telling me Im greedy, then runs into 4vs 1's XD
Stating I would be an ass back is that he was flaming me calling me all manner of swearing Stfu was because I was repeating tristana who had said stfu 7 times IN A ROW to me you should STFU was simply to reply meaning 'no you should stfu and not be involved with someone flaming for no reason' idiots.......I have no defense for that And yes, he was being a douche, which isnt all that negative, and then again, pointing out the irony of his statements.... So I summarize for that, I would say I'm simply guilty of calling someone an 'idiot'.....is that really worth a 2 week ban?
huckasex (EUW)
: serious what your teammates did is irrelevant, you broke the rules thus you get punished
But where in the chatlog, would you say I broke the rules? I wasn't overly positive, but wasn't negative either?
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings. You clearly were toxic, there is never a reason for that. The System is currently a bit harsh imo, but you are not innocent either :/ Have you previously recieved any other punishments on any of your accounts? (just curious here, you dont need to tell me if you dont want to ^.^)
I was chat restricted once, about 7 months ago, and was banned for 24 hours once, about 5 years ago. I'll admit, I wasn't positive, but was hardly all that negative, when I had 3 members of my team all ganging up flaming me which is just ridiculous. However, I do have about 10 LV30 smurfs I've had across the ages, and all of which have never been banned for anything
huckasex (EUW)
: jep, thats some toxic chatlog
Sarcastic? Or serious? Cause' I wouldnt say that looks all that toxic to me considering I had teammates laying into me, cursing and blinding at me
Dagreatking (EUNE)
: "Here are some chat logs" You don't get punished for one single instance.
But according to support, it is based on that one instance?
fyre (EUW)
: Does this chatlog show that I should be banned? For 14 days?!
And the "I will take another" was referring to when we'd been in tf's I didn't let our vlad have the kills based on the fact he was flaming me, and I was pretty much telling him that for each time he flamed me, I wouldn't let him have another kill (Of which we had done equal damage).
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: Bad system,got B- on alistar as support with 0/3/12 and 23 wards placed while the enemy Thresh got A+ with 2/4/6 and 23 wards placed.What he did better than me,i dont know...Also i had an Irelia game 15/3/11 with 200 creeps and i got only A-.
Ah that sucks? Maybe the system takes Kilstreaks into the equation? I know on this game where I got an S+ I had gotten about a 12 killstreak or so Maybe thats why Thresh got higher? Or he could just be lying....you never know with the LoL community sometimes XD
: S+ as AD Taric Mid, rushing Statikk Shiv. You peasants may bow in worship now.
pretty nice o.O....ALTHOUGH. you're KDA for that game was 11/9/37....so the game still wouldve considered you a support I believe + You werent exactly AD {{item:3075}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3110}} doesnt scream AD to me
: It calculates it differently for different things... adcs like what you played will usually be judged on their farm, gold and kda while a support would be judged more on assists and warding.
I didnt play ad though, I played APC Ezreal.....also, I got very little farm as I was too busy getting kills....so I dont think that is correct either? IDK >.<
Sawy (EUW)
: That system is so easy to cheese - Just make sure to get a good KDA and spam wards. Got S+ as Janna a few times already just avoiding situations where i might have died. My best games i landed A+ or S- in general - cuz i made the higher lvl sacrifices a support should. But the game seems to disslike making moves that help you win - promote the greed instead! Silly system imo :)
I dont think warding has anything to do with it though? I only placed a single ward throughout the entire game, as I took Scrying instead..but needed a pink to cover river....so I know I literally only placed one ward the entire game, but used scrying to see enemies for ult
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Karmoon (EUW)
: There's a lot of lag in the system. As in, people are made to pay for things they did or said months ago. Certain parts of the system are now automated. And the tribunal has been getting a rework for a long time now (about 10 months or so). All I know is that if you've been chat restricted once, you really have to be on best behaviour and show improvement. Just remaining silent and pinging isn't enough.
But I cant imagine the 'lag in the system' wouldve lasted 4 years :')
Karkon (EUNE)
: Have you sent a ticket at the support ?
No, I wouldn't have thought they would do anything about it, would they?
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: Don't flame. Ever. And don't make the mistake of thinking the system forgets anything.
Tbf, I have had a large history of flaming on LoL though....so if I had this ban a few years ago, I would accept it, but I have changed very much since then.. I'm 19, I have been playing for 5 years... When I was playing LoL at 14yr's old...I was a real scumbag troller...NGL, but after a year or so, I really stopped and I've never been banned before...
: WHEN WILL RIVEN BE NERFED! That's not funny anymore!
: Please explain how these two statements... * *"I haven't been flaming or been negative towards anyone recently"* * "*I do OCCASIONALLY get a little bit 'flamey' when people start mocking Cancer"* ...combine logically? I understand your point of view, I lost a dear family member to that disease. But that's no reason to let people get into your head. If they start this kind of behavior: Mute INSTANTLY without any form of comeback or counter, and report after the game. DO NOT STOOP TO THEIR LEVEL. Your way doesn't annoy them (flamers seek attention and you give it to them) and gets you chat restricted. My way annoys the hell out of them (attention-whores can't stand being ignored) and gets THEM chat restricted.
What I mean is, I occasionally flame over comments on cancer, but even then I haven't flamed at such comments recently... However anyone wants to insult me or others is fine...I can deal with that....but wishing a disease that kills people on others is crossing some sort of line.
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