: How do you know that Sejuani doesn't have an hourglass figure? Did you spy her without clothes? Lulu is a yordle for freak's sake. And Jinx is a skinny girl. That's her style. Actually i think the only thicc obsecenly hourglass champion we have is Qiyana Why the hell do you cry about it?
She's muscular, and has the physique of an athlete with good abs in her skins. You need to take a look.
: guys...i don't think this was a good idea
Except she isn't even an assassin. She's going to be another skirmisher disguised as an assassin like they tried to do with Diana and Ekko.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Because sex sells, and most people prefer the generic body types that league has, if it didn't sell products it wouldn't be used
Bs. I watched so much Hentai generic body type doesn't turn me on anymore. At this point I need something more exciting.. Like cyborg women with three tits. Now if only Orianna got a new skin.
Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: LoL I dont demand more overweight characters . I just dont agree with the idea that "fit" means everything in league. Singed or Swain for example look fragile, Swain even had a walking cane earlier,but they made it into the league bc of their skill. So why dont make an old lady which is very powerful,like a witch or something. She can even roll around in a wheelchair,who cares if shes strong. besides: I really dont count any creatures or Yordles here,bc all of them have to look different by design ( of course a snake-lady doesnt have legs for days, duh.. and Illaoi was on of my honorable mentions with really cool design. Seju and Leona aswell,I just forgot about them. )
You have Camille. Old doesn't necessarily mean you're gonna spend your 80's coughing up blood. If you did you wouldn't be a part of the league.
: Zoe, Illaoi, Reksai, annie, lissandra, jinx. leona, lulu, vi, sejuani, poppy, nami, shyvanna and cassiopeia all differ from the "hour glass" model, so I dont really know what you are talking about. But are the majority of Champions in Lol Athletic? Yes. They are called Champions and they are fighters who wield weapons and know martial arts and etc. They exercise, so they are fit. It's like saying that the Olympics favors athletic people. Of course it does. In every fighting game ever, the standard body shape is FIT. Or are you talking about the lack of overweight and really old and frail female characters? That is a very specific request.
Olympic is sexualised! There athletes don't always look like Gragas's mom!
Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: Female character design in LoL
Well I do get a cocky vibe from Quianna and she's the first dark skinned female champ in League. I don't understand why people complain out of their ass when they can't look beyond her body shape for shit.
: lol
Every cancer champ in one picture.
: About the Udyr changes on PBE
He is SUPPOSED to be an early game champ, and there's literally no reason to change that and give him a better late game scaling. They should just leave his strong early game be in exchange of a bad late game. Did anybody ever ask for these changes?
Lari (EUNE)
: I think this game needs an age restriction.
CS:GO taught me Russian while League taught me how to be salty af the right way. I am not even 10 and I think this system is flawless at traumatizing it's victims. When i have a child the only way he/she will ever play League will be if I ever have to get him off an unfortunate Fortnite addiction.
: Improve your bloody ban system
Honestly speaking, there's a problem with this game. It isn't the fact that people are toxic that's a problem but the fact that this game has far more toxic players than any other multiplayer game I have played which inclines me to believe there's something wrong with this game itself. If you've got a shit ton of toxic players then it's a better idea to not shout slogans telling people about 'how they have no rights to be toxic' but go figure out why people have such a problem with toxicity while playing this shit over anything else. One thing I've found playing League is that no matter how much you try to fit in, the community isn't filled with the most intelligent people (go use a different social website such as Quora and try returning to this place), people who love to circlejerk and blame every toxic player they come across while having a very causal attitude towards the elements which lead to toxicity in this game. The reporting system and the attitude of the moderation towards trolls and afk'ers are two of the biggest reasons I can name from experience. Also if they could remove the upvote/downvote button from the boards and place an age restriction here that would be great. I am usually more inclined to post League related question on Quora than on here most of the time because I actually get helpful advice there. On here tho it's bias, trolls, and peabrains who find solace in the downvote button. I wonder why people get toxic while playing league.
: people don't get mad so easy they get mad because they need to carry an idiot who's doing his best to lose the game for them when they are trying to win
Exactly this lmao. This account has it's ban expire tomorrow and I have another account in Gold III. I haven't played on this account since ages and it was my first account. I doubt I even want to play on it anymore after reading this post. I can easily get out of Iron should I start levelling this alt again and while I do play a match here and there, after reading this post I am going to wait till tomorrow and see if my motivation returns. People shouldn't be downvoting you for your reply as they are. The boards are filled with idiots who can't connect the dots right but work through bias, and snowflakes who don't like to be called snowflakes but are just glad an effortless downvote button exists.
: Cool. Here's my question: How bad does it feel living a life so pathetic and sad that your greatest source of enjoyment is being petty to others in video games?
Shh.. Everyone knows it's just you who is bad if you don't make it big. I mean who would ever blame the troll when it's that person's fault who flames the troller am I right?
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