: Bruisers have heals and deal insane damage and are mobile.
"Mobility" only helps in Silver-D4 where noobs unable to play macro.
: Tanks arent Tanky anymore
Tanks are tanky as hell, what are you talking about? Every single game tanks are winning so hard that it isn't even funny. Squishy noobs get punished by Jax, Voli, Mundo etc. Basically destroyed. If you pick Chogath or Garen you basically can walk free and they won't do anything to you unless you screw into 1v5 or smth.
: LP +16 for -19
Divisions are not hard tied to MMR. If you have high gain ratio, like +25/-13, your MMR is higher. If you get low gain ratio, like +13/-20, your MMR is lower, then your "division bracket". That is why people are "consolidated" inside one division if their MMR is close. > how can you have+20 or 19 Lose less and win more. Know your role, get win conditions done.
: Why are we limited to certain languages depending on region?
You are not limited. This setting is just sophisticated to set up, but people were changing language of client on any server.
: The Ruined King as a champion
He was Leoric from Original Dota. He does not die. He stuns. He lifesteals. He is skeleton. What else you want?
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: {{champion:145}} is probably the only adc that doesnt struggle that mutch.What jinx LOL. Kaisa shes ok just because of her ap dmg.You can go ap.{{item:3124}} very good on her+{{item:3157}} .So if they try to kill you they wont succed so easily.Zhonya is dumb item +gives cdr and armor.
Yea but she didn't get any compensations for the nerfs to W and E she received. Will be competitive because of R, but what do we care we arn't all LCS players.
Shamose (EUW)
: Yeah the best ADC in the game doesn't have enough tools to shine.
"Best" by what measure?
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xiVoiix (EUW)
: Remove surrender window after two 'no' votes
Votes casted by each player independently. No warnings, no signs, no windows. Only surrender when all 5 players agree.
JonSand83 (EUW)
: Its Standard and always in every Game like this (Hots, LOL, Dota 2 and so on) they buff a Champ and he is so op, that you have to pick or ban him. Akali and Tristana like you said, so annoying doing a lot of dmg and if you have no cc youre %%%%ed up literally. But the bigger Problem was Fnatic himself. First, if you dont pick Akali or Tristana, its your own Fault. You have to ban or pick them. This Garen Yuumi shit works in LEC or somewhere else, when you are the top 3 Teams and get your spot anyway. but not against sk telecom t1. Why is Rekkles not picking ADC anymore? He only picks Garen, Karma and so on. Just pick Tristana. Play Safe. Lvl 16 with 3 Item Spike you can kill them all. but no, lets pick a Garen vs a Kayle with Nautilus where they have so much CC that they cant killed. Broxah with Rek'Sai. Why not Skarner, Sejujani with a little bit of CC and good Tankyness. I hope again this EU and NA Teams will get punished for their dumb picks. They lose often (not everytime) because the picks are shit.
It's not like that. They only buff chosen ones. Other champions, like Yorick, are not viable, not being picked in pro, and simply trash, not being buffed for centuries. And Rito thinks its ok. Like when was the last time when Yorick or Kalista were playable? Never. Yorick only in season 8, for few months.
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Troldrum (EUW)
: Climate Change and Riot
CO2 is not a greenhouse gas. Stupid dumb people listen to idiots like Greta and other dumb people like that. H2O is greenhouse gas, you have to forbid the use of water and dry all oceans to get rig of it. Good luck with that. No water, no polluted skies, no icebergs to melt. No stupid humans, because no humans at all. We don't need humans brotha {{champion:53}}
Miloszun (EUNE)
: Well, here's my replay. Tell me how to do better.
Why don't you first place a link to the match you played. Someone who wants to help can start from there. I mean opgg link or porofessor.
: Mathematic problem. (I need help figuring this out)
Its a joke, but believe me in pro teams in bottom lane it is always one guy negative and the other one positive. One always is discontent, the other always pointing to the brights.
: How to deal with bad teams?
nothing you can do basically; they will get the elo they deserve, if you see they are too tardy, go dodge
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JustClone (EUNE)
: Numbers, represent the performance of you, and other players like you. It does not represent the full potential of this champion in competitive environment, with coordinated and competent players. So yes, they do not lie. But they say : "Galoisgroup and company sux with kalista". They do not say: "Kalista is bad champion". The champions are balanced around people who are capable to use their full potential. If you cannot realize this, that is your problem. And as I told you, low elo players, who are in solo Q and lack any significant ability to cooperate - have no point of picking kalista at first place.
Well, I disagree. In higher elo Kalista will be totally abused, so I don't think anyone should pick her there. Pick her only in low elo, where people don't know how to abuse. Every time some korean LCK team were picking Kalista they were abused so hard, that every positive side of picking her was lost.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Can you explain to me how twitch stuns the whole enemy team for 2 seconds? Or explain to me how twitch pulls out the support, that is caught and is about to give 450 gold to the enemy team? Then we talk about the damage numbers ... because it seems you keep crying about damage, without even trying to realize why this damage is low at first place.
Numbers don't lie. Twitch is outclassing Kalista in everything. He is also early game stomper, but everything which Kalista does he does better. Nice engage with Kalista R? How about Twitch Q engage, which does not require waiting for long cooldown, gives AS and very hard to forsee? While Kalista R is easily foreseen, pretty telegraphic ability, enemies have plenty of time to counterplay.
JustClone (EUNE)
: She does not require any fix. You cannot bring such potential for making plays, and give nothing in return. This is not a champion, you can use in solo Q or in low elo. On the other hand, if you are playing with voice communication, and you coordinate... Things can get pretty ugly, pretty fast for the enemy team. Obviously her numbers are down a bit, to compensate for this. It is intended.
She does not have any new concept at all, because Twitch does essentially the same. The difference is that Twitch gets stealth play to position, while Kalista must use dash for the same purpose. Overall their mechanics is pretty same. Just check out Twitch and Kalista rates. Twitch is playable, and Kalista is not. The problem is NOT positioning. The problem is damage numbers. Unsatisfactory numbers which require a fix. ADC must be top damage if that champion gets kills. While Kalista is the definition of "win lane = lost game" champion.
: Kalista is burst oriented like jhin not dps like a normal adc, due to her damage coming from her E not her auto attacks (don’t forget that she does only 90% ad on her auto attacks not the full 100%)... this means she is naturally weak to tanks simply due to how her kit works but in return is stronger vs squishies. So what your experiencing should always happen for Kalista... it’s called a weakness. And thank Christ your not the one balancing the game... 70% armour removal? If you where balancing the game it’d have died years ago so before you start %%%%%ing at riot maybe make sure your suggestions aren’t completely stupid first.
"ADC weak to tanks" sounds like it is not ADC at all.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Her ultimate is insanely good to make plays, and to save people. It is 1.5-2.0 seconds knock up. I play cc high dmg supports with her, like annie, lux etc... Knock up for 1.5 , chain my cc for 1.75-2.00 ... this is over 3 seconds hard cc at level 6. And 4 seconds at level 16. I do my burst damage, and we clear the ones still standing after that together. It requires communication. And competence. And coordination of efforts. It is the most broken adc in the game, if used by the correct player. If some monkey decides to run it down with her, trying to win 1 vs 2 ... well she dies because the monkey controls her. Not because the champion is bad.
The champion design is good, and requires a simple fix. Numbers which are written are all good, the damage is just does not satisfy any bottom lane makes her pickable only into "some" matchups.
: Kalista damage is just not bottom lane grade.
> [{quoted}](name=Idgaf I am iron,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=5Jq4U9Z2,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-09T18:38:10.249+0000) > > he was talking about UTILITY. Meaning the moving ward-ghost. Then she has her ult which broken af for engages. AND THEN she has insane mobility for dodging anything coming her way. I see you are kinda new player in this game. You know, that your lane is basically decided even before you can hit level 6, on Kalista? Or you simply did not knew this? If you will not win your lane before L6, you are dam screwed. You can even never put any points into your ult, that is how useless it is right now. Not because it is weak, but because you either lost or won already.
: Riot likes to put champions that are TOO hard to balance in the gutter until they receive a rework (which might take a century. And shes either dead if OP. The utility she has in her kit combined with giving her damage would 100% make her #1 adc.
Stupid company cannot hire some fresh student to instantly fix broken champ, patch a hole in their product which actually scares away anyone new who dares to "play".
: he was talking about UTILITY. Meaning the moving ward-ghost. Then she has her ult which broken af for engages. AND THEN she has insane mobility for dodging anything coming her way.
"Ghost" can be dodged, basically zero utility because you can evade it. The only utility from W is percent damage.
: If you take away something - give something back
Bring back Dominion and other maps. ARAM and Treelane are stupid and boring.
: He never mentioned maxing w?
He never mentioned putting a points into W either.
Infernape (EUW)
: Kalista has a ton of utility in her W and ultimate to make up for her lack of damage. If she had high damage she would be overloaded and overpowered.
Some good players never even put a single point into W, and you are selling me idea to max it?
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: Dealing with AFKing in Ranked
At the same time, people are offended when they are literally forced to play with trolls in their team.
SoloBean (EUW)
: How to improve
Get yourself a coach. Or at least go and ask for OPGG review. Don't go new accounts, its the thing for high Diamonds. Not for you.
: having a lot of trouble
First check the chain in order how your packets go: Computer->Rounter->Provider.
: THIS is a bug, it has been around for too long, it's annoying.
Some bugs are total piece of bs to fix. Object-oriented bs language they used.
: in low elo, you gotta do reserve psychological stuff to carry your team
Yeppa. And even commanding them requires some strange tactics. Believe it or not, 99% of humans are same.
: How the hell are you supposed to climb when your teams are worthless?
It's basically a question you want to ask your coach. Hire someone real for a OPGG review first. PS. I have my own tools, but I won't post it on forums. Not willing to throw diamond in front of pigs.
Kokoytu (EUW)
: No more missions
I often also see just empty stack with no missions. Because their server job for assign missions is bugged. It was not like that before. They will fix it in future. Probably.
Infernape (EUW)
: Probably because when she's strong all she does is AFK waveclear.
Other ADCs clear waves much better. Lucian basically removes waves with Q. Jhin deletes waves with grenades. Why pick Sivir and enjoy all that pain in the fifth point, when you could pick other AD? Also Sivir starts to clear only from Essence Reaver + Statikk, before that her waveclear is total BS. Yea you could press your buttons, only once. And get OOM and forced to go base. LOL.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Bananenschnder,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mVZHaHW2,comment-id=000700000000,timestamp=2019-10-04T09:34:37.246+0000) > > 25/0. A hardstuck Silver 4 player with negative winrate and it was a normal game. OP went 0/13 with Orianna, building two Doran's Rings, a Corrupting Pot and a Dark Seal. What, really? I was just screwing around ° _ °... {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Oh wait. I was gonna think I'm told by challenger players that it's my fault. Have you prepared your chally accounts for show?
: Pyke is a decently strong champion that performs nicely in the right hands. That alone would not be reason enough for me to permaban him in botlane though. I ban him because his ult can generate a gold imbalance between teams out of thin air in addition to him being a decently strong champ. This is mostly a problem in botlane though. In midlane it should at least be less of a problem. And "Basically zero counters" is quite an exaggeration imho. I feel he is much easier to deal with in a solo lane as opposed to a duo lane.
His counters are generally weak. Vladimir is weak. Because scaling is too slow. Heimer is weak. Because having strong pressure does not make his teamfights strong.
: I am not a mid laner, but imo {{champion:555}} got his E nerfed to be weak in solo lane. Without damage from it, his wave clear early game is poor and {{item:3077}} rush is the way to compensate it. Most of mages have relatively better wave clear and {{item:3157}} is always their friend vs assassins. I play mage supp and I agree Pyke is bit annoying and problematic to play against, but I won't say no counter. Dodging his Q or positioning safely always makes him get behind, but he makes up for it with his roam potential and gold generation from R, which can make him go from zero to hero in 1 or 2 team fights. Many mages can actually farm with little to no interaction with him in lane, shove the wave always to pressure turret plates if he wants to roam. Someone like {{champion:90}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:103}} can totally shut pyke down, unless that player is really good.
New after-nerf Pyke is perma-freezing near tower so you cannot play agressive because he got hook advantage. Also playing mid is NOT about CS. You can have good CS and be trash midlaner champion. Like Anivia. Somewhere in a time, in a far far galaxy... in seasons nobody can even remember, Anivia was strong. Now game lasts 25 min. You gotta bring power before your team start to syx.
: Why not reduce surr time to 10 mins?
Why surrender even exists, if the only thing is does is tilting your already neurotic enough noob teammates?
Ebonmaw (EUNE)
: {{champion:45}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:34}} Ya sure about the zero counters ?
Fizz and Veigar essentially assassins. It's the same "pick assassin to counter assassin" song I hear every time. Annie and Ahri is generally weak above some threshold elo. Anivia is not a champion anymore. You suggest to pick superlate mage when game basically lasts for 25 minutes?
: You are right. According to champion.gg, {{champion:80}} sit at a nice 50% winrate in platinum+ when throw in the midlane. I wonder how is that even a thing. He is supposed to be a top laner, ffs, just nerf it already! Oh wait
Yea, I played Pant mid. Can say its dam strong. Basically what I would pick vs that overpowered pyke trash they invented. You gotta take OP versus OP trash thrown at ya. Balance-wise I would say Panth is Pyke's equal. Little less sustain, but Pyke got invisibility = ultra escape from anywhere.
Torkl (EUW)
: Pyke is a noobstomper, nothing more.. He will win and win hard if you dont know how to properly counter him.
Developers just unfamiliar with such complicated concepts. They balance game only up to 10 minute mark. Whatever happens next, they don't give a dam.
: wait. is pyke as laner still viable even after his waveclear nerfs?
Top Pyke was cut. But Mid Pyke does not rely on wave clear. You push wave on him. So what. He goes invisibility if you gank him. You win 20 CS. So what? He makes a kill in next drake fight and he outplayed you (because some dumbo %%%%%%o in your team is always dead there), while you are bad teamfight mage, and is f*ked basically.
: I don't agree with what you saying, Pyke isn't overpowered at all and can be countered easily with almost any mid champion that comes in my mind. You should try to practice more against Pykes till you understand the mechanics of the enemy champion and you will see that isn't that hard at all. Also if you have troubles in early game don't be afraid to ask nicely for some help from your jungle.
Basically you are saying I must ask SKT Clid to jungle for me every game so I could be useful in this game.
: I don't agree with what you saying, Pyke isn't overpowered at all and can be countered easily with almost any mid champion that comes in my mind. You should try to practice more against Pykes till you understand the mechanics of the enemy champion and you will see that isn't that hard at all. Also if you have troubles in early game don't be afraid to ask nicely for some help from your jungle.
Pyke is teamfight oriented, and mages are NOT. I would not call it "beat" even if you shoved him under the tower.
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: How to not flame in a ranked game that really means something to you?
Full mute everyone in all games just after start. Never use pings, emotes, chat. If you want win, consider those not people, but robots. They are dumb, you are smart. You don't ask robot's opinion on how you better play.
: Any idea when mm will be fixed and finally we will stop mixing premade trash with single players?
I told it thousand times, SoloQ should be only Solo. Everything else goes Flex. They will never do it because they need boosting in SoloQ.
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