: Hey there! Those changes will make conqueror really bad and useless to be honest. I think you're very biased toward some champs and forgetting to look at the bigger picture: First of all, what is conqueror? It's a rune made for fighters/bruisers to give them some damage and sustain. And no, it's not made for marksmen. > Why no AP? Because use Sorcery runes. Fun fact, not all AP champions are assassins or classical mages like Cassiopeia or Akali. A lot of bruisers are AP like Mordekaiser and Sylas. Why would Darius be able to take it and not them? > Why no spellvamp? Because game is literally flooded with magic damage, and honestly spellvamp should be removed forever/reworked. Again, you're forgetting about the champs. A lot of it's main bruisers rely on their spells and not their auto attacks. As an example, one of it's main users is Renekton, who is AD and rely on his spells to deal most of his damage. It would become useless on most of those champs who are supposed to be it's main users. > Yes. AP champs already have tonns of damage. And what they absolutely don't need is additional SpellVamp. They have the same damage, it depends on the classes... Again, you're only looking at some specific champs like classic mages or assassins. Being AP isn't tied to being a mage. > They take "super dump" path of change, essentially favouring melee mages. Expect Katarina/Akali qq threads How is that dumb? Why would a ranged champion be able to gain free stats and lifesteal/spellvamp from safety at the same rate as a melee risking his life? Why would a Caithlyn stack it the same way from half a screen away as a melee champion in the middle of the fray? Pretty sure the differentiation between melee and ranged is the most balanced and smart version. ___ All in all, it seems that you want to change this rune into one made for attack speed champs who rely on their auto-attacks; which are mainly marksmen or some champs like Master Yi. You're not proposing an improvement but a complete rework and class change.
>Why would a ranged champion be able to gain free stats and lifesteal/spellvamp from safety at the same rate as a melee risking his life? Melee champions essentially never risk anything anymore, your views are being outdated from season2-season5 basically. Galio, Talon, Riven are not melee anymore, its a fiesta of quasi-ranged champions.
Morrhen (EUW)
: Sounds so bad. So basically make conqueror into AD specific rune, instead of adaptive force one. Runes have never been about restricting champions to use specific one over and over. Runes have been made so every champion has a shot of experimenting with one. That being said, Conqueror is getting nerfed for ranged champs in 9.24
>So basically make conqueror into AD specific rune Yes. AP champs already have tonns of damage. And what they absolutely don't need is additional SpellVamp. Another thing for Katarina/Akali/Swain/Cassi/Ryze which are already overpowered enough and this thing strikes them out of balance, even if you remove SpellVamp. >Conqueror is getting nerfed for ranged champs in 9.24 They take "super dump" path of change, essentially favouring melee mages. Expect Katarina/Akali qq threads. What's super bad is that these champs were in some kind of balanced state, and they will need to be balanced AGAIN.
Rioter Comments
: Conqueror and ability power
Instant FIX of Conqueror; NO SPELLVAMP 10% OF LIFESTEAL EVERY STACK GIVES AD EVERYBODY (RANGE AND MELEE BOTH) GET 1 STACK PER AUTO/SPELL 1 STACK = 1/2/3/4/5 AD AT LEVEL 1/3/5/7/9 MAX 10 STACKS No vampires running all over the map. It gives useful stat. Use your auto attacks. It is not broken level 1 (only 1 AD).
JesusTHC (EUW)
: Conq will be getting changed next patch
they are screwing the rune instead of making it _AD_only_no_heal_
Uraraka (EUNE)
: I suggest you to start a ladder run on a smurf account; play 3 games (or less, as you wish) per day. Dodge if needed and dodge in placements too if needed. On my smurf I am having high gold/low plat mmr now because I dodged 3-4 games in placements and dodged like 6 games in 16 games in total.
Yea I need to start smurf acc. Simply to polish myself to better form.
: People don't start ranked at an iron level Iron is the worse 1.5% players, your average player is high silver, there's no reason to expect players who enter ranked play to be worse than average
You really call that silver is average players? First, there is nothing average about silvers. Silver elo is filled with trolls. There is even more trolls then in Bronze. Also there is players who openly smurf, there is much more of them in silver. Literally you can have 2 trolls and 2 smurfs in single team, there is nothing average about it. While smurfs will rise and eventually get their elo, that trolls would never fall simply because system will allow them to get carried and system right now gives +20-25 LP for win and takes much less.
: >Riot, place Newbie players in Iron-4 zero LP! Remove placement games for new accounts! And then all the smurfs are gonna run over those new accounts ,,, that sure seems unfair and not fun to play against. Think of the consequences first :p
actually smurfs enjoy current state of placements, because they literally end up Gold 4 without any trouble
Rioter Comments
AR4R15 (EUW)
: Bot programs in co-op vs ai
Newbies placed in Iron4 => nobody will buy 30lvl accounts for trolling. Literally every troll I see is the guy with fresh account like 10-20 games in ranked, with ridiculous MMR of gold player and WR like 24-36%
2xDealer (EUW)
: This new meta is AWESOME
>Being 3 levels behind, you can't really solo gank anything without real help (except bot). All changes they made is for people to go to bottom lane and literally **FARM** those poor folks there.
: Hi, stop %%%%%ing around, play one game a day if ure going solo and winstreaks will just be longer... Use wards, follow and use pings, look at the minimap. Have a wonderful week ahead. Btw, think again before blaming others.
Well I basically clinged to that. After the "First Win of a Day" aka "First game of a day", there is literally no games! MM just gives trolls. I don't know why this happens. It just goes that way.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: You mean it got filled with %%%%%%ed mechanics, and dulled down to nothing strategy wise? Because that's what has happened. You literally have 2 winning strategies left in the game: Either you become jesus and snap your fingers and everyone dies, or you do the meta and win that way. But hey, to keep the dopamine addicts hooked, we added some flashy new things and fast-paced gameplay (That doesn't actually even require that much skill to pull off, unless have damage in your cerebellum) so you want to make it to the highlight reels. Who would want to watch chess? That's just boring.
>dulled down to nothing strategy wise? Quite opposite, my friend. In all seasons before season 9 you could OTP with single champ, single runes, single masteries. Like literally what would you take on Talon in s3? You only take Lethality (called armor pen those days), AD and may be one chunk of Crit. This meta, you have less versatile roles like mid/jng, where you _still_ can do OTP. But in all other roles, like ADC/supp, there is NO OTP. You have to learn at least 3 different champs, each one with 3 different builds, also learn all support combos you can have, and also be able to counterpick your enemy. Same story with Top, even _more_ complicated role then botlane (coz you constantly _watch_ all lanes for TP).
Rioter Comments
: Riot matchmaking sucks balls
matchmaking suxx: you should somehow carry with 29% trash players who instadie lvl 2 it's not like their fault that they are very bad at this game, it's a fault of matchmaking code which thinks that it can help them if trash players will be put in same team with moderately good
Nhirè (EUW)
: League stuttering like crazy despite good PC
: >A teammate who is absolute awful, always dead but he is so nice, saying pleasant things. You will be Iron-4 trash with him. This one. Game is enjoyable with good people. Crappy attitudes from Crappy people make for Crappy games - I don't care how well someone plays, there's no excuse for berating other players, and I don't want to play with those style of people at all.
Iron was most pleasant elo I've seen. So players have that choice. They just should not climb, and their feelings will be better.
: Ultimate solution to Conqueror problem
You are making a mistake thinking that range champions have some "better use" of this rune. It's spamming mages problem, only mages.
: Mastery Levels
Obtaining mastery 7 seems too hard? Quite opposite, I think it's too easy now. Except if you are Challenger or smth.
: Garen counter-play
Yes. There is one role which deals with him. ADC. You start caring about your ADC, he will take care of Garen. As toplaner you take Teleport to use it on Bottom lane.
Rioter Comments
: Bring Back Elo
They should first adress the problem of Duo. SoloQ should be only Solo. Then they should rework Flex Q to become viable. Then they should just merge both ques together, so when you are in Duo you will be automatically in other que, not against solo players.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Why does this game punish players so hard?
You can "undo" the damage from losing the gold lead, but you won't undo the Drake enemies got from your faults. That's what is really painful. Dragons outweight any gold.
: Ryze, Ryze, Ryze...
Well, Sololane XP was buffed. This is just consequences.
: I'd take the bronze one with 20 something matches over the guy that's still in silver ELO after 700+ games. But maybe that's just me. No offence to anyone.
Hey to you too, troll
Rioter Comments
: Unplayable SONA
Falled off from meta.
2xDealer (EUW)
: This new meta is AWESOME
All that happens because game got to the highest complexity then it ever was. Developers should react and tune the matchmaking to more narrow search. Because you get one troll. Your game is ruined.
: Suggestion: Rename 'Autofill'
Well Jungle/ADC are also super underpopulated roles.
Arsene (EUNE)
: Is time warp tonic useless?
It's strong for midlaners. Starting from plat people become smart enough to use it.
Forsan (EUW)
: Since some people have a reading impairment and thus have trouble geting to the point I'll spare you the effort and jump right to it. Not punishing something, encourages people to do it more often, as simple as that. If stealing would stop being punished do you think crime - rate will go up or down ? Simple logic people, why is is so hard to understand.
First you fix trash matchmaking, put new fresh accounts into iron4, where they belong and only then think about other things.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Careful, last time I brought this stuff up, I got a ban from the boards.
I removed his name from images, he can stand up if he wants, nobody cares if he doesn't.
: Another schmuk bites the dust
That troll did run down another one game. Ban him Rito! https://i.imgur.com/LshdgO7.png Oh wait you cannot do that. Bought accounts are always protected from bans.
Forsan (EUW)
: At this point it's not even the players fault anymore
Exactly. These trolls who troll pick Vladimir Jungle or some trash like that, they are coming to Boards and always write how unfait life is for them, how people flame them for that. While in fact they are playing with bought stacks of fresh 30 lvl accounts, they never get banned or smth because of that, and they will always complain about legitimate players. And Rito is just watching this trash happening and still placing fresh accounts into Gold-4 MMR. Stupid troll company. Like they don't understand that people are abusing bots and having forever free accounts to play with.
Infernape (EUW)
: New players with no prior ranked game ARE automatically placed in Iron IV.
Exactly. New fresh account should start there.
: My last 4 games has had 3 afks.
Rito is troll company. Just trolls their players. They make everybody Gold4 at new accounts and people grind 30lvl accs with bots then sell them. So if you just troll, you run down every one of your account into iron and Rito won't do any shitt with this. Remove placements for new accounts! Everybody should be placed Iron4.
: Another schmuk bites the dust
That guy basically runs down every dam game he is in. Literally troll player. Rito does nothing to stop it, trolls are going unpunished. At least remove dodge penalties, because I don't want to sit and wait frikkin 30 minutes. And only because of what? Stupid schmuk is running down his elo. Because he is 100% sure he can buy another account and run again at gold4 having full MMR.
Rioter Comments
: What would you prefer [toxicity is a fake problem, nobody looks for real ones]
Some people see this question as "Iron or Challenger". Some people see this question as "Toxic or Non-toxic". That is true meaning of question. What category are you in? First or second? The people who started to doubt their principles and ideas is the third category. "The doubters" who blame "wrong dichotomy". They think they don't fit, but they are the fitted. They think that they control everything, in fact they are being controlled.
Zanador (EUNE)
: All right, let's go down the list: 1. False dichotomy: you can only pick either a toxic good teammate or a friendly bad one. There are toxic bad ones, which far outnumber the toxic good players and naturally there are friendly good players too and everyone would naturally choose the fourth one. 2. False equivalency: by your premise friendly equals bad player and toxic equals a good one. That is simply not the case, otherwise all of challenger and pro league would be constantly banned and the new player experience in Iron would be the best thing in the world. 3. False premise: your rank is not solely determined by your teammate. If you were right, then boosting would be impossible since duoing with a bad teammate would mean that you are heading to iron instead of whatever elo he paid you for. 4. Another False equivalence: your skill level is also not determined by your teammate in the long run, but rather the effort you put into improving. 5. And finally a Begging the question: "You are either want to win, or you want to lose." You are trying to use the premise of your argument as the conclusion. You apparently think that wanting to win justifies toxicity and you use it both as the starting point and the conclusion in a circular logic. At the end of the day, carrying one bad teammate is not a hard task, everyone here has done so before, including you, so you are just trying to use a dense package of logical fallacies to make cheap insults against anyone who does not sympathize with you right away.
I see that sparked a thinking in you. It does not matter how much you blame that "dichotomy", but you are placed in fixed condition: iron or challenger. Nothing more. It's a simple branch. Yes or No. You can be either One, or Zero. You cannot be "a half".
Viridiam (EUW)
: This is a waste of time.
Well there will be always somebody sceptical. But I think game right now is clearly more balanced then at any point in history. The number of possibilities is just so huge that even proplayers are not keeping themselves in touch with all spectrum of choices. As I see problem is quite opposite, Rito did not add new keystone runes for quite some time. So it would be just nice moment to do it right now in Preseason. They stuck more with rework of previous keystones then adding new ones. The case of Klepto->Prototype is just one exposed primer. >because your teammates think this is some kind of hack and slash bullshit, and decide to ignore your tips and pings. But with game being balanced, the threshold of entering high elo is so much higher now, because game is too complex right now, that you cannot even expect from people that amount of thought processing. People are just not ready for high elo yet, they are used to old League where they did some "cheesy runs for kills" and that was enough.
: (MMR) Need Advice. Make a New Account or Not?
You have like 600 normal games, why do you think you need to play those. Do you just consider yourself not ready for ranked?
: My teammates playing game instead of trash talking whole game.
: What weed do you smoke? I need some of that
I give you artificially made up scenario. Next is up to you.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I would always prefer a bad but nice teammate than a good teammate that flames.
Your choice is Iron. They never swear. Because they are truly best, in their own minds.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Toxic behaviour lose the games the same way as trolling or intentionally feeding. A real case: My team had a rough start of the game. Every lane was either heavily losing or was equal with the enemy. At one point our ADC started flaming support, and later he started flaming all of us. You can say "but you can mute." Yea, I did it (and few more probably too), but there was a different problem. We started coming back. Every single person (except of ADC) put tremendous effort to win the game. Everything came to the last concluding fight in baron pit. We almost won that fight. Almost. We lost because our ADC was standing in the mid lane writing how bad each of us is. Flamer created a 4 vs 5 game, the same as troll or intentional feeder does. Yea, he did not do exactly the same thing, but the final effect was same. In the meantime, the bad player would be there with us and maybe do that 100 dmg that was enough to wipe their carry? Or maybe he would get a lucky penta winning us a game? Having a bad player that is sincerely trying to win a game, gives better chances in winning than having a flamer, who spends more time writing than playing.
I know that its better have both (no toxicity + a lot of wins), but what do you choose - Challenger or Iron? I gave you idealized choice, the question is what to choose. After you choose you would see that toxicity is partly made up problem, part of general problem of ranking.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Ideally if we disable chat the problem of toxicity is reduced a lot-but this doesn't make team mates are challenger level. Not responding to flaming does reduce players throwing games, especially in low elo because some time is saved if players don't keep typing throughout the game. But the problems with matchmaking, inting, trolling, afk can't be reduced by turning off a setting. Sadly the 200iq players in boards don't understand this and don't even accept these are problematic. Most of my friends who start league give up not because it is toxic, but because games are coin flips. Other moba games are win or lose based on team and not because of individual players.
even more ideally you could remove your teammates and league will be single player game remove league, install Half-life 3 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} toxicity problem solved
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: You posted in the wrong section. this board is not for jokes
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