Snowbrand (EUW)
: No problem :) I can understand why some people don't like some of the reworks, probably most of the time because they main that champion and is emotionally attached to it and most reworks takes away something from it that people that play that champion enjoy, but to be fair, even though it in a sense is a new champion it also is sort of a new champion (I think that thinking this way helps people enjoy the rework because they can enjoy all the similarities with the old champion, but not expecting it to be the same champion anymore). Like you need to think of the new Swain as another champion and not emotionally connect him to the old Swain bcz the old champ is dead now. Bury him in the grave, mourn and then go and enjoy a new champ and its similarities to that old Swain you just buried (then there might be other things you don't like about a rework, but don'temotionally connect it to that old champ, bcz remember., he is dead) Objectivly, even though it subjectively might feel different, I think almost every major rework have been a success (but I still don't like Evelynns visuals, but that's my subjective opinion though), making that champion having a clearer identity and making it viable to play. Champions like galio, urgot and even yorick didn't get played much before but now all of them feels viable to play and their kits are less toxic and more fun to play with (and to play against them whenever you get them on the enemy team).
I don't know, I think my issue is always identity. I played old eve quite a bit and I think they were successful with her new identity, while this scrying Swain... meh. Torment, to me and many other Swain players, was as much what made Swain who he was as his R, missing a damage amp skill somewhere and replacing it with a scrying ability or a generic bolt (on Q) hurts a bit. His visuals (mostly color scheme) also make me unhappy, even though the voice is amazing. But I feel the same about other reworks, like Xerath and Yorick. You can tell they went for "theme" or "concept" rather than real identity. And of course they can't please everyone (I'm pretty sure several Urgot players also don't get the feeling they got before with the champ), but this is why I think handling reworks on non-toxic champs needs to be extra careful. On a smaller note, I do dislike current Swain more than the previous one, the new Q is a great farming tool but it is one of the least interactive ways to lane ever. Old Swain spammed E like a maniac in lane, but there was actually _some_ strategy to it, as otherwise you'd just put yourself in an awful trading position.
: There was one Rework in the game I let count as one: Warwick. Fiora also was not terrible. Yeah Poppy and Sion exist.. but those... Never considered them anything but Kits on Legs... dunno. You cant delete what doesnt exist. But Urgot, Galio and now Swain - a long time ago Xerath? /delete Creating a new Champ wich has the same name by accident. It's just BS... every single time Riot screws over the people enjoying a Champion for the sake of.. what exactly? I mean as someone who hit the top 50? 20? Swain-Players during my more active days... I can handle the Passive. The new Ult is OK. Q? Generic BS! W? Interesting. Creative. Kinda fitting... for a tactician... oh wait... But usefull? We'll see. E?... What.. tha... heck?.. OK... guess it's usefull somehow. But i really miss the point where this ability makes sense in his Kit or anywhere else! x'D The lore?... dont get me even started.. NOTHING is WORSE than RETCONS! And finally... the color/art... Why exactly is he now Creator Victor Senior?... What did I miss here??? Red Lightning - Seriously? That's a nice Skin, OK... but where is Swain? LOL! And what on earth did you do with Bilgewater???
O totally forgot Xerath, and I didn't mention Malzahar having is damage butchered + the new W is something I despise with a passion, but he still kept 3 abilities so I can tolerate it. I find the new Swain W interesting... but not on him? In my head he was always about wearing other laners down, pulling them in for the kill. I used to love old torment + Ignite interaction, first bloods on level 4 were a-plenty. Then they changed him into his current Q which is useful but feels so frustrating for both sides, and I was already "eh" about it. Still satisfying to E+Ignite when you knew the time is right, since people underestimate his DoT even with just E's base damage. Now it's like... idk. Feels like it'll be a lane mostly about tossing crap up in the air and hoping you land an E to use both the passive and get some other damage. I might be wrong but it looks like his trading capabilities are at an all time low. At least he can make some BS setups with W for jungler invades which is nice.
Snowbrand (EUW)
: I think almost every rework have been good and got what it was aiming at. Urgot was a really good rework compared to the old urgot. I just played him a cuople of times before that, but now im almost maining him. Galio was a pretty good update. Didn't like his visuals at first but now I like it much more. Only problem with his rework is that he doesn't have many weaknesses which makes him hard to balance (his problems might be similar to how ekko was when you could build him tanky). They already tried some tweaks but he might need some kind of update to not make him pick or ban when strong or not played when weak. Still a much better and exciting champion then the old one, even though I felt the changes was to big at first. I really liked the warwick update. The old one was pretty toxic with a lock on suppress (I really hope they change malzahars ult to something similar) and not very good looking. The new one kept the warwich style and theme but much better and more fun to play and play against. Yorick is one of my mains but I didn't play the old yorick (probably wouldn't even if I got the chance back then). The rework is pretty niche, but not unpopular, which means that not that many people play him but those that play him play him a lot. And I think that's fine for a champ, as long as it is not played much and not played much by those that actually play him. I like that all the reworks focus on giving the champions more skillshots and less point and click abilities and I think that philosophy succeede very well with yorick. Even though he still is a lane bully, you can still work around it because he now needs to hit 1 or 2 skillshots. The only thing I still have some troubble with is how the maidens ai work, but its not that big of a thing. Other then that I like the way he is now. Poppy. Just played a game with her before rework, but played more games after that. I thik she have a very unique ult and her w ability that stop dashes is very unique and interesting. Overall I like her visuals and that they gave her a passive that opened up for more options in the lane. Fiora. Didn't play the old one, but the new one feels unique with the way her passive and ult works and she is a pretty interesting champ to play now so I feel like her rework was also good. So Swain. My first impression is that his look is much more "Swain-like" and he feels more of a warlock and tyrant now. But I don't like that he visually feels like how vladimir should look like. They just feels too close visually now for some reason (I guess its the dark red colours, Vladimir doesn't look scary considering he is a bloodmage, compared to Swains new look). His abilities though looks really exciting (especially all the different ways you can use your w now)
: Not really with power, just abilities which do too many different things. Before the rework an ability X just did one thing. After the rework the ability has a passive, which has a normal effect and after you did a backflip the effect changes to another effect for a few seconds. The active also has a normal effect and then you can reactivate it and it has a different effect again and after it hits 2 minions, 3 champions and 4 wild monsters it will grant you a double kill, but you will get 30% reduced cash for it. And then you have 4 of this abilities, while before you had 4 simple "Do this, then this happens" abilities. I think that an ability doesn't need to be complicated to be fun. If you need more than 4-5 lines to describe the ability, it's in my opinion not a good designed ability. (no, I don't have a problem with reading, I read a ton of books... but I play LoL for the compatitive aspect, not for reading abilities) That's also why I like champs like Blitz, Leona, Nautilus and Soraka. You look at them and no exactly what they do. Even someone like Zed has abilities, which can be described very quickly.^^ But the newer champions just get more and more stuff in their abilties to make them sound and look unique, while they are used the same as other abilities.
Wannes (EUW)
: I just played him on PBE. I main Swain, sort of.... It's not a magical rework as with Galio or Evelyn but it's OK. The champion itself feels a bit too realistic for LoL, I like cartoonish champions better, like Zoe (I don't believe in Lore). He walks like a really General, like his pants are to tight sticking out that red hand. I **LOVE** the ravens landing all around you everywhere on the map, that's just awesome! I have posted 2 lacks in controls I'm not too happy with, but they could be getting used to. I think he will be much harder to play than the previous Swain and that may be just the goal, I understand that. Overall I'm not extremely exited but also not disappointed. Good job.
I mean it's not hard to add complexity to what Swain currently his, the champion right now is 100% healthbar management along with positioning and directing CC properly. I just don't see him in this rework right now, except for the lines and voice which I find brilliant. Maybe they'll listen to people and bring back the acid green theme, that'd be a step. Can't really expect them to backtrack on the rework anyway. The main concern is: does he have the tools to be a midlane contender or is he gonna get shit on unless you play 200h of him and know every matchup by heart, meaning you can only go so far until his kit drags you and your team down with him?
: > [{quoted}](name=girlychocobo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=amRE0tEs,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2018-01-23T21:06:58.646+0000) > > You mean overcharging new champs with power? Hm, kind of see it, kind of not. Most balancing is very hit or miss with Riot mostly because I don't think they test enough or follow through with the feedback enough. Mostly, the "minigame" theme of all champs as of late annoys me a bit (Kayn collecting essence, zoe collecting summoner spells, Xayah and the feathers, etc etc) and seeing it on swain with these "souls"... eh Overcharging champs with power (assuming it's true) does not prevent the usual metasheeps to drop the champs as soon as they get nerfs ({{champion:3}}), which is more or less the same for every other champs. So, what's the problem? And the minigames are just a way to give the champs more depth than, you know: "walk to the enemy, press key, deal damage"...and possibly to give their opponents something more than "stay out of range" or "dodge skillshot".
No one said it was a problem asides from how it occasionally destabilizes the game. Which is natural. Even regular releases that are balanced might make people feel shaky against the champion because they're not used to it. Just commentary, not everything is a stone, ease on the ducking. Minigames might add depth to the game if you don't make it for every single champ that comes out. Unless you're on the market for yet another soul collector, or maybe a champion that picks up jungle souls or random spawning stuff, it's actually possible to add depth to the game without making every new champ/rework about filling bars and gathering stuff. It's league of legends, not dora the explorer.
: I'm playing Soraka, Alistar, Sona and Taric since Season 1 and also a bit of Anivia. So champs with a lot of updates. :D Taric had a big update, Soraka had multiple smaller and bigger ones, Alistar had multiple small updates, Anivia a small one. I like most of them. I think the new Taric is great, he just isn't my style anymore. So I'm said, but I can agree on all points and he is probably in a more healthy state now. Alistar... Well, probably the same. I just miss the heal on his e. Oh and the "Alistar support assassin" in Season 1 :D I think Soraka's last big update was a success, if you include the multiple small updates (switching the heal-scaling on his Q from his W to his Q) If the enemy chooses Soraka, I love to crush the lane, as she can be counterpicked, but she has a ton of hidden power with her E (and Q) Sona's update... well... it's okay. I understand why and I can play with it, but I wouldn't have minded staying with the old Sona. Anivia... Looks cooler now, but is weaker. Well, It's okay. A friend of mine is playing a ton of Swain and he just wrote me: "My pants are wet" I personally think it's okay, I see a lot of the old Swain in it, but there are also some changes I don't like (mostly graphical). I think mostly they are doing a great job, but quite often they overdo it by giving the new one too much. But that's a fate a lot of new champs also have.
You mean overcharging new champs with power? Hm, kind of see it, kind of not. Most balancing is very hit or miss with Riot mostly because I don't think they test enough or follow through with the feedback enough. Mostly, the "minigame" theme of all champs as of late annoys me a bit (Kayn collecting essence, zoe collecting summoner spells, Xayah and the feathers, etc etc) and seeing it on swain with these "souls"... eh
: It's a rework that fit quite well in RioT's recent design philosophy. Its ult was "windowed" in the sense that now Swain should use it while having nigh to max soul fragments, instead than just pop it in and out. His synergy with other champs has been enhanced (free pull when a champ is snared, not matter who snared it), and the eye thing can be used from a great distance, which allow Swain to have a limited impact even when he is not exactly right in the spot for a fight (a recurrent theme RioT is enforcing really hard in the last years, which is just the right thing to do for a team game).
I guess? The soul collecting thing sure goes into their theme of minigames as of late.
Eveninn (EUW)
: From expierience I actually like reworks. I feel like they did a really good job at most reworks so far (and as a mage player I certainly am looking forward to this one.) And let's be honest, some champions just end up being outdated and need a something. (Even though minor reworks are a better option for this, but sometimes it's just not enough.) While I do understand the downside of dedicated mains having a hard time, in general I see Riot keep the champion's feel in most cases, in which case I can't really complain about reworks. The only champions I really played and got reworked were Fiora (I stopped playing her after the rework due to not liking her anymore, but I couldn't say they took away her identity) and Eve (I just love her rework, sorta sad to see AD or Off-tank Eve go, but she still feels very similar to before). As for losing one's main... I had this experience by Lux simply getting her voice changed. I like other champions too so I keep playing, else I'd just stop league. It's a decision everyone can freely take. :/
You stopped playing Lux coz of her voice change? :o I'm actually new to this opinion, champs go mute in my head after 5 mins into the game except for abilities I need to be mindful of >_>
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=girlychocobo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=amRE0tEs,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-23T19:57:34.751+0000) > > Personally, I'm very disappointed. Yorick was butchered and turned into a splitpusher at best I'm sorry, what? Do you remember old Yorick? I feel like we are not even talking about the same champion. Old Yorick was literally JUST a split-push bot. He had no real value in a team fight and he was best at 1v1, thus split-pushing has always been his strong suit. Besides, Yorick was reworked because his kit was toxic (ghoul spam which made him immortal). They didn't butcher Yorick, like at all. They turned him from a spam-bot to a champion that actually requires setup and proper exectution. He's also more reliable in a fight than before, but he's still better at staying alone. > [{quoted}](name=girlychocobo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=amRE0tEs,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-23T19:57:34.751+0000) > > He probably is trash versus assassins now, which used to be his best matchups. There's nothing stopping you from building him the same way as before. If he was good or not against Assassins comes down to how you build him. The major hit in his rework is the absence of Q spam for slow. Other than that, current Swain is literally a "walking simulator", as one of my pals said. Don't underestimate new Swain. He has: targeted CC (P), Skillshot CC (E), 3 abilities that heal him (P, W and R) and Q nuke. The current Swain has 2 decent abilities, imho (Q and R). Only when we have the numbers will we be able to judge the rework. Until then we need to wait (tomorrow). > [{quoted}](name=girlychocobo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=amRE0tEs,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-23T19:57:34.751+0000) > > Makes me really sad, mained him since Season 3. There will always be the two sides of the coin. A lot of [Swain Mains]( are excited with the rework. *** Just a FYI: [Swain Stats]( How can you say that Swain works best against assassins? That's simply not true.
Old Yorick functioned well as an anti-carry and was 100% an itemization issue. People loved forcing triforce on him when cleaver + gauntlet made him nigh unkiteable once he was in W range. I can agree that he was annoying in lane but the "mindless spam" wasn't possible until the tear was pretty much fully stacked. New Yorick does not retain any of old Yorick's feel. Like none of it. Shoving E and Q into Q while everything else is completely unrelated to what he used to do (unless you count the random graves minigame that Riot introduced, they do love their minigames lately). The ult in particular has absolutely no thought behind it in terms of when to use. Also, I have no idea how trusteable those stats are to begin with. I peaked diamond 4 at season 4 (or 5, not sure; I know it's not amazing, but it's my personal example) and I found the Fizz/Zed/Kata/Yasuo (not an assassin but w/e) matchups simple, not even after the first rework which shifted the focus from E to Q did that waver. My greatest issue with him at the moment is that he feels hard to pull of lategame in comparison to his previous iteration, but whether that's due to the kit or how the meta evolved and what adcs are played is anyone's guess. Can't find any Swain Mains in that link you posted ~shrug~
: This is actually the first rework I have an uncomfortable feeling towards before it hits live. I just dont see the value in the kit nor in the VGU.
Didn't the same happen to Yorick though? The new kit became much more one dimensional and his function was narrowed from lane bully/splitpush/anticarry to splitpush.
: No rework is a true rework without a good old handful of "thank you for killing my main" threads :D. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Well, obviously some people will feel like that. I just don't see the point in reworking the full kit of non-toxic champs, there will always be underplayed champions in a roster of over 100. It's a marketing technique to appeal to players who feel the metagame is growing stale or wanna try something new while shitting on the people who liked the champ for what they were. Tell me I'm wrong.
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Smerk (EUW)
: It is possible to leave level 0, there was post from a guy that got level 5 after 14 days ban, it took him 4 months I think to level from 0 to 5.
Ah ok, I was a bit concerned after the time I spent playing and racking up honor that I haven't seen any improvement. Plus, searching around only had me seeing people mentioning they aren't getting anywhere.
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Dezxir (EUW)
: BANNED WTF RIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The report system doesn't give two jacks about context. It generally looks for content such as your "I will troll" and gives you the finger. Sure, your attitude wasn't great, but you're being punished for being frustrated over someone else wasting your time and messing your game. Kinda hilarious if you think about it. Except maybe the part where you get no rewards, etc etc
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Morning good sirs
I'm just a moron who doesn't go to bed at a decent time, not because of northern crap :v
: Karma ult+w
R + W is a great sustain tool for a sololane Karma, it's cheap and efficient. If matra W slowed, + your E + your Q the odds of people catching up are cut to a ridiculous amount. Also, if you get a Rilay's you can get a slow from the W.
flom (EUNE)
: And because there are 2 or 3 Vlad mains in this world who love his old E, that means, they shouldn't change it for the sake of the other 99.9% of the playerbase? His new E is much more fun to use and not some boring **** like his old E where you just needed to spam that over and over and over again to not loose the 4 stacks of damage. AND i guess you refer to the items too, so they should exclusively keep an item in the game just for 1 champ? No. They removed spellvamp, so they removed Will of the Ancients. Now he has a new Q mechanic, which is really fun to use, since everytime you get that empowered transfusion it just feels so good to use. Cya friend, if you don't enjoy the game anymore then gtfo.
Changing champions to please audiences is a dumb prerrogative and mostly a marketing strategy to make the game seem everchanging and dynamic. Champions picked being low popularity ones is also based on this prerrogative. However, ultimately, many changed champs fall back into obscurity after they fulfilled their purpose (make the game seem fresh). It is literally impossible, in a game with over 120 character options where only up to a maximum of 10 per game are chosen not to have characters fallen into obscurity. The thing is, there's people to enjoy every single one, and having yours singled out and changed just to make the game "new" and "exciting" feels like bullshit.
: Rumble Buff
Rumble seems to be at his most balanced in a long time to be honest, although I find the increasing slow the longer you stay in it idea, even if it doesn't necessarily reward you hitting a good ult but rather your team having a strong engager who can keep them there.
: reah but corki's package is just better as a cc and rumble lacks utility wich a buff to his slows could helpwithout buffing his damage
Corki exposes himself more though
: Anivia - For the love of god riot revert her ult back...
Anivia's lane behavior was very punishing because of how strong her E hit, she's getting a range buff tomorrow on the hotfix and it should be enough to make her viable. She has had her potentially overwhelming lane phase toned down for a more zone control playstyle. You can still waveclear without any issues and farm up fast, while having extra rewards for landing maxed out Q (longer stun duration) and an increased range ult for teamfights. It was a powershift: laning -> teamfighting
3f2ADA (EUW)
: They buffed all mages, when i seen Anivia ulti would grow, I was pretty excited, I think she would be now viable to play, with her normal ulti growing to a biiiig one, but what they really done is just... I don't have the words... WHAT'S THIS ULT, seems like a booger ! How she got nerfed is just a shame, she wasn't even decent in 70% matches, and now she's totally fucked.
"not even decent in 70% matches" Interesting statistics buddy, sounds like you did your research.
: Yeah cos it was so fun getting R+E'd from behind a minion wave for 50% of your HP.
: I Miss The Old Days
Nothing is stopping you from playing every lane; you can queue up to two different roles per dynamic queue (or any role on blind pick) and there's often people available to swap roles on team lobby if you request it. Learning every role does not mean excelling at it, and that is what ranked wants you to do. I know every role, I enjoy some, but I know I will not be amazing at every single role in ranked, and thus I specialized in two. If you want to learn things, blind pick does exist (or heck, even draft pick), so there's virtually nothing stopping you. If you want to learn crap on ranked, that's potentially some nastyness you're imposing onto your team mates who will have to deal with your inexperience. Regarding old solo Q, Riot has stated that their original "we will bring a real solo Q eventually" was hasty and they are probably not doing it because it causes ranked confusions and splits queues even further. Challenger players already have to wait 35 mins to play ranked so I guess having another queue could be an issue.
Formula9 (EUW)
: No, it was a 5v5. As for the better connection, as I said, 3G is literally the only thing we can get, but I'm changing my carrier with the hopes of having at least a better ping (according to a few tests, the new should be around 60ms when in H+ compared to my 100 in H+ actually) As for the Silver/Gold rankings, it does look high level to me, since they also spent the game getting Double/Triple/Quadra kills.
Somehow I misunderstood the match you went for, sorry. Well, overall matchmaking should be balanced, but unfortunately lower level players or players with less games might draw higher level players based purely on those players normal game %. There's a lot of players who stop playing normal games once they hit 30 so, even if they are better ranked than you, should they decide to play normal games they might still get paired with or against you because their normal game mmr (level) differs from their ranked game mmr. Once you fix your internet connection, I'd say just that you should try and do your best. Do realize that winning with higher ranked players ("ranked" in terms of normal games, not ranked games) will boost your own normal game "rank", which will increase the likelyhood of bringing harder opponents against you. I think you should try to avoid playing with more than one friend until you hit level 30, or even try to get some solo games as well (and maybe find new friends?).
: Cassiopea rework
A lot of champions drew the short straw this patch, unfortunately. However, her previous itineration had pretty meh stats itself, the winrate was really low for games that lasted bellow 35 mins, and went up like mad on games that lasted longer. I think her main hold back currently is what riot is fixing tomorrow: mana costs. Her Q should be great poke if you hit it and most likely the first skill to level (got a buff to base damage and ratios while E got nerfed quite a lot unless the target is poisoned). I think Riot will still want her to feel meh in lane because she has 6 effective item slots and great zone control.
: > [{quoted}](name=Urgot x BDSM,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3kE8QnFJ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-05-08T22:53:28.263+0000) > > Well, since you seem to main her, I did a quick analisis of your games and sadly you did considerable amount of dmg with cass only in the prepatch game. I'm afraid maxing q does not rly work Haven't player her on this account, but on my main. My last 5 games looked like this (with one being pre-rework) In a previous game where I snowballed very hard I went 11 3 6, I dealt 18k damage in 30 minutes. In the 27:38 minute game I dealt 14.7k damage, even though I only went 4 4 3 in that one. That's not much of a damage difference. However, I found out that maxing W is the way to go usually. Allows you to easily last hit with E on minions and the reduced cooldown per rank makes it so that enemies can't just abuse your long ass cooldowns. Q is pretty unreliable, whereas W will always hit at least for 2 ticks (and while they are slowed you can hit Q) Here are the games I meant: Pre rework: Post rework: Obviously they don't represent a champion's strength or weakness, but she's not as bad as people make her out to be. A quick look on says that most people that play her max E and since they do that they are basically shooting themselves in the foot. E is a horrible spell to level up early. Base damage doesn't go up at all (poisoned target damage goes up by 30) and the heal increases by 5. W gains 10% slow, loses 2 seconds CD, base 50 damage over full duration per rank while the mana cost is a static 70. Q gets like 45 damage as well, but it's mana costs also increase, making it more punishing to miss. E right now has a horrendous 60 mana cost for 60 damage at rank 1 (glad it's getting reduced to 40 at rank 1 and a static 0.75 CD). She's not shit and she's getting extremely strong after these changes and the followup patch which will probably have some smaller adjustments to her scaling.
Maxing W sounds awful, what's you reason for it? I mean, the CD is gigantic, the damage isn't amazing, you lose waveclear and poke.
Allosen (EUW)
: Its always the Teams fault, not yours.
Although I got the original impression you did, OP assumes their responsibility for the losses and is asking how they can improve.
: Skill Level Decreasing
I don't understand what you're trying to say, is it that YOUR skill level is decreasing? If that's the issue, the first you need to realize that a champion's skill cap does not increase or wither their effectiveness per se. There's a balanced number of both even in competitive play (although they often lean into champions that aren't one dimensional because it increases playmaking and decisionmaking possibilities, but hey even support Annie got her share of competitive play). Now as for HOW can you improve your game, that's something mostly you know at the moment. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Perhaps you should start recording your games and watching replays to see what did you fail at and understand what you can improve? Have you roamed enough as a midlaner? Are you cs'ing properly? How are you approaching fights? Are you positioning and pressuring properly botlane? Warding correctly? Item builds? Etc.
3f2ADA (EUW)
: New update fucked Anivia
They're giving her a longer original cast range with the hotfix. They have reduced her somewhat oppressive E+R combo in lane and make her a weaker laner overall - which, if you think, isn't awful because she can literally just R+Q waves for guaranteed gold. However, her teamfighting has been increased and her lategame utility has been upped as well (Q has longer stun, R slows more at max range and deals more damage). She has been tuned into more utility and AoE. She can not fight ANY ranged caster who doesn't flash into her with CC and just farm. In order to counter this, they have made her Q+E and E+Q combo harder to pull off at early levels so that her hardcounters - mobile assassins - can keep her in check.
Formula9 (EUW)
: Went in PvP with friends, didn't have fun.
You need a better internet connection or you'll pretty much always be a liability no matter what level of play you're at. As for the pair you got, that was probably because it's 3v3 and nearly nobody plays it, matchmaking pretty much paired you with people who probably had low-ish match numbers on 3v3 and, thus, low MMR and thought it would be ok. You're less likely to have such bad matchmaking on Summoner's rift. On a sidenote, although I got what you meant silver 2 and gold 5 is hardly high level :P
Bloodmage (EUW)
: Only once upon a life
Quite sad to see Riot Games managing to push their own players away through forceful updates, although 2 of your champs were very toxic before the rework (old twitch and AP yi). Oh well, I hope you enjoy Paragon or whatever you find next ^_^
Deminic (EUW)
: I am glad that i am not the only one who thinks like this. I feel that i just lost an other Main champion due the a "rework"
Pretty much, yes.
Kítty (EUNE)
: Riot how do you create a champion?
They just say "Hey we need a champion that can traverse billions of terrain or give invincibility to your party" and go from there :^)
Deminic (EUW)
: Malzahar Rework
As an old Malzahar main, I am inclined to agree (and don't you people come treat me like a child, I'm Diamond 5 and mained Malz for 1 and 1/2 seasons along with Swain). People didn't really understand his strengths and even at high elo seemed to think he was only good when he was ulting a carry but if carry got QSS he was worthless. Malzahar was one of the safest laners out there, with nigh guaranteed kills on ganks post-6, great pushing power and amazing at dealing with divers. Lategame, W+R alone (and an adc) could destroy any diver before moving to the enemy team, Q and E each dealt over 1/2 a carry's HP bar and he had pretty massive AoE. His old W was one of my favorite aspects of his kit too. I used to build him with more mobility than usual on mages (swifties + enchantment that gave ms + luden's) and his W first tick slowing with Rilay's meant I could use it at choke points in the jungle or lane to disengage or catch targets offguard (first tick slow, catch them with E for a permaslow, then Q or ult if I thought I could finish them off). Current W really pisses me off, it's ok versus stationary targets but it only being relevantly efficient with 3 voidling spawns makes it extremely gimicky in skirmishes, even if potentially strong in tfs provided the target you hit got locked down somehow besides your ult. Do note that old malz had had a stable 52% winrate ever since before pre-season 6 because of how his W chunked tanks down. After 6.9, he got up to 55% winrate mostly due to how strong of a jungler he turned out to be. Personally, I love his new passive, even if I think it needs a bit of toning down. I'd have been happy with him having been "reworked" into basically this passive + old passive moving on to E. Since his voidlings lategame (on AP Malz) were not very impactful, you could've made his passive work like "every 4/3/2 spells, malz spawns a voidling" (spell requirement reduction at levels 6/11/16). Finally, there's a misconception that malz deals A LOT more damage now. No. His Q base damage and ratio got nerfed, same for E (E deals less damage now even if you increase it's duration by hitting Q or R btw), R deals technically more damage, but less if you count old R base damage + casting it over W. The ONLY way malz can POTENTIALLY deal more damage is if 3+ voidlings are on target, which is not reliable AT ALL.
: More No Cost Abilities
Actually, teemo's W is more complex than that: it allows you to play more aggressively in lane and kite the enemy laner at the same time. Giving a ranged toplaner free mobility to make him nastier versus the enemy laner would be way too good and there'd be very few scenarios where you wouldn't want to spam it 24/7. Agreed with noct's W being manaless (even more since it doesn't refund mana and it has a slight windup unlike sivir's), even if he doesn't actually have mana problems as a jungler. As for bard....I don't know. His kit is balanced a lot around mana (meeps and high costs/low mana base) You could give one of those abilities no mana, but once you're 6 your mana issues are a lot less steep anyway.
: 120% AP scaling on Q + 100% on E aren't too shabby. Also Q has a higher effective range now due to the cast + AoE radius and can better be used to zone AND the tether can be reestablished. New Catalyst passive is incredible on him. Some QoL adjustements (read: bug or "not working as intended" fixes), and he is just fine.
Assuming Q will hit for it's full duration, sure, but it hardly ever does especially on lane, it's mostly a zoning tool or you'll get a few ticks. Ranged mages can move around it quickly and 90% of mid melees have mobility spells to outmaneuver Q . 100% AP ratio on E is amazing if you ignore the fact that it's base damage was demolished. So, if E got less damage, Q has less sticking power on a longer CD which makes it just as hard to hit W, Swain has overall lost trading power in lane versus long range champs when he is in E range, and versus melees if he miscasts his Q. I agree with Catalyst passive being ok. Issue still remains that there are small things keeping him further behind, and his 10% winrate in ranked speaks for itself. You could argue "oh man people are adapting" but there's hardly anything for old Swain mains to adapt to in terms of new kit interactions, and his pick rate didn't go up that much either way, so there's not many new people picking him up. Like I said on my post, he needs a few small buff(s), namely his ult regaining the effectiveness it had on repeated targets pre-patch (not speaking of the minion healing %, speaking about it hitting effectively every 1s as long as target is in range). Also, impressive as those numbers may look, they still make him transition worse into early mid game unless he's already insanely fed, which was made harder by base damage gimp.
Skere (EUW)
: 'Malzahar was too toxic, so we gave him a free spell shield'
Although the way you exposed it sucks, I also find it ironic that Riot thought Malz had too much lockdown so they kept his lockdown and gave him a spellshield. However, overall he deals less damage over time than before, his old Q was retarded strong lategame literally taking 1/2+ of enemy carry's HP, his E dealt a lot more as well (new E won't deal as much damage even if you prolong it with Q) and W is a weird spell that is much more suited for jungling or farming stationary targets. He still has 0 interaction in lane which was also something Riot said they wanted to change about him. Personally, I'd have swapped old passive to E and maybe give it less spells required to spawn voidlings lategame (since voidlings became night useless post midgame on AP malz) and given him this new passive with possibly only 0.5 duration after breaking it.
: I agree big time dude he feels weak now, his Q (paired with his E is his main damage combo) can just be walked out of and i found this to be very annoying.
Yeah that's because his thether range after it hit breaks more easily :/
: I love the new Swain so much, he now has actual waveclear and WAAAAAAAAAAAY less mana problems.
That's the upside, damage and responsivity are the downside.
Rioter Comments
: This.... So much this...... His spellshield is so incredibly annoying. If he knows how to play the champ, he's pretty much ungankable and impossible to fight. All he does is e-w minions and watch from a distance as his voidling army farms for him. Together with his stupid kit, he can also regenerate his passive during fights. He just spams spells from a distance, his w is actually his main spell, so he can throw q and e when it's convenient for him. When you play with him in the enemy team it feels like you can't do anything against him. His passive is so broken I don't know why it got through PBE. Considering how he is permabanned in ranked, he's clearly way too stacked. It wouldn't surprise me if he had a 60%+ ban rate.
The main reason for his current ban is jungle malz.
rucci (EUW)
: malz was in a bad spot now hes very strong just cause his voids are too strong , his ulti was same like before ,now his ulti is weaker than before. Malz is soooo easy to counter get a frozen heart and his shild will disapear, or take yorick and roll over him :). I know all assasins cry they cant 1 hit him anymore, just nerf his voids and all is balanced
"Malz was in a bad spot" No, he was in the dark. He had a very solid ranked winrate - sitting around 52% - and he was a very solid anti-dive champ who was weak to early picks but became absolutely monstruous lategame (not sure if you saw the damage nerfs on Q and E, and his ult with W dealt A LOT more damage than current ult). If you nerf his current W - which can be outmaneuvered unless you're immobilized (which means his ult, which, I reiterate, fucked you a lot harder before this patch) he will have no damage at all, unless power is shifted towards E and Q.
: Cloud (air/win) dragon buff under powered?
Cloud is one of the hardest to buff after blue trinket nerfs, because now pick comps can breathe again. MS is very relevant for any pick comp (since they prepare their move before battle starts), and giving them extra free ms can make them really dangerous. On the other hand, the extra MS can also benefit comps that want to out-maneuver pick comps. I do agree that every rank's MS needs a little buff, but it has to be considered pretty carefully. MS, like you admitted yourself, is a really good stat.
Mr lnsane (EUNE)
: If You have no idea, why the hell You respond? Can You read?! Srsly, dude, next post u'll write "all refugees should be take caren of in every country". Get ur shit together, pls. You just showed ur unability to read comprehensive. Also: so shocking, after my statement above. You got... abused by my little statement? Wow! And You even dare to talk about me, pls, join the "flag event" at FB or the ground, cause Yo are gonna save the world. LOL
Just because you typed something doesn't mean it means anything because, you know, grammar and synthax are things too. A bunch of gibberish put together doesn't give words any meaning. Never said your original statement abused me, I said it shows your behavior when antagonized needs work. As shown by your followup answers. Anyway I'm probably done replying to you, neither of your answers has sufficiently understandable English and, from what I gather, you yourself don't fully comprehend what I'm saying. Language barriers suck.
: Are you trying to say that you are better than the professional artist of Riot Games ? Tl;dr No . It doesn't look better . {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Dumb remark, you don't know the OP's profession and Creative Direction, even with X purpose, doesn't necessarily lead to a better visual appeal. Sometimes it's about concept. Thalia's current splash art is mostly earthy tones since that's her theme as well as giving a sort of Shuriman feel and reflecting on the dirt being cast around her. The OP's work looks better separated from theme and if ignoring physics/light interaction.
Mr lnsane (EUNE)
: Ofc it is to a player that like to "troll from time to time". You don't know me, yet You have that epic sentance to say. Let me quess "420 epic player"? xD Wait, I just saw ur nick... not even "not toxic" one, not even EUNE... yeah... next comment u go with "release the refugeees"? :D
I have no idea what you just tried to say. As for what _I_ said, is that your overall attitude and post exposure is a rant that shows forced self-constraint. In fact, I do enjoy banther with the enemy team and have been reported for being toxic, but never got anything as low as a chat ban. Why? Because I don't flat out insult people. So if you did, clearly something really wrong came out from your words. As for me not being EUNE, the boards are showing EUNE stuff as well as EUW stuff for me and that's ultimately irrelevant: op was talking about the community in general and your post is a display of player behavior, both of which are inherent to the game itself and not just a server.
: Come on Riot don't you think that Yorick deserves more love than Ryze ?
Do you even play Yorick though? Do you know his strengths and weaknesses? What makes you say he _needs_ a full rework? I mean, Ryze is currently a really toxic champ if played to his best potential (meaning diamond+). Ulting 2-3 times in tf's is ridiculous, this patch gave him more mana options that are viable and catalyst is great on him. The issues with current ryze is because he is ultra hard to balance, any miss step means you either have him completely broken or absolutely worthless. Yorick's issues, IMO, is mostly ghoul behavior for both sides, followed by minor number tweaks for him (and yes I do play him). Ghouls have REALLY hard hitboxes to reach, making clearing them a nightmare and pretty much the only counterplay is "get out of vision", and his ult Ghoul has 0 to no AI. Yorick is a solid laner that no longer is oppressive early game but becomes strong after a while, he has various chase tools at his disposal in the shapes of The Black Cleaver and Iceborn Gauntlet (+ his Q), making him a nightmare to kite on any ADC that isn't Tristana or Ashe (or potentially kalista). Yorick has a tendency to shove and is relatively easy to gank, so that he doesn't become to oppressive. Also, patch 6.9 indirectly buffed him thanks to black cleaver cost down and tear of the goddess' behavior. I think Riot should just think of a better way for ghouls to interact with both the Yorick and enemy player, keep his passive (which is a great duelist passive), keep every single ability and look at a better way to use R by either making the ghoul have better AI or easier use or by changing it into something different. An example would be allowing Yorick to revive himself or an ally up to X seconds after they died and summon 0/1/2 copies of that champion (depending on how many points he has on his ult, being that the extra copies would be AI) that would have the same stats and target the same target as the living copy. If the player-played copy died before the others, he would control the highest HP one (sounds very complex written like this and potentially broken to give 3 lives to an ADC but eh, copies could have reduced damage % or w/e)
Mr lnsane (EUNE)
: OMG, omg, omg, sooooo shocking!! In a place/game where Rito PROTECTS retarded behaviours like afk/feeding/blaming, where (rage) kids are considered BEST part of community, what did u expect? xD Logic? Reason? Srsly? I recently got even a chat ban, why? Cause after like 10 game with fuckin' mentioned above I used like few personal curses. What is funnests part? Rito states that I am in 5 (!!)% of ppl that doing so xD What a fiction! I meet EVERY game at least 3-4 cursiong ppl. At least 1-2 total rages of them/additionally. What is even better? That were my first games when I cursed at ppl! In 5 years! WTF? :D From my, some time ago, 100 friends list ppl, only... 10-20 played this game in last 2 months at least once. Rest will never come back, I guess. Wonder why?! Rito seems to think that... they can get NEW ppl with this (dumb) T2 runes 1 IP thing? Srsly?! Rito, u ended Your "friends referal" = no reason for kidos to create another accountsm, except to sell it. Get back to reality - Your mission was to KEEP ppl, not try to get new, cause... who wanted to, played/plays this game. And now another massive update to gameplay... great, except the fact that one can report single player milions of times after single game! Cause... let me quess? Your team has better things to do than fixing something they fucked up? Not to mention fact You can't block a player that You just reported. "It's (another) not a bug, it's a feature"? (both those thing are live now, and where active before this patch, gj!) GL in Your epic thinkin' that kids are Your sponsors :D Compare who pays "gold" to increasing mobile games market. Did You get shocked? WhereTF is tribunal? Again - team got busy about what? Texture update? Balls scratching? Kind regards, Mr Insane P.S. Do You know what happened to WoT? There is AW. Noone will start to play WoT while they can do so with AW. Let's hope for Your own sake, that You won't get that strong "rival" (Hello Dota 2, HotS, HoN :D)
> [{quoted}](name=Mr lnsane,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=jdYMh7WV,comment-id=002a,timestamp=2016-05-06T23:47:09.448+0000) > > OMG, omg, omg, sooooo shocking!! > > In a place/game where Rito PROTECTS retarded behaviours like afk/feeding/blaming, where (rage) kids are considered BEST part of community, what did u expect? xD Logic? Reason? Srsly? > > I recently got even a chat ban, why? Cause after like 10 game with fuckin' mentioned above I used like few personal curses. What is funnests part? Rito states that I am in 5 (!!)% of ppl that doing so xD What a fiction! I meet EVERY game at least 3-4 cursiong ppl. At least 1-2 total rages of them/additionally. What is even better? That were my first games when I cursed at ppl! In 5 years! WTF? :D > > From my, some time ago, 100 friends list ppl, only... 10-20 played this game in last 2 months at least once. Rest will never come back, I guess. Wonder why?! > > Rito seems to think that... they can get NEW ppl with this (dumb) T2 runes 1 IP thing? Srsly?! Rito, u ended Your "friends referal" = no reason for kidos to create another accountsm, except to sell it. Get back to reality - Your mission was to KEEP ppl, not try to get new, cause... who wanted to, played/plays this game. > > And now another massive update to gameplay... great, except the fact that one can report single player milions of times after single game! Cause... let me quess? Your team has better things to do than fixing something they fucked up? Not to mention fact You can't block a player that You just reported. "It's (another) not a bug, it's a feature"? (both those thing are live now, and where active before this patch, gj!) > > GL in Your epic thinkin' that kids are Your sponsors :D Compare who pays "gold" to increasing mobile games market. Did You get shocked? > > WhereTF is tribunal? Again - team got busy about what? Texture update? Balls scratching? > > Kind regards, > Mr Insane > > P.S. > Do You know what happened to WoT? There is AW. Noone will start to play WoT while they can do so with AW. Let's hope for Your own sake, that You won't get that strong "rival" (Hello Dota 2, HotS, HoN :D) Nearly everything written here just reads "Hello I'm a toxic player".
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