: Can Riot not break the game every goddamn patch?
That's a very hard task which is close to impossible for Riot bro
Murdarici (EUNE)
: Level 30 is a good level to be experienced enough to play rank. Is funny by removing cap level at 30 RIOT gave more reason for people to whine. First people whine about mastery levels on champions with introducing of mastery to make people be minimum x level to play rank, not the level. When you first play rank no matter the level 30 or 50 after playing to many normala, rank is confusing for many, they think they are really good because they win normal where things are different and then in rank they are overwhelmed. They need to start at some point and learn, actually I believe later they start rank worse it is becuase they get the normal mentality to much implemented in their mind and it's too hard to make them see things different. While before new rank players got put in silver, around silver 2-3, now they are placed in iron, so don't knwo how you got new player in gold, can be that he is not really new player he was just testing new role or champion and fail to farm with, or somebody boosted him and rise his division fast to gold and then let him play and he is now overwhelm. Division are there to differentiate skills, so no need to rise level for rank, everybody get where it deserve, that's why they even made a lower level than bronze and they create iron.
https://gyazo.com/0e7b17d4a7f1b0a74860f6331b54d850 heres an example, the Annie. Ofc I played horrible as well no doubt but mid lost 2 towers within 15mins because of how much ahead LB was, she started to 1v3. Heck even I as a yasuo with PD got oneshotted. This could've been a winnable game but we didnt even get the chance to comeback because the LeBlanc straight up dominated the entire game. Yeah I could've played better etc but in games like this, even if im trying, the other 3 teammates simply give up because of the new player at mid lane, this is just one example. Honestly low gold mmr games are filled with these. I understand I am a horrible player, I have a lot to learn and improve too, and never have i blamed or flamed my teams, but in games where i get literal new players, I do believe that its mostly their fault we lost. I've never ff'd my games, tried playing and scaling but of course not everyone's mentality is that way and thus my teams give up when they see how horrible new players are. New fresh accounts get placed in gold mmr games for their first few games, even though they'll start iron or bronze on fresh accounts, the mmr is still gonna be gold. Thats why you get +64 or something if you win ur second placement game and you get +34 per win after u finish your placements. Imagine you being at bot lane ye? And then one of your mates turns out to be a new player against a player who has been playing for a long time, and your teammate gets absolutely stomped and loses 2 towers within 15mins, and you know if you try helping that teammate you're gonna die as well and you'll lose your bot tower that way, what will you do? Imagine this happening in at least 40% of ur games, does it not get frustrating
: > if they lose the following games they stay in iron ~~stay~~ --> get placed in iron Dude, that has nothing to do with the post, obviously you're not gonna find an iron player in gold, but new players are not iron, they count as unranked until they finish their placement games New players who haven't finished their placement, aka unranked players, are placed in low gold high silver matches, that's how it is, just check any gold player's op.gg and you'll see a ton of unranked players in their game, but if you check an iron player's op.gg you probably won't see too many unranked players That's just how it goes
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