: Sometimes I just hate everyone.
/mute all I normally just do this when playing Vayne.
DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: You are right. I am a support and I never get the attention.. One player got Penta because I got him all the kills (I was Blitz and brought the players to him). And he was like: ''BOMM! IM TEH BEST!'' Most ADC'S succeed BECAUSE of the supports. They help, get them out of sticky situations, heal them, etc. They never have a single bit of respect. They only have it when they get them out of things. But as a support, the most happy thing to hear is that ''thx'' when a player says.
I'm an adc main, when I get pentas and shit I thank my team by saying "wp" because I know I couldn't do it without them... But most of the time I would just say nice things about my support in my mind... Sure you spoon feed kills sometimes but our role requires a lot of skill as well to execute.
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: Gold Support LF Team
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GoDieNow (EUW)
: SUPP Main (Br2) Looking for ADC Climb to gold
Probably add you but, I don't take the game too seriously its more of laughs and jokey plays even in ranked
CivolJ (EUW)
: Searching a good Silver main adc.
I wouldn't say I was god... But I'm a decent adc normally play vayne :)
Equestria (EUW)
: Support main looking for ADC main DUOQ
Rhotgeim (EUW)
: Silver 1 Support looking for DynQ Team / DuoQ Partner [Silver III+ and 18+]
Hi, I just hit the 18 years old group. I'm play a lot of adc... Sliver V My mains are Vayne, Lucian and Ezreal. I will add you in game either tonight or tomorrow :)
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: is this soloQ ;o?
Yes for solo q! :)
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