VexLuna (EUW)
: Why has Taliyah been abused so much balance-wise
Yeah, I used to want to main Taliyah, but seeing the recent changes to her, it has become obvious that the balance team hates her. They really need to stop destroying champions and focus on item balance as opposed to obliterating champions the moment they show any strength.
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: I'm not sure what the effect is called but you abuse it. I mean that church/echo thing going on there. It's cool for certain parts but going through with it for an entire song is... nah - just don't. I prefer clear sounds. As for the melody - it's rather generic.
This has actually been really useful, Thank you for your input ^_^ . I will try cutting back on the reverb, and focusing on making the sections sound more unique.
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Assman (EUNE)
: We need a Wizard Zilean ultimate skin! imagine the posibilities.
this.sounds.amazing! {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}}
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: Lady Pink Shyvanna
That looks pretty cool :D
Dìrge (EUW)
: Arcade Syndra
That looks awesome!
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: So, I have just re-rolled good skins...
omg its so cuuuuuuutttee eeeeeeeeeeee{{champion:17}}
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