: Chat mutes: The way to spread toxicity
I know the feeling man. Had something similar in my promos to gold. I am main supp. My adc was really bad to say the least but then I found out he was troling when he said "you'll never make it through" with a laughing face at the end and I realized he checked op.gg or any other website with similar functions. Found out I was in promo to gold and decided to troll me. Eventualy I was so annoyed I told him to F off and don't play the game ever again because people don't deserve to play with varbage human beings like him because if you do things like that you are a trash person imo. Anyway. Eventualy I did make it to gold, reported him for the troll and got lower honor lvl and 9 game chat restriction + I am never getting any rewards on this acc and will have to create another one... he is still playing happy with life. I am done with the system. It sucks honestly. Now first thing I do in game is mute all and do my things. Never use chat. You can int, troll, afk, follow others that is okay but never ever use the chat. If you do you cn create another acc.
Shaco Beast (EUNE)
: Honor level
After you drop down to honer lvl 1 or 0 you can create another acc because it is impossible to comeback. Literaly.
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