: DEAR All Main Junglers
I am confused, I am a jungler main but not a main jungler.
mostwan3d (EUNE)
: So what LoL teaches you: If you get insulted,just keep getting insulted without any kind of retaliation,or punishment
I am telling u, u're the kind of person I'd never have a game with on the same team, u're the kind of player I'd quit the champ select after searching u on opgg, you're the kind of player I'd get my 14days ban otherwise
Breccius (EUW)
: I'VE BEEN BASHING GARBAGE SHIT teammates since 2018 start and i alrdy got honor 3, noone cares about honor as long u carry, garbage honor...blood ,piss , sweat gets the work done.
look at the guys opgg http://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=mostwan3d and he wants to get ppl banned...
mostwan3d (EUNE)
: Why naming should be allowed on the forums.
Wow, and you think you don't deserve it ? http://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=mostwan3d Are u limbless or what the fk are you doing other than inting?
: Looking for Team LCS. Challenger s3/Master s4/Diamond s5-6
I started to read and thought this guy's trolling hard, and now reading his comment below I just think he's super delusional, oh well.. but really, is he not trolling? he listed master yi kayle nunu as jg ... typed Welcoz, Maokail
Demidemonic (EUNE)
: High ping?
We had this issue in Croatia a while back for 1 day, we had like triple ping. Once I had 200 ping towards 80% BF4 servers towards germany for 2 months. broken net nodes? who the fk knows
: That "idiot" is most likely just as smart as you are, and he most likely things that you are a idiot as well. I had a game about a year ago, that i still remember to this day: I had a kindred jg, i played thresh support. Before the minions spawned we got invaded at our red, but we all lived. I pinged on blue and wanted to give up the red. I walked to lane thinking that we were done with the whole red thing. Kindred went in solo to try smiting the red, and died. I was kinda pissed that she walked into 4 enemies alone for no reason, but i did not say anything. Kindred now starts ragin at us, saying things like "Why no help?", "%%%%ing %%%%%%s" and "%%%". She then went afk at the 4th minute and only came back 15 min later to rage a little more and then afk again. we lost... I remember thinking that the kindred was a idiot, but i think kindred was thinking the same about me. I dont know who is the "smart" one of us, but i dont think i am much smarter than the kindred is. in this case kindred was the one breaking the rules by flaming and going afk, but mabye fighting over that red was the right thing to do. Mabye kindre knew we could win that fight and wanted to get the red and some kills. And mabye the kindred still to this day thinks that i was a idiot for not helping her. Idk what i want to achieve with this comment, but i wanted to write it anyways.
ward brush before leaving and go their red if they're still there, what's so hard.. oh wait u're all **** elo
: It is bad enough having teammates flaming me for being bad at the game. Now Rito has joined in. My year in review is like them saying "you suck! Uninstall...noob" Thanks Riot for depressing the shit out of me :(
at least it keeps ur delusions away, for sake of others
nesfir (EUW)
: soon we will get a ladder for who is best at reporting people. i mean why bother throw away gameplay and use the ladder bronze to challanger, for who reports better. and says least bad words....
the ones with the worst WR reporting their carries I'd assume
Teejoon (EUW)
: They split the server very early on cause there were too many players. Making the server crash and very login queues, sometime around 1h+ to log in. Why they don't merge now Idk. Probably cause it would be more of a hassle than just running 2 regions. I can also say this, I encounter more people not speaking English on EUNE than EUW. But it was quite some time ago I played there so might have changed a little. But I'd prefer not having that <.<. Also, by having 2 regions in basically the same area forces people to have an account on both if they want to play with all their friends. 2 accounts some people will spend money! So... why change something that works?
lets be good to polish ppl and make a server only for them and everyone will be happy :)
: Whats the fastes way to get level 30 on your smurf?
fastest way is, buy 3day boost, buy 2×40win boost, play twisted treeline beginner bots, 8min game (the win xp gives you like u played a game to max duration 60min or so, so you get same xp from win xp at 8min same as 15 or any other mark) and that will land u at lv30 I believe from lv15. And if you don't wanna pay for boosts. Games at 8min will give you X amount of xp, and 16min 2X xp, meaning the length of games doesn't matter, longer games = less queue/champ select = slight win in that regard. You get more xp playing draft than bots in this case. Maybe aram, but check the xp for that urself. twisted treeline 8min w/o boost: ~55xp with daily boost: ~110xp with daily + win boost: ~310xp

gud jangler

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