: PC nerds help me please !
I've played league of legend on an old laptop for like 3 years, for me it workt to turn te sound volume down (or off). I hope this also gives you some aditional FPS
: I get this (dutch) error. I dont know what to do!! I cant start league anymore!
staan al je bestanden op dezelfde schijf of staan er bepaalde dingen op een harde schijf en andere dingen op een SSD?
: Patch 7.17 error 003!
for me it worked to do a 'full repair' of the client
EvilHawk (EUW)
: Unable to ban a champion in ranked
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BoeIeke (EUW)
: Need ur help Riot : Client freezes all the way...
same bugg happnes to me, also sometimes when i Que up, I dont get the 'match found' screen


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