: Agreed. That's life.
And why is life that? Does it has to be, or are people just too lazy to try to change things? My example was harsh, but you gotta make harsh examples to get people talking about it. My point on a larger scale is: what if people actually tried to be better in league mentalwise? I think it's just a waste of human evolution. We came this far, only to fall back to the same pit online.
: I would give 0 fucks because my boss got no authority about my life xD Political corectness and being spineless are modern cancers. Everyone is soooo sensitive that you cant say anything to them because they feel offended and they will rush to authorities. Thats the first step of censorship like in comunism or nazis era. Just look at it, you cant even post name of feeders on forum.
So a kid gets bullied in school and ends up having hard depression and maybe even suicidal, but he/she cannot go tell teachers/parents because that would mean they're weak? Kids life's a living hell after that and maybe all that could've been prevented if people would actually go to authorities to stop that kind of bullshit. It's just immature and idiotic
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