: lol WoD Sucks so hard now there is nothing to do in WoW, same as league.
: Why do you care. Play to improve and learn basics. If you need help just ask. Ranked isn't about climbing, it's about improving. It's like karate wado-ryu. 90% of the belts you get are because you learned kihon, ohyo gumite and renrakuwa plus some other things in a **BASIC **manner. Sometimes you will get to learn some advanced stuff but it doesn't happen until somewhere like the border between plat and diamond.
Fłayboy (EUW)
: Club member recruitment
add me : hamankhaan
Kazadum (EUW)
: Team of Bronze
i want a team too im tired of random trolls and afkers
: Lf Bronze/Silver top/mid/Supp laner 5v5 rated team
: Looking for semeone to get out of bronze
Laban (EUW)
: Bronze V lf team
impossible to rank up ,there is always an afker or a troll ,a toxic player always always always i lose 23 lp and gain only 12 each game
: welcome to league, the game with the most toxic community ever. Its annoying as hell to loose because of silly things like trolls and afks.
yay,i think ill go back to world of warcraft only because of this thing
: Use the new club tool and play in large premades. Also i have learned that there are good and bad times to play ranked... but that might only be perception. I for once dont rank friday evening/night and saturday evening/night. too many drunk people and too many frustrated people cause they are homealone.
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