: How can i get an A in Invasion : Onslaught ? What do i need to do?
: I need some kind of black magic
Only hard work will make you a good player, is it worth it? probably not.
Sanji2014 (EUNE)
: What to do when all lanes are feeding?
5oulDARK (EUW)
: Giving advice is classified as toxic?
Simple answer, yes it can be toxic.
: From Bronze 3 to Silver 5
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: That only applies when you are able to accept to yourself that you are bad. Otherwise, you're likely blinded to the fact that you yourself (aka anyone) also make frequent mistakes, thus flaming everyone else for just about anything. But worst is it for those who are actually better than their teammates, who strives to win but are held back (held back by the matchmaking, if I am to judge by all the Board threads about it). Me, I play ranked to get to Gold V and only for the rewards (don't care for higher), and otherwise pretty much only play ARAM.
Frequent mistakes? most of what they do are mistakes in the first place. And for the people who believe that they are held back by their teammates are just looking for excuses at this point.
: How seriously you take the game?
You can't tilt when you already a bad player.
MorbiusV (EUNE)
: Jungle Role ! Buff Mid ? Or No ?
It's the jungler's decision as long as the mid laner doesn't have more damage than his smite.
: Can we all agree kennen needs some love/a buff? (with a bit of salt...)
Kennen is meta, you will soon see him at world's championship.
: Climbing is so much harder than just being a good player.
: Can't rank up, help?
16 defeats and 1 win impressive match history.
: Ok... why are you acting stupid? Put yourself in my place for at least a moment Imagine you love Kata and stuff, only reason you waste your life on this game is her. You mastered her since release, even all the nerfs and stuff you stood and played her... You love her kit and all... Suddenly one day, Riot decides to completely destroy the kit you love, what you mastered and all that... All the kids starts playing her, you cant pick her anymore, she's either perma banned or picked, you cant pick her for months and months... Then she gets nerfed more and more and more... Then you finally can play her, but you're at literally 0... You got no idea how her kit works or anything and you must learn it from 0 after all the nerfs, make new builds, make new pages and all... and you'll lose your ranks and get bashed/flamed by this horrible community... Pretty much your whole LoL gaming life is destroyed and forced to start from 0, with huge toxinity thrown at you. Her mobility is nothing without ward jump, shunpo is a useless skill without a ward. So basically that's the most useless thing they can do... But you don't care to put yourself in my place and understand... you'll just keep saying "maybe sh'ell be better". There is no better if I can't play her... She's currently one of the hardest to play in this meta, so nobody is even allowed to call her faceroll and no skill... But yeah. Let the kids win... Why do I even bother playing this game anymore...
you're not the first to get his main reworked and not the last, my main is getting reworked next.
Infernape (EUW)
: Ah I read it. I still don't think it's all doom and gloom. So she's keeping her passive, and making Shunpo reset without kills, which makes her mobile and deadly. At least no one can complain and say that she's a no skill facerolling champion when that rework happens. Try to not think of the negatives, you don't know how bad (or how good) the rework will be.
Doesnt matter how bad the new katarina will be, she will never be as bad as the current one.
hgrva (EUW)
: Your vision regarding her is narrow all you are seeing is how you think you are outplaying everyone and the big penta kill moments, you have to see everything around katarina how she impacts a game and how everything around her intracts with her. Your "nobody likes them" is an excuse for your bad behavior, you have been rude for the entire discussion, have you ever considered fixing it?
hgrva (EUW)
: Your vision regarding her is narrow all you are seeing is how you think you are outplaying everyone and the big penta kill moments, you have to see everything around katarina how she impacts a game and how everything around her intracts with her. Your "nobody likes them" is an excuse for your bad behavior, you have been rude for the entire discussion, have you ever considered fixing it?
If you are so sure you weren't rude why were you calling for your post to not get deleted? And for me leaving isn't going to change the fact that the current Katarina is going to get reworked and you will never play her again, and riot do understand her impact that's why they aren't asking the "katarina mains" like you who don't.
: So what is wrong with me complaining about unfair matchmaking? Or is that only allowed when ranks are involved? Go pest someone else
The problem is ARAM will never be fair, it's called ALL RANDOM for a reason. About the matchmaking you don't even understand it to criticize it, and there will never be a perfect match making in the first place.
Infernape (EUW)
: Is there any official confirmation that that is definitely her new kit? A lot of things were supposedly leaked (like the new champion being someone called Sorag) and ended up being untrue. I don't think they'll get rid of her resets. That is what makes Katarina, Katarina. Although I know Riot are planning to give her more mobility which is why her ward jumping is getting removed. And the main reason behind her rework is to give her more things to do. The same could be said for any of the assassin's getting changes. Not to mention changing her feast or famine playstyle.
She will never be the old Katarina http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/QjJgio3P-assassin-roster-update-katarina
: ***
Your vision regarding her is narrow all you are seeing is how you think you are outplaying everyone and the big penta kill moments, you have to see everything around katarina how she impacts a game and how everything around her intracts with her. Your "nobody likes them" is an excuse for your bad behavior, you have been rude for the entire discussion, have you ever considered fixing it?
: ***
You will start from step one learning the new Katarina which you might end up not liking her and be forced to learn a new champion or new role, but she needs a rework. She is reworked not because she is op, it is because she is weak. The changes you suggested aren't going to fix you core problem with Katarina, I find it really weird that you don't see her the problem considering you are a "katarina main".
: ***
She needs to be reworked to compete with other broken stuff, she needs to be broken to the level of other campions so other players start playing her. The problem with her now is she can't be buffed to that level with her current kit. Do you know why?
: Havent stoped playing her since release, currently still playing her and I even dodged because some guy pretends he mains her and stole her under my nose... So there's enough, more than 80% of the champs that I forgot that exist... p.s after the rework Kata mains wont be able to paly Kata anymore, because of the kids abusing her early release OPness
The highest Katarina main only reached diamond 2, Katarina needs a rework she can't just get a buff because of her poorly deigned kit. They don't need the "opinion of the Kata" all they will get is answer heavily influenced by their emotion, Katarina's problem is too obvious if you have been following her changes thought out the years.
: Literally everyone flames, no matter what kind of a main he is. I said "katarina main don't get free stuff", because I am personally getting huge hate for just playing her and having "Katarina" in my name... Plus Riot doesn't care about the opinion of the Kata mains and just goes and reworks her for 0 reason
opinion of the Kata mains? there are non, i haven't even seen a Katarina in ages.
: Matchmaking sucks
Are you seriously complaining about ARAM? what's next coop vs ai match not fair?
: My experience with Illaoi in Gold Division
You don't know how to counter her, I can tell by you thinking her late game is good.
parasone (EUW)
: Vayne Trickshot
0:50 what a fail.
Farce (EUNE)
: Well, entire human population signing up is prevented by website itself - it will just overload and not let people create new accounts. And transfers are already made on the server, what means it's way harder to maintain stability in such case.
Same thing with servers, you get in queue when many people try to login.
: I understand nobody likes tanks and %90 of people hate them
PPR Indi (EUW)
: yes it will... servers collapse because of high population... Its the basics of server/website maintenance bro...
that's why riot should close the sign up page... the entire human population may suddenly sign up for lol... Its the basics of server/website maintenance bro...
Farce (EUNE)
: Transfers are expensive to prevent massive migrations imo. It makes people consider transferring only if they find their accounts so valuable that creating a smurf and getting it to the original account's level would simply take too long. If you had like suddenly half of the EUNE transferring to EUW cause something like a 1 hour maintenance happened, both servers would have collapsed. It's simply a filter of how much you actually do want the transfer, so that the playerbase remains somewhat even on the servers. And the obvious reason - $$$.
It wouldn't collapse anything XD
: > [{quoted}](name=archerno1,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=otXxfuXc,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-09-11T14:44:45.218+0000) > > This is your internet. https://i.gyazo.com/329092a839aba08c36cc21780c802ee3.png
It is your internet.
: Turrets need clear buffs
Because the game has to finish at some point?
: Challenging Smite
{{champion:19}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:19}}
Tycha (EUNE)
: Bronze 4 talking about playing for the win XDDDD
EliranCohen (EUNE)
: Came back to the game after 2 years, 5 games and already feel like quitting.
: Is a unviable pick and build an offence to be punished?
Pick and build whatever you what there is no way you perform worse than you currently are. I can help you with the miss fortune jungle if you want.
: That not what he means. Nunu is two different "things" One controlling the other.
what about Sejuani? we already have kled we don't need more kleds.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Looking for new champion to add into my ranked pool
Don't play anything other than soraka, if you don't get her just dodge.
: why not rework nunu to be like kled?
because we already have kled, we don't need another kled.
: How on earth are you meant to climb in this game?
Here is my advice for you: git gud.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Even Korean D2 is higher than most of NA challenger. Which is self evident by checking NA pro players trying to climb korean ladder, they end up not reaching masters most of the time. So that "Struggle" is like "struggling" in challenger. Anyway, your post strikes as condescending. I'm not intersted in ad hominem. And some of your claims cannot be fact checked by op.gg. Even if proven through, they would be irrelevant anyway. And if you're going to frame people please really provide sources other than your words. "to pretty much all folk" Not "all folk" Dia II+ is barely couple % of the players.
That's a flat out lie told by him to deceive you into thinking that he is better than he actually is. to reach a rank you need long time of grinding which these NA pro players aren't given, Look at bjergsen he is crashing the plastic Korean ladder and playing against pro Korean with rank plat 1 does that mean KR plat 1 > NA challenger? You want evidance? there : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ig_jyIjGyhI will you take the word of a pro player who reached the top of the both ladders or LS. If you can't find information from op.gg why is asking 10$ to review them. I am not framing anyone I have been following him for a long time and these information are from his stream and his words, ask anyone else who did and he will tell you pretty much the same.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: I'm not saying everyone. Dia II+ macro-play becomes a thing, that is when basics of the game are sorted and these variables become reliable to predict ahead and overall complex strategy on the map. Point being there are no "macro-players" below that level, because circumstance of low rating simple does not allow it to happen. But people continue to call what is basics of the game "macro" just because they play on wider scale location wise.
You actually said everyone in your original post, a certain skill do not suddenly appear at a certain rank but people make better use of it the further you move up. You are also confusing everything with knowledge, with your logic riven mechanics is knowledge, you have to know how to animation cancel you, you have to know her ability orders and which to use in certain situation. About LS I wouldn't advice you to think too highly of him, he has no proof of his self proclaimed master tier, he is struggling in d2 and now he is getting boosted to master by a smurf friend, opgg: http://www.op.gg/summoner/userName=ad+caelum he only coached teams for few months and got kicked after and he still can't find a team to hire him over a year or two after, he tried to get back to poker but didn't manage to find a place for him there. But , you can still learn some useful things from his stream as long as you know who he is.
: got false banned what do i do?
Uninstall, we don't need toxic players in this game.
BlackNova98 (EUNE)
: i do play her as an adc but theres still missing in her gameplay, i feel like no having fun
Winning is fun.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: To pretty much all folk who think they are good at macro game.
Don't assume everyone plays like you do.
BlackNova98 (EUNE)
: i feel very useless late game when i play quinn, all i can do is roam
Maybe try to play like adc.
Rompanruoja (EUNE)
: last season was 100% autofill doe
BlackNova98 (EUNE)
: Quinn
ADC useless in late game and teamfights?????
AxisOne (EUW)
: Comepetence and unskilled picks
You play Garen support and complain kk.
FrankiYT (EUW)
: Middle east server ????
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