Vertinhol (EUW)
: Gold IV or Iron IV ?
Ik couple of ppl who keeps getting boosted by account sharing but still the sysytem didn't ban them yet ( they are gold now)
Maluber (EUW)
: Are you [eligible]( for rewards? > * Players with bans or chat restrictions active when the season ends are ineligible for this year’s rewards. > * Players issued a ban of seven days or more from 8/22/2017 are ineligible for this year’s rewards. Bans that started before 8/22/2017 will not disqualify a player, even if the ban period extended past that date. > * Players banned for boosting during the 2017 season remain ineligible for rewards. If you are then you should [submit a ticket]( to support asking them to look at your case.
as I remember I didn't get banned after 8/22/2017 but im dishonored cuz i didn't play a lot after i got banned in july imma get a ticket thnx mate
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: how can they get banned if they dont talk ?? hello ? i dont get it HOCKAG17 im pretty sure u got banned because u spammed flaming your teammates and never shut up.
u didn't get what i was talking abt X)
Aesupp (EUW)
: I have 2 friends that were chat restricted last week, but whatever you say.
: like i said i have history of flaming but i stopped atm. however, i didnt really got banned for a really really long time. all you have to do is not talk in chat ???
yea true I learned my lesson ... it's not worth it to be lame or flame
Aesupp (EUW)
: If you just "had a bad day" you get chat restricted. If you flame every day, you get banned.
nah its not a thing anymore :) ... u get banned for every single little thing
: It's sort of one of Riots golden rules to keep the game strictly about the game. That why, for example, you can't report other players during the game. While behavior in League is important, the most important thing is still the gameplay itself, which is why Riot avoids spamming players with stuff that is not about gameplay during the match. In addition to that, it would probably not play out as you imagine it right now. Players don't flame because they are not aware that it's not allowed or don't know they can be punished for it. They flame because, at that moment, they don't care. The vast majority of flamers are not evil masterminds who plan their mischief, calculating all the consequences. They are frustrated, angry and extremely emotional. In this emotional state, humans tend not to rationally consider consequences. A warning about their behavior would probably just upset them even more, not calm them down. Another issue is the fact that people might be okay with the behavior someone is showing. Maybe 5 player get along perfectly, start making jokes and insult each other jokingly with everyone aware that it's not serious. You know, like close friends often do. A system like yours would then warn/punish a player that didn't actually do anything wrong, just because he happened to use the same words flamer use, but without any bad intention and no one feeling insulted. In other words: Reports exist for a reason, they are needed as a signal that a player actually was not ok with the behavior shown. Your system would not work without reports. So you would also need to be able to report people during the game, cluttering the game with more non-gameplay-related functions. That being said...I still think your idea is interesting. Not necessarily exactly as you thought of it, but the idea of some kind of immediate intervention during the game could have potential. After all, speed is crucial for the effectiveness of punishments. But I think there are a lot of problems to be solved if something like this would ever be implemented.
tbh what I meant by ''warning'' is more like a reminder that u may get reported for using such words so its not the system flagging u its just a msg and u have the choice to ignore it if you're being sarcastic with ur friends or take it seriously if you're being toxic .. i got this idea as i remembred that prank that have been a thing in a while in league games where players were getting msg in game of them getting banned they completely change from raging mode to regret mode and that happen to me in one of my games I was flaming and I got that msg I completely turned into a nice guy x) and tbh everyone had the same experience ... think about it more like the msg u got when u spam ping a lil short msg u get when u flame for me as one of the players who already got 14days ban I may consider changing my behavior after a reminder that says i may get reported and banned cuz of the language that I'm using rn and i assure u that i will stop flaming cuz of that lil addition cuz as u said ppl become blind and won't listen to reason but a msg telling u that u may get reported and banned that can change ur behavior in the game
Icepaw (EUNE)
: And this is the reason multiple accounts shouldnt be allowed. When you are banned, its a punishment for breaking the game law, and you are supposed to have your toxic ass away from the game when that happens.
: Enableing language filter shows stars *****, this should be enough.
-i talked abt fixing the problem not stars only ... this shows stars to the ones who enable it only and i bet most of the players have it disabled^^ -and as i said warnings may reduce in the game toxicity
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: Maybe instead of acting like such a high lord, accept the fact that you're in the same elo as your teammates and enemies. This doesn't make you any better than them. "hockagi7: and u started that useless team fight" He might have started that team fight, but it was YOUR choice to follow him. Perhaps next time think, uhm... that's not a good idea, that's not going to end well... and just stay out of it. Most fights that are lost, means you underestimated them, or you overestimated yourself. Rewatch your games, and with every death try to realize what you did wrong. Not your teammates... you. If you try to improve yourself, then maybe one day, you'll get the teammates you dream about. In the mean time, why is losing so bad? Why can't you accept a lost game? After all, a game is about fun. Yes, winning is better, but without losing there is no winning. Losing games makes you a better player, because you'll understand what went wrong and learn from that so these mistakes do not happen again. Sometimes it happens that another lane "feeds." It doesn't mean they always do it on purpose, they underestimate their enemy, they have no full knowledge of their champion, or their enemies champion. It is a learning process that they're going through, instead of giving them a hard time by calling them out on it, try to encourage them to do better. Try to encourage yourself to do better.
hockagi7: we shoudl kill yi first hockagi7: and u started that useless team fight hockagi7: y hockagi7: i wont play if u wont listen hockagi7: yi was alone in bot hockagi7: we could kill him but noooooooo hockagi7: u chose to fight 4v4 hockagi7: while u cant even 5v1 yi i didn't join that team fight i was with my adc heading to yi who was pushing a wave in the botlane .. i asked some of my teammates to help us after i saw that the other members of the enemy team r on other side of the map but they didn't follow us instead they started a fight with the other 4 enemy members and it was 3v4 not even 4v4 and they lost it ... tbh i dnt join a team fight unless i have a safe exit or if i knew my death gonna make us win that team fight and i completely accept the level im on right now and i never felt i have better skills than my teammates but i knew that their decisions r not healthy for the team and gonna cost us a lot ... and for the rest that u said abt losing and learing its right and thanks for reply i gonna try to work with ur advice ^^
Aezander (EUW)
: > hockagi7: reported for inting Saying to someone that you'll report him, or even calling for his report, is unnecessary and reportable (can be filed under negative attitude) ... >hockagi7: fk u all Not something you wouldn't hear irl somewhere, but in the context of a team, completely unnecessary and unwanted ... >hockagi7: useless fks ... Same ... >hockagi7: %%% >hockagi7: %%% u too And this is probably the strongest phrase used. I assume, given the three percent symbols( % ), that you used the acronym for '***K**ill **Y**our**S**elf*". First of all, you're playing a game with complete strangers, so cursing them, wishing disease upon them, or urging them to kill themselves, is completely pointless and unnecessary. Second, even if we are talking about the competitive part of the game, raising the tensions a the team is definitely not the way to victory. Basic advice (if you want to avoid stuff like this again) : (* **Note :** If this was a 14-day ban, the next step, the next time you falter, it's permaban. Be aware.*) - If what you are about to write is not neutral or positive, don't press enter after writing it ... Press Escape. Just write a wp/gj/nice or whatever, on something positive your team achieved. It's a good way to keep the morale up. - If the response in a neutral pointer (guys play safe, X is AD you might wanna rush armour, etc) is toxic, Ignore the target or/and Mute him/her. Never try to engage in a banter (unless you have nerves of ice, you'll end up being toxic too). - Understand that though in theory almost all games are winnable, in practice some games can not be won. Learn to only look at what you could have done differently and move on when you play a losing game. - The guy(s) that tilted you for X reason ? You ain't meeting him/them again. So, there is no point in engaging them down in their level. Just play your game and bid them goodbye with a report at the stats screen.
hockagi7: ahahahahaha build full ad hockagi7: or go tank we need tanks hockagi7: ew hockagi7: reported for inting -that was all a part of joke with tf who took ad runes instead of ap nothing serious abt it tbh ^^ -and yea *ky-s* was pointed to my premades but still maybe the other two players thoughts its abt them ^^ -and for the rest yea mb **-** and i really appreciate that u did spend some ur time to write those advices i reaally find them helpfull i will try to work with them in the further future and tbh this is my 2nd ban and its 14 days ban dunno abt the permaban thing i hope they wont change their mind -anyways thnx for ur respond and ur advices imma work with them or just turn the chat off for no more raging
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: > hockagi7: fking noob champs Umh... > hockagi7: fk u all Yep. > hockagi7: i wont play if u wont listen Depending on context, this could be understood as you treating to go AFK. Behaviour like this is not only considered negative, but also can lead to team-mates doing things in exact opposition to your suggestion just because they want to make you go blind with rage. > hockagi7: r u sure abt that bnoobo >hockagi7: %%% Is the second one the "sweat" comment suggesting someone to end his life? Or is this the homophobic comment? > and i wanna point that who reported me from my team were toxic too so i really hope riot checks the reporters chat log too If you reported them, they will check their chat logs and they will receive the punishment if they were toxic. But the way that they acted is no justification for your own action. To be honest I saw way more severe chats, and people still played after reporting them, but this doesn't mean that yours is not toxic too.
XD tbh i loled so hard cuz of ur respond i completely accept the fact that i was a lil bit toxic in this game and im thankful that i didn't get a permaban cuz of stupid things i sad when i raged ... for -%%%%%% noob champs- it was in the team chat describing yi and garen u-u.. ... abt the %%% it was for my friend and yea its the sweat suggestion :3 ... and for the quitting part tbh i said it cuz my team was doing stupid stuff while i was telling them to not as u can see in the chat and dw i just say stuff i dnt quit even if my team is 1/100 ... i hope he got banned cuz he was the first one to drive me crazy after my adc tbh thnx for ur reply i guess turning off the chat is the best solution here for me i guess^^ have a nice day and dnt get banned its not worth it at all :')
: Try not treating your team like they're a bunch of turds, that'd be a good start
i would love to ... but the one reported me said its my fault we lost one of team fights and he knew that my net was bad he made me mad i guess imma turn the chat off .. thnx ^^
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: [ Idea ] To reduce flames in games !!
tbh i got banned for 2 weeks yesterday cuz of flaming ... disabling chat for flamers is not a thing anymore they get banned
: Is anyone else starting to hate playing League of Legends?
I got my 2nd ban yesterday cuz I flamed a couple of brain-dead teammates ... and cuz of that i went to check my 2nd acc so I can have some 'fun' and guess what I found it lvl 1 and all the progress on it had been rest ... now tell me why i should play this game anymore :')
Lavenora (EUW)
: My Star Guardian fan art ''collection'' so far
: but rakan and xayah playrate is higher and therefore more likely to receive a new skin
: give rakan some love man, only 1 skin
yea rakan need another skin :c ... they completly forgot abt rakan and when they remebered that champ exsit they nerfed him ....
: we asked riot since season3 to improve their ai bots and they added the intermediate difficulty so i assume that if we keep asking for higher difficulty they should be responding. Some reddit posts talk about using the ai data and bots from invasion to improve the bots in 5v5 but u know, there's a limit to how effective bots can become. The only real good bot in the history of gaming was creating by elon musk in dota2 and it actually beeat some of the pro players until they figured out its weaknesses and then even normal players could beat it. Technology has a limit and investing in smart bots takes a massive amount of resources mainly time and money. Also if u hone your skills against real people bots become really easy to predict. I hope that they can improve the bots but i'm not expecting much tbh and i just wanted u to know why
tbh that bot is still in progress it works like a human he learns from everygame he plays ... that means every game he play he becomes smarter and stronger ... riot can do that as we alerady knw they already have an ai (bot) for every champ they can ask open ai to implment that in their game so the bots can be mush moe smarter that can be fun tbh
: My friend list is EMPTY!
: EU West Servers
yea happened to me too but it did fixed after 10min ._.


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