Sorkol (EUNE)
: can't connect to the game
same here! my game tries to load - opens a new window - but then somehow stalls & even if you log off & on & reconnect - no joy!
: I cannot Connect to a game
I'm having the same issue! sort it out! we're all losing points like water here - I got demoted due to this shit!
: See ya at the weekend :)
Hahahahahha - so true!
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: Are people still having FPS drops?
I'm having the same issues Pretty top end PC - not had issues fro about a year - then BOOM - couple of weeks ago - nasty during team fights - proper lag & fps problems not cool - pretty sure its the update - I've turned off the winter map & dropped the graphics quality - but it's still horrible
: let's say I got Alistar to level 5 mastery 2 years ago, then I decided to play him in ranked. my Alistar's %%%%ing rusty this is just bad
i'd take your rusty lvl5 over a lvl 1 anyday - just my opinion
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