: Silver ADC main looking for duo
You can hit me up, just hit silver and planning to climb next season. Though i will play on and off because of school and exams.
: > Halim puts an ally or enemy to sleep for 4 seconds, both unable to take any action. what does sleep do? seems to me like you just lock a champion out of the game for up to 5 sec with the Q or 4 sec with the ult unless they get attacked. putting an ally to sleep would almost be considered assisting enemy team since the ally cannot take any action and only wakes up if an enemy damages them or if > Allies that right click a sleeping ally have to channel for 1 second without taking dmg to wake them up. this puts 2 allies out of combat for at least 1 second, it's the ultimate screw-up-for-your-team tool. to me, this _sleep_ system is just trolling material. his w is also a free QSS, except it work on allies too, not just the person using it. the way his abilities work and what they do is actually kind of interesting, just change the sleep system, make it last for a shorter time and make it less trolly. i love reading fan made champion designs, good job tho!
I understand what you mean(probably did not clarify well enough). For the ultimate when the enemies use up the charges on your ally, they immediately wake up. The ultimate is also the only way for allies to be put to sleep. The point of the wake up system is so that you can not indefinitely lock out an enemy without their team being unable to do anything about it.
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: 34/0/1 is not an S score.
I think it also has to do with the enemy teams score considering the only have 2 kills...: any afks? I mean you should get an S if the enemy at least put up a decent fight.
: Can i just fucking buy hextect annie with rp?
I do not think you understand maths. There is a 2% chance to get a gem.
Kowac (EUW)
: Anyone willing to play with me? Support main
I am not silver but I have been climbing pretty hard. If you dont mind me xD.
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Gympie5 (EUW)
: I like the champion idea but I am afraid we already have two champions which gameplay is close to {{champion:55}} {{champion:91}} . maybe this idea is good rework for {{champion:55}} . I liked this!
Actually now that I look back, you are kinda right. Though I do not think the community would like her reworked to that extent xD.
ArTanis4 (EUW)
: Why silences do not interrupt Lucian's channeled ultimate?
That is because it is not a channel... or at least not a normal channel.
Master Scar (EUNE)
: the hole "exiled assassin" makes no sence to me,since an assassin dosn't realy care about fiting in with a crowed,it wuld be beter if you made it like he had to be and assassin for someone becouse he/she has someone or something important to him
I have not made the full blown story yet, however I will give you a glimpse of it. He is not trying to fit in, he is an Ionian who ended up as an assassin for the black rose in Noxus. He eventually felt that the killings he was doing were not entirely justified and deliberately messed up a mission. This causes the Black rose to start hunting him down and he has essentially escaped, hence the "exiled" part.
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: I have nerfed the q so it no longer blinds and have reduced the life steal and spell vamp on the e. Not sure how to balance the r except with number changes but I'm not sure if there is a lot to change. The balance for the r is that it's extremely hard to pull off. In late it is almost impossible to pull off.
Which is exactly why I suggested you change it completely. Or you could go with what I said and remove the self cast in initial casts, those 2 are not needed on her at all. She is an assassin, not a fighter. The enemy cast is good enough. At the moment, that ultimate is 3 ultimates in one... Also, rmove the reset, that is just eeww.
: Hey thanx for the feed back. 1st of all, all the assassins with sustain:{{champion:84}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:121}} it's not an uncommon thing relay. The e is a diving tool so that is how I balanced that. The w is and area of effect. The q is probable the bigger problem and I can see where your coming from. I will look into some nerfs though cause it does seem to have problems still ^^
(sigh) You do not get it, some assassin do have little sustain, but look at the sustain on that ultimate for e second, it is waaaay strongeer than any other assassins sustain, I do not know how you compare them. Also Diana just has a shield... that does not count...
: Champion Concept, Zeela
Here I am again lol. So lets go over this: Q: should not both slow and blind, one or the other it is still overloaded. W: Should not do damage to all nearby targets, the damage should be in an aoe. E: Why did you add the dash?...She already has enough mobility with the q she does not need a dash. R: This skill is still overloaded af. The first part is not needed and she still has crazy sustain with it. I keep telling you an assassin should not have sustain, at least not to that extent. It definitely should not reset on kills and assists. The lifesteal on self cast should not go anywhere near 100 percent. In fact as an assassin she does not even need the self cast. The enemy cast is good enough. But for a trade off the armour and mr reduction can be by a percentage. You have cool ideas, you just need to make sure it is balanced.
: You do understand how hard this ult is to pull of? You have to get every secret art of each ability which means you cant use the regular of is except the e and even with the e and w you need 6 autos at least which is hard for a melee to do in a team fight. That's mainly why in over packed it. As for the basic abilities I can see them being a bit op. I added silence to the e as I didn't think anyone would chose to use it other wise as it doesn't give much bonuses other wise, if you could suggest something to replace it? Also the 50% life steel spell vamp is only on that attack but i guess making it scale by lv would be better (and for it to only be on champ is what I meant to put, don't want her to be an op jun or laner). I guess the cleanse could be removed from the q but I thought it was quite unique it it would be a shame to get rid of it. A blind might be good for the q as there isn't that many blinds in the game and it is fairly hard to land it without the passive and you cant use it if you have used it to engage. Edit have nerfed it, the r slow is down by 10% and the dam reduction by 5% and the e life steel and spell vamp scales with lv. Have also showed how the stacks are displayed.
Here are ideas for balancing, pretty much consisting of nerfs lol. Q: Cleanse should definitely be removed especially with the blink, assassins should not have that. Secret art cooldown should be 6/5.5/4.5/4/3 seconds and not able to be reduced by cdr. W: damage buff should only last for 1.5 seconds this is inspired by the rengar nerf to the q and would means that you can save it up and zone opponents down with it. She already has high sustain so the secret art should not give her armour or mr, instead give an attack speed boost. E: Should not scale up the attack range, should give 400 attack range with secret art it should give 500-600 attack range. She has enough sustain so there should be no lifesteal. The silence should be replaced with a blind with slightly lower duration. R: Man this skill, as much as it is hard to activate it will definitely be the most broken ult in the game. The dmg reduction should just go. She is an assassin, not a tank. The fact that it is an aura should go as well, it should activate on allies and enemies in the area when it goes off and should not be an aura. Enemies should also not be slowed. Meanwhile she would only need 2 secret arts to activate it as a trade off. However if I am honest with you this ultimate makes not sense for her kit. She is an assassin that buffs teammates? By the way I do not mean to come off as rude if I do, and I also actually love assassin if it seems like I hate them, I just want them to be balanced.
: The point of her kit is that her abilities are strong but are hard to pull of and you want to get the secret art of them pulled off and using the ability with out the secret art is quite risky and the q will do not a lot if you use it as an engage. I kinda of wanted her to resemble a alkali/diana play style where you can get into a fight but it will be quite risky but very rewarding if you pull it off. What bit do u think is to most op, I can always change parts.
I think the E for example. does not need the silence, silences on assassins have proven to be super unhealthy, 50% lifesteal and spellvamp is a bit too much. The cleanse on the Q is also broken, the one things that keeps assassins in check is cc and when an assassin ignores cc, that is a problem. The W is also seems strange for an assassin. It puts people into a situation were either option is bad, either take aoe damage, or leave the shield so that u die to the assassin. The shield should last 1-2 seconds in my opinion. The R passive just seems straight up broken. At 3 stacks you get 30% extra ap where 15% of your overall dmg will be true dmg, and 90% attack speed. The activate of the ability gives your whole team a boost in power, which is ok. However is also slows down opponents and they can do nothing to stop it as she also get dmg reduction up to 85% meaning you can not kill her unless you blow every ability in your team on her and then die to the enemy team, in fact this ult is like a broken alistar ult. -.-
: Champion Concept
I am gonna be honest, every single one of her abilities is overloaded af and she seems really broken. especially that q move. For an assassin she has too much survivability and cc. There is a reason they have been taking away silences from assassins.

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