: Serious community project to help you progress - Looking for
I so am looking for persons that would be motivated in helping me with this project. Currently, the project is needing **an administrator** and **High-Elo Players**; their role would be entirely dedicated to helping the other players in improving their in-game skills. Here's my Discord ID again, just in case: Jeg#2411 Thanks.
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: Now that the stats tab is live, a guide on how to properly use those stats, how to not confuse a correlation with a causation, what the stats can tell you and what they can't, what action to take from them etc etc etc would probably be super useful for a lot of people. Especially given how many people who ARE trained in handling shitty data would draw stupid, dumb conclusions. https://xkcd.com/882/
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: u dont need to climb the ladder,if u dont want to be a pro,then u dont need to play rank,just play normal and learn the game.. learn from others mistAKES,u ll just suffer in rank. this game servers to have fun,there is no fun in rank.
Thanks for sharing your opinion. Usually, the average player plays a game like League of Legends for challenge **and** simply to challenge their own skills. I personally enjoy playing ranked games as I need to concentrate and react fast enough, creating this feeling of testing yourself. You -obviously- can play rankeds without having this objective of being a pro player. tldr; you may not play this game for rankeds and thus not for challenge, but I can assure you that there are thousands and thousands of players that do. even if you only play normal games, you can feel this need of improving yourself.
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