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: It's the same way toxic players don't get ranked rewards at the end of the season.
Yeah and its punishing those who have been toxic but improved, oh yeah that will make them a nicer person ingame to not let them have rewards because they we're rude before and the improved, fucking nice work riot.
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: it depends. if you got 10 chat restrictions, wait 3 months. 25? wait 6 months. 14 days ban? 9 months. perma ban? ya know.. this is how the system works. you need to wait 3 months to drop a grade of "toxicity" so the system will see your account eligible for free stuff.
Okay thanks, but I dont remember being punished I just know that I have been punished, so I dont know if it was a temp ban or restriction or anything. But yeah this sucks very hard that I get punished for improving.
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: >AFKing will give you wait time before you search a match, not permaban. Abandoning too many games on purpose can result in a 14-day ban. It's hard to find the line between punishing intentional leavers, and not punishing people with bad internet too harsh. Imagine getting a permanent ban because the place you live simply has a bad connection, that would suck, right ? >Feeding intentionally gives some punishment (?) But not permaban. 1-2 games of intentional feeding will result in a 14-day ban. The Feeder Buster is really quick with this. >Irritating people on purpose while still not saying anything rude or toxic wont give anything, I'm not quite sure how someone irritates you. Could you give an example ? >And as Dunkey said, trashtalking is a part of league and its pretty funny. Competitive banter is tolerated, as long as you don't get insulting. Calling people "degenerate" and saying they should be "gunned down" is a little over the top, don't you think so ? >Now Riot bans you for something you couldnt stop, or something that wasnt your fault. Even if you get angry, which is completely normal even for people without anger issues, having enough self-control to not press the Enter key and flame them is a basic skill every human has. It's not like you can't physically stop your hands from hitting the keys.
1: I never said I want afk's to get banned, I said what I have experienced, sometimes internet crash and I have only gotten like 5 minutes of wait time. 2: I have friends that have fed intentionally plenty times in a row, or just dies on purpose on a smurf acc, they have never been punished at all. 3: How someone would irritate me? Like when i die, they say "XD" or Spam ping with the questionmark like "what the fuck did u do that for?" but not saying anything, or saying "nice" "wellplayed" "gj" "wp" in a sarcastic way just as I die, but they cant get banned cuz the bots that punishes people dont know its sarcastic. 4: In my opinion you shouldnt say that, or ever insult, but I actually personally dont care about that because thats not the worst part about the toxicity in League, the worst part is people tilting their teammates, not insulting, like you die and they say "lol you feed all game, we cant win this" its not an insult, its facts that everyone knows but they have to point it out, just to tilt you and piss u off. And definately not over the top saying he should be gunned down, considering that the person intentionally fed, and obv he didnt mean that he wanted the guy to walk on the street and a person walks up to him and shots him, thats just something you say, not mean it. 5: Thats very easy for someone that havent experienced anger issues, thats the thing we lack, "self control" thats literally what anger is, we dont have that and we cant control it, so that was literally the opposite of what I said. I hope youre happy with my answers, feel free to write another respond to this if u wonder something more.
: Well, then you will always have players wishing you cancer, death threats and trolling / feeding who will never have to fear being permanently losing their account with all the bought skins. Is this really worth it? I dont think so.
Trolling / feeding should be permanent, but I dont care if it isnt. If someone is flaming you, mute them and grow up.
: So you want a permanent exception for people with anger issues? The problem with such an idea is, as much as it would help those affected, * it will be abused by people faking anger issues * bad cause people without these issues may feel at a disadvantage * difficult to valid that a person has anger issues without a huge accumulation of personal data
Nope, I want permanent ban to get removed.
: Well the thing is problematic as communication is one of the core elements to victory in this game. So while you may mute everyone in the team you might also miss some important messages. Might not happen every game but to quote you every 10th game might be enough. Also your team mates may think that you "refuse to communicate" which used to be reportable offense, even tough it wasnt taken seriously. And even tough someone is feeding hard, there are some grey cases where that might not be on purpose sojust straight up banning them might be a bit harsh in the cases where it is an exception.
Honestly I dont care if they get banned, all I care is about people that cant hold it in DOESNT get banned. They should ban intentional feeders, but I dont care if they do it. Because if someone is being toxic and rage at you ingame, hes not gonna say anything of value anyway, so muting the one that is trashtalking wont change the outcome of the game, and LoL ranked isnt as competitive as they want anyway. It's used as normal games for level 30's in low elo atleast.
: The thing one gets perma banned without having other sorts of punishment before. So if that person who was promoting the game got perma than his / her behaviour was already not the best before. Sure there are some times when AFK / Feed and Flame from other players tilt you but i find it difficult to imagine this was the case in every single game that lead to the perma ban of this specific person. Besides if some people display continued negative behaviour you can rest assured that they will face consequences sooner or later.
Yeah but the thing is, for example me, I got anger issues and I take medicine for it, so it is an actuall thing not just a bad personality. If this happens every now and then lets say every 10th game, I will get mad every 10th game and say bad words. And this will lead to chat restrict > temp ban > permaban And if I cant change it due to anger issues, what Riot is saying is that I cant play this game, because people piss me off, it's just a huge slap in the face for all people that cant control their anger and simular. Or just chat restrict me, if I'm toxic in chat, letting me chat is the ONLY problem, so making me unable to use chat will solve everything While if someone is feeding intentionally, banning them is the ONLY way of solving it.
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i promise u lose

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