: Well it looks like i deserved the ban. I deserved it and im sorry for my toxicity i have made a new account and will be reformed from now on. Thanks for all the comments and once again sorry. I will take the ban like and man and i have learned my mistakes. and rip my money xd
Good man. As long as you truly want to work on your behaviour, youre welcome. Learn what is allowed to say and what not and try to do the right thing. Best of wishes in the future.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Oh, sorry misunderstood something. I actually thought you ment that i have proven that turning off chat would increase toxicness. All i actually want to say, is to manually turn off Chat in the options. All i use it for these days is to ping enemy summs with timestamps. In SoloQ you cant really communicate with your teammates, except when youre in the top tiers, where you, atleast i assume, can expect teammates to do it correctly. Just make it so you can turn it off for the duration of the game at the start, so you dont abuse it. Whats the harm in that? Its like telling your friend to hide the cookies, so you dont eat them.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I never confiremd your argument.
: Take your own advice and never necro a topic again.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Then dont play the game if you think its rules are flawed.
Dukebyte (EUW)
: Permabanning for toxicity is bullshit
Seriously. Leave and never come back. Never touch any online game again. Riot should post your Chatlogs to your parents.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
The ones that want to troll due to tilt WILL troll no matter what. Weak argument.
Evile Theif (EUNE)
: yes iwas afk the daybefor but i was ran out of data and that was the reason i was dc
Your own fault then.
FraCro (EUW)
: "The Problem" - U can fast shut them up,riot just need to start using age verification,simple thing.Link accounts to fb or other social site where they put there real age,link them,and make age groups.If under age starts flaming or using rely "pretty" vocabulary,Perma ban them And punish adults.We are living in time where 8y can enter porn sites easier then creating new account.And i don't even want to talk about deep dark you tube corners....
Just send the parents chatlogs, what their children write ingame, lol.
: He doesn't really care about league though. He's got better stuff to do and is way more entertaining to watch, then him playing League.
>He doesn't really care about league though. Im sure he said onstream that he would love to be able to stream league again and that he still loves it.
: Its not much but it's something.
Keep up the positive attittude and good work. Gaining selfcontrol is a good sign of real maturity and other positive traits.
: unfair banned (the 4 people that commented on my last post dont comment here not your problem)
Enjoy the soon coming Permaban. Your salty tears and frustration are proof that the banning system does its job.
Axisdeus (EUNE)
: Guess what, smarty pants, you got busted and I love it! Enjoy your ban, I sure do enjoy seeing you salty. Justice is best served in front of those you wronged. Thank you for beign this salty and sharing your furstration with us. I sure do love to see you suffer. Ahh, and that extra poll you did there, won;t make the ones that are thinkign fall to the little reverse psycology you tried there. Grow up, Salty one!
: Sincerely, **** you Riot
I know how you feel. Int Buster is bullshit. Absolute Bullshit. It doesnt even catch obvious Intentional Feeder, even when they get reported afterwards.
: lol watch the video better he was doing hte fking wolfs as sona support and he could have flashed the tiny wall to get in the base.. that isnt trolling but is griefing after 42 mins where i want to win he just make me lose^^
: Did I? oh thats new to me. Riot is just a profit-based company, nothing else. Only care about money.
Of course they care about money. But the work and effort they put into making us happy customers makes up for it. Why is wanting to have money bad? Its a busieness mate, not Welfare.
Rouhsif (EUW)
: ***
ZerkerXI (EUW)
: I use them to give advice and trust me they need it. If I fed I would not flame its as simple as that. I play ranked to win and climb and when I'm matched with people who clearly do not care about those two things I begin to get annoyed. Guess it's because I play more serious than others but I kind of expect ever in RANKED to play with this mindset.
You dont give them advice. You probably just tell them what to do, in the way you talk. And since they are the same skilllevel as you, you arent better and shouldnt give advice anyway.
: and btw - u provoke me to buy an acc and play like a totally selfish and idiotic noob person, just to prove that the account wont be banned if RITO wins another case in the court ( the last one was for scripting) considering the buy-an-account system im going to offer my excuses to rito. For now there is no solution to this case. Ah there is - i got baned
Dont worry, it will 100% get banned.
: u may be surprised too but my english is not that good so i couldnt understand what u said at 1st tnx again for the irony, it was needed for sure
You may be surprised, but his comment shouldnt even show up in your Inbox. And yes, this omment is directed at you.
: The entire system is crap, just like this game
>I got banned, so now i call this game and the system crap, cause people dont want to deal with my toxicity. FTFY
: What's that going to solve? Are YOU going to show them to Riot? Are YOU going to unban my account? Of course you're not. Why would I show evidence of my ALREADY admitted flaming? I never said that I didn't flame at all. I SAID that a 2 Week Suspension after 6 MONTHS of being a non-flamer is harsh, and that Riot have done nothing about it.
Well, a ban is supposed to be harsh. If you admitted to flaming, theres nothing anyone can or will do for you.
Javun (EUNE)
: Thats how the system currently works you edgy bagel.
Youre wrong. People can write in Allchat that theyre going to Int, go 0/35/0, talk about who wants the next kill and go Mobi Boots, without getting banned. Even obvious Intentional Feeder wont get banned. If you still dont believe me, i can search for the game.
: Clearly, it does. Something even remotely offensive is considered valid by the system. Say I'm playing with a friend and he messes up and, despite us being friends, I say "GG idiot". Another player can see that as abuse and ban me. I could say the dumbest shit, but if I swear or say anything remotely offensive, it's my ass.
Then send your Chatlogs if youre so sure that it isnt remotely offensive. Otherwise youre one of hundreds, that talk like they did nothing wrong, without providing proof.
: you're the one telling me to be like in my daily life. You must be normal aswell *calls me a piece of garbage* that escalated quickly The "no offense" doesn't give you an excuse to call me garbage.
: Well, you sort of ARE punished for it. You make your teammates angry and take away the champions they are comfortable with. Both drastictally reduces your chance to win. You are cutting your own flesh by doing this.
Either the lastpick feeds with Yasuo or he feeds with any other Champ just as hard, cause he is a Yasuo main. Lose/Lose Situation :^)
Rismosch (EUW)
: It's a very unsportsmanlike thing to do. So don't wonder why people flame you if you ban their champions.
Well, if they flame they make themselves punishable.
Bogity (EUNE)
: Permabanned. Come and enjoy my tilted and %%%%%%ed chat logs and laugh
You know youre toxic. Thats a step into the right direction. Give it some time and you can reform.
: Time to unistall LOL
Cya. If youre punished, it does show that the Community doesnt want you here anyway.
Magneset (EUW)
: If there is countless of them here, dont you think there is also a countless amount that is NOT posting their restriction on here. :) The system is not harsh enough end of story. It doenst work to its fullest. Never has, never will be.
It works as intended. You wont get banned for one time saying "%%%" or "%%%got". Everyone can have a bad day. But people that are consistently flaming WILL get banned.
Magneset (EUW)
: There is plenty of evidence that people like that is not banned. I have seen countless of posts with individuals wishing people to die and get cancer and everything you can think of. They are still playing to this day and at best got a chat restriction. So no. Every punihsment people get are not straight up bans.
And on what basis do you say this? The forums are full of people flaming about getting Banned for flaming, so i call bs on what you say. I know that they often get a Chatrestriction instead of a fullblown 2 Week ban, even though they say "%%%", but this is what we see. In the big picture they get banned sooner or later, or they reform. So yes, the system works.
Magneset (EUW)
: You have no way of knowing if they are banned or not. Unless you see them play by stalking them on 3rd party sites or check their profiles. It takes far more than you think to get banned. You also cant judge punishments based on Boards posts.
I dont need to stalk them or anything. I know they get banned since the system works.
: Yeah. Indeed. I wrote this while being a bit upset. But i calmed down. I wasn't asking for anything. I already have those things that you say and i am gratefull. I am not a greedy person trying to juice up more stuffs. This is the common logic. Be nice to people but expect nothing in return. Because being polite if the human thing to do. What i am simply asking is for people to show the same gratitude and care i show. Not show me a bad side when i try my hardest. Not just for me but for everyone.
I know what you mean. Good to see that you calmed down.
Magneset (EUW)
: False. You either stop being negative or you get 10.000 chances and then you get removed. After that you can simply make a new account and repeat the process. It solves nothing and it clearly shows. Its not for fun that RIot is not releasing numbers on how successfull their system is in reforming.
>10.000 chances. Oh ye sure man. Explains why so many people say they got banned after 1 or 2 games of toxicity and spamming "%%%". Oh, and lets forget that these permabanned people have to grind a new Account and lose all their Skins and rewards from before. And dont come me with "But they can buy new Accounts." Yes, Sherlock they can. But from experience i can tell you, that Botted Accounts will 9/10 times get banned.
Magneset (EUW)
: Thats not an excuse to not try something different when the current method isnt working.
No, it is a good reason. The curretn system works. Either you stop being negative or you get removed.
Skribu (EUNE)
: This is first ban for flame riot,im crying plase PLEASE HELP ME
You got what you deserved. You broke the ToS and now you get punished for it. Get over it.
: Dishonorable...
You deserve it, get over it.
Magneset (EUW)
: The game itself is very good and addicting. Its just the community that toxic. Nothing that Riot changes about the game itself will ever fix it. Riot are just too soft on punishments because they rely on this "reform" method that very obviously isnt working.
Just because the Death Penalty exists, wont stop people from commiting murder and such. You can change as much as you want, but humans wont change.
: What does one get for being "sportsmanlike"
More enjoyable games. No punishments. Free Skins and Icons. Hextech Loot. Honor. Quite a lot of things for just acting like a decent, human being and treating others like that.
Coopa123 (EUW)
: - is upset because of random strangers in a video game - wants to kill a lot of people Either something happened inbetween those two things or this kid is a psychopath
Sociopath. Psychopaths are people, that like Aspergers, have a disorder of feelings. They dont feel the most feelings people have.
: Please tell me if this is worth a permanent ban
>NotSoSuperHero: gold 5 NotSoSuperHero: 0 lp NotSoSuperHero: cant win with trolls like shen every game NotSoSuperHero: I was plat last season NotSoSuperHero: but I quit game so I decayed Bullshit. You arent Gold 5 cause of trolls, but because you belong there. Talking shit about being Plat when you werent, lmao.
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=giTvgnEr,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-07-19T21:58:57.492+0000) > > I got a better solution. You just don't say anything. Much better that way. why is that a better solution? If someone sucks in that particular game, should be able to say, "you noob". He might not even see it, since most likely he will just hit play again, or exit the game, but still.
Ok then. Then go your way. Cheers mate, going to see your Post on "Why was i banned" soon enough probably.
Toxic Shaco (EUNE)
: It's just a game, who gives a shit?
Jªke (EUW)
: Why are players permanently banned for toxicity (verbal)?
Cause noone wants to play with someone whos constantly telling you how you lost his lane by not ganking.
JhinNJews (EUW)
: Still 14 days for 1 game seems a bit harsh dont you think ;)
If you all people %%%got and tell them to kill themselves... I would definetly want to see you instantly 2 Week Banned, if not even Permad.
Yehlemna (EUW)
: Now since I have not agreed to anything to what you have said, maybe you should also. **Move on...** and stop wasting your time and my time on this post.
You must be pretty mad if you reply to the same comment with 3 different comments, instead of calming down and writing it in 1 comment, lol.
Yehlemna (EUW)
: You're such a...I actually have no words to describe the type of human being you are.
A normal person that applies common sense? This should be right.
Yehlemna (EUW)
: > Who knows? Who cares? You would care if that happened to you. > If you're afraid now that you can't chat while you should be playing, I have to say the system works and did a great job. This if a fair point for ranked games. But you got to be a complete anti-social, inconsiderate, selfish and a non-empathetic type of human being to think thats fair for players who just want to have fun with their friends playing normals in a god damn VIDEO GAME.
>You would care if that happened to you. Luckily for the most people, it doesnt happen, since they arent toxic :> So they dont need to care.
JinxCelRosu (EUNE)
: Unban request
As a Jungle Main, im getting pissed of by your Attitude.
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