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: Are you still looking for an ADC
: I am a platinum 4 support player I need a team or a adc player ,looking for a team
I'm sorry, but we are not looking for supports at this moment. Goodluck with finding a team!
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: Looking for a Dutch Support main
Ik ben support main, Gold 5 nu. Ben opzoek naar een team.
bengalfox (EUW)
I've added you, we are searching for a jungler If u are interested, we want to do some tryout games with u :D Hope to see you soon
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Salout699 (EUW)
: Bronze to Silver we need 2 serious players in team (jgl ,top , mid)
Hey, i think the (top, jungle, mid) in the title are ur lanes. Me and my friend are support and adc mains and we are searching for a new team to join. If u want us to join message me. We love to hear from you. You won't be dissapointed. iR SilverStaR
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Twinbo (EUW)
Hey, im a silver 5 support, i'm playing this role for a very long time and im still learning new thinks. I want to join ur team to learn with u guys and having fun. IGN is iR SilverStaR
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KeaZi (EUW)
: Searching for Support and Mid
hey, i maybe i can join? i play support and want to join a serious playing team, but have fun aswell!
l Ko0pa l (EUW)
: Looking to join a Team
hii, I have a team with now only a supp(me) and an adc(my friend). We are searching for good members and i want to see if u may fit in the top lane role... I wanna know how old u are and play a few games with u, so i can see how good and how u play

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