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: Hey all. I don't specifically work on the team that deals with reports, but hopefully I can provide some clarity. To address point one of the OP - Calling for others to report a player is a punishable offense. It is a form of bullying and as such is against the summoner code. It should always be a personal decision for each player as to whether or not they feel another player warrants a report. In fact, do feel free to tell your team mates that "report calling" in itself counts as harassment. Flaming and bullying a player will never help them to improve their game mechanics, communication etc. Take five minutes to add someone and talk to them after game. Perhaps do some customs to help them learn a champion, or how to gank or how to use vision. To the second point of the OP - Don't worry about how many reports a player receives at the end of a given game. What's important is that if you feel a player truly deserves to be reported, that you do so. Don't feel pressured in to doing something by your team mates asking you to report a player. It's all recorded and all counts. As for the specifics of how the system deals with reports, I can't go in to detail. As always, the report system is a continually in development and will continue to evolve to be as useful as possible. Hope this helps!
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Husker,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EE7d58Pu,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2016-08-12T12:24:46.975+0000) >Take five minutes to add someone and talk to them after game. Perhaps do some customs to help them learn a champion, or how to gank or how to use vision. Are we still playing League Of Legends?
Rayz01 (EUW)
: Too bad, SoloQ is not coming bad, get some friends if you find it so unfair.
Find? I don't only find it, even riot admitted. It's just the truth, and i have friends, but i prefer to play alone and not be dependant on people + i want to get my ranking myself.
: Let's assume that time will inevitably cause this game to lose players, which is pretty much unavoidable. DQueue allow the "remaining" players to have a single queue where to get more games, without the elo barrier. Which is good because i would rather keep playing than whining because i'm S2 and matched against a G5 (which i could not care less about, i still have to play a game where the skill difference between teams seems really that big). Problem is, none want to support, which is pretty much the sole reason the queue times are so long. A correlated truth is this: people got to accept that for a lot of players elo means a f@@king nothing, while conversely, being able to play with their friends is a great gift. For them, LoL is nothing but a game, and they have 0 reasons to complain for every loss. Deal with it.
You have many people who don't mind to play support, but dont want to play 90-95% support. That's the main issue with the support queue. And your 'elo means fking nothing', yeah for many people it doesn't mean a thing. Still for many people it does, if you climbed the ladder in the past you felt you were improving. A game or not, idgaf i like competition. But getting screwed over beforehand is frustrating, cause they dont care about people who are trying to improve and climb the ladder solo. But if elo doesn't mean a thing for many people, why try to get them in ranked queue? Makes no sense for me, ranked queue should be for people who are competitive minded even tho we wont go pro. Your statement would make amateur leagues invalid, I play tennis and volleybal and i used to play footbal. I play competitive but not on a pro level, and if you look at it objectively, im just playing 'a game' of tennis. Even tho i want to win and my opponent wants to win. But who joins the tournament or league? People who sign up, not casual joe who only plays for fun, they'll only play with friends. Ofc i play for fun but i want to get better, win and even matches. And especially that last thing is what im missing the most, fair matches.
Rayz01 (EUW)
: Bringing soloQ back will result in LONGER wait times, something we can do without.
You know how i see it, riot games fked up and instead of figuring it out behind the scenes without bothering the community they prefer them to get fked for a year. They could easily delay the dynamic queue for next season and tweek it out, or find something better to deal with stuff. They put premade in the same queue as solo players, those are not equal. They'll never have the same probabillity to win. In their fairy tail story they can accomplish this, i can say you here and now it is impossible, cause it's a different style of gameplay. Bring back soloQ and team ranked, figure it out how you want your perfect queue to be, but dont let the community or atleast 'my kind' (soloQ players) not suffer a whole year with this madness or you will lose a lot of people who get frustrated cause of unfairness. Why unfair: - it will boost people willingly or unwillingly - voice coms - a team comp can be thought out - objectives - ... As soloQ player and im with a 4 man premade: 1. I'll get shit on by 4 people if i make one mistake 2. if the enemy is a 5 man, im probably screwed already 3. If the enemy 4 man is just better, im screwed anyways Lately i get more unwinnable games than ever before cause people dont belong at my elo cause of boosting friends or their premade is just way better. I feel like im playing the lottery, yeah i have 50-55% winrate but that doesn't justify that the game is fixed to shreds. You can put good players with me and the next game bronze V and keep doing it to make a selfulfilling 50/50 winrate. I was perfectly happy with the soloQ ladder, you had shitty matches and trolls ye. But that didn't change one bit now. And if they want to make me totally happy, make it totally soloQ, not even duo allowed. And if they really want this dynamic queue to work, atleast give us voice comms, so that part is already a none factor as advantage (or atleast less, since with friends from same language communication is always better).
Rayz01 (EUW)
: The thing is, Riot knows best because they have statistics none of us do, they see the big picture. And you'd be surprised how little do gamers know about what they want.
> [{quoted}](name=Rayz01,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2AttgpPr,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2016-06-08T17:48:39.413+0000) > > The thing is, Riot knows best because they have statistics none of us do, they see the big picture. > > And you'd be surprised how little do gamers know about what they want. That is the stupidest thing i've heard in a long time, I'm sure the games that died cause of bad decisions knew best for their players. Just like Riot does, yeah bud. Let me guess, everything the government decides to do is seeing the big picture too right? Not like people make mistakes who are in charge of stuff. They even admitted they fked up but they refuse to bring soloQ back. I'm not asking to remove dynamic, it has it's benefits, but for soloQ players it has almost none it's a very bad environment for soloQ players. I'm just asking to bring soloQ back too, like they promised they'd do.
: Just logged in to upvote. When DynamicQ was announced everyone was cumming all over their keyboards cause they can play their prefered roles and can play with their friends. Now everyone cries about it. Imo lower elo guys has no reason at all to cry. Your Q times are short, you get the roles you want and you can play with your friends. In higher elo we wait 30+ mins straight just to get matched against lcs premades, which are obviously unwinable if they dont troll or dont give a fk.
Im considered low elo as plat, i have an average queue time of 10 mins. i still have the same amount of trolls, and i get unwinable games more often than ever. The dynamic queue made the ranking system a joke, the buddy system gets people into elo's they shouldn't be, it's intentional or unintentional boosting. The moment they announced dynamic queue i was like 'yeah it seems cool' cause they said they'd bring back soloQ and it would be different elo system so they dont get mashed up, only your soloQ would influence your dynamic, not the other way around. So i was like 'if i have to play a few weeks like this no problem, ill just try to climb already so i can start higher soloQing (they said after few weeks soloQ would be back but your dynamic elo would transfer if it's back)'. I was waiting and waiting for them to bring back soloQ, cause i didn't like to play solo in dynamic and im a solo player. I want to get my stuff myself, when they announced soloQ wasn't coming back i wanted to quit, and im still not sure if im going to stay cause the environment im in as soloQ player is horrendous.< The only reason in endured the dynamic queue was the light of the end of the tunnel called soloQ. But now there is no light and i just feel fked over as a soloQ player, like they dont give a fk about us people. What's so hard about making 2 queues, people who want to play with friends can go dynamic, people who play solo go play soloQ. Simple.
: Lower elo dynamic que also needs sorting out..
Im plat, i can confirm. My last game yesterday i didn't believe i was playing with plats and i looked up that game, indeed they were plat vs plat. It was 4 premade vs 4 premade, i was jungle soloQ and enemy jungler was soloQ. I went 4/1/6 snowballing every lane, enemy jungler went 0/2/1 and even had less cs than me and was 2 lvl's down. I got dragons, got rift herald for my top laner. Still even with my score and pressure, we somehow weren't even that ahead cause the enemy laners were just way better at controling waves and straight up 1v1 and 2v2'ing. Even after all of that i still managed to 'win' the game by a initiating the fight and getting their carries. But instead of finishing the game my premade was derping around chasing some support which made us not able to finish. After that they try to make plays on their own and die one by one and we lose. I litteraly felt like trying to carry bronze vs plats. And im feeling like this more than ever, i have never ever struggled so much in any season as now cause of inbalance.
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
are you delusional? I get a premade every game i play (or atleast 90% of the time) who is atleast duo, same in enemy team.
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: people act as if "dynamicq is only bad for high elo" because the people most players pay attention to are ~diamond and so. and even those players "assume" that the system is working great as there's more people in lower elo they can't even believe that the system is trash on lower elos, as they still have faith in riot sooo, it can't be helped. and dynamic q is basic normals draft with visible MMR disguised as "rank". I could easily get to diamond in about 300 games or 500 this season. I mean, I don't really hate dinamicq, I could play around it. And last year towards the end of the year I was mostly getting only diamond players in both teams in draft rank. So, pretty confident I could've hit dia5 but.. I hate that riot shits on solo players and that they kept releasing benefits after benefits for premades. And that's why I've quit.
Yup, i could go premade and get diamond like last 2 seasons, but i want to get it myself like i always did. But now im struggling like never before, going from plat 3 to plat 5 and back all the time. I feel like im play the lottery: what team will i get? I've never felt this way in the last 3-4 years i've played.
: Nobody said dynamic Q matchmaking is only bad for high elo. This is an issue everywhere. Dynamic Q is bad for high elo in meaning of auto fill/queue time.
Well people and riot only talks about the top 1% when it comes to this.
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