: Here is League of Legends matchmaking explained!
And this is all coming from a player in Bronze 4, with a 41% win rate in 177 ranked games. Aka, winning 73, and losing 104. It seems kinda ironic that you're going on about high elo. Or are you saying better players always carry you?
iTz Lego (EUW)
: Team Flex EUW
I'm gold 3 in flex, and plat 5 in solo. I play all roles pretty much, and I'm 19 not 22. But still.
: Grades after the game
Wouldn't work. It would just encourage players to play for themself, and get higher grades and climb that way. It's a team game for a reason, which is why it's so frustrating to play. Grades contribute nothing to how you actually helped the team. A top laner could just afk split push and play for farm and kda, and get a good grade because of that, but his team could be losing team fights, and dying, lowering their overall grade at the end. I think the ranked system is fine as it is. You win, you climb, you lose, you fall. As I said, it's a team game, and as much as I hate that, it is what it is.
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: I'm afraid that is too big of an amount for Riot to help you. They sometimes do help players (every player just one time!) if a handful of RP are missing, but that is limited to very small amounts like 10-50 RP. 215 is definitely way too much. I'm afraid you will have to buy those RP.
Yeah I sent a ticket back in April for 43 RP, and I got it for a small price of sending them a drawing or some other creative League related stuff, I sent my Yasuo drawing :) But yeah 215 rp is waaaaay too much I think :/
Ïmaqtpie (EUNE)
: permanently banned
No. Re-read the message, Permanently banned. 'in a way that lasts or remains unchanged indefinitely; for all time.' You %%%%ed up by getting your account banned. I hate to be the person that says 'you should of thought about that before you did things to get banned' but it's true. You will now never have that account back, and you'll have to say bye to all that wasted money.
: I finally made to gold playing nothing but support
Illaoi main turned support main, interesting. Glad you found what made you climb tho
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sangesland (EUNE)
: How to refund a skin?
Atleast you still have all three refunds... I wasted all of mine pre level 30 on champions xD I bought champs and if I didn't like them, I refunded them xD
: smurfing is allowed so {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Little change for aram ?
Yeah, but usually in aram, once that one inhib is gone, the games usually over tbh. I thought you were gonna suggest some crazy shit like a poro snack every kill xD
MJF1030 (EUW)
: Veterans dont want free stuff
Speak for yourself sonnnnnnnnn. And anyway, a 'veteran border' would be getting given something free, as you aint paying for it. So free. Even if it's just a border, it's still free. Unlike Yasuo and Rivens skin borders. So yah, it would be free.
: Zed or Lucian
I mean, Lucian can be played mid, but these two champs are completely different. Zeds an assassin, Lucian is a marksman. They have two completely different play styles. I couldn't suggest one more than the other, as I have them both, and enjoy them both equally in their role.
: legit sounds like bronze
Bronze to plat is literally the same. Each of those elos is filled with brain dumb players
: Promos to what elo?
Yooko (EUW)
: you are in silver 5.. shouldn't be asking these questions..
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: Presenting the EU Boards Discord!
I mean, my discord name is Jack Forletta#7330, but I've changed my nick on the server to iDunk
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Treycos,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=yGwK9FyY,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-08-22T13:29:17.212+0000) > > I got it from an hextech chest a few months ago, it might be the onyl way to get it now Are u sure it was Riot Kayle? Limited skins never appear in hextech... Should be impossible.
You can get certain limited skins in hextech. My friend got Riot Graves in his. But skins like PAX and Championship Riven etc won't ever pop up in hextech
: Kled or Camille?
: This is so bs
So you're offering advice to new players, to pass the time, as you've just got a 14 day ban? Why would anyone with half a brain, accept advice off you? Yeah, you might be of a high elo, but I would not want to take advice from a clearly toxic player, as it will just rub off on the players you're 'mentoring'.
: Offering free advices to new players
Black2attck (EUNE)
: How a person can come out of silver ( Tell us how riot )
I mean, it's simple maths. If you win, you get promoted. If you lose, you get demoted. Clearly you win enough to get Silver 1. Then lose enough to be demoted all the way back down. To get out of silver, you have to improve. That's it.
Metsavaim (EUW)
Shit loads of cc? He has a fling in his E, and a fear in his ult. That's it.
: So you agree with me that Riot should at some point improve the effects on some skins like Steel Legion Garen or Demonblade Tryndamere ?
I think they should yes, but do I think they will? No. Fact is, people are gonna buy newer skins, over older ones. I mean I can't know for certain obviously, but there are that many skins that could be updated to look better/cleaner and have more visual effects, but it's how much time it would take to do that. And if it would just be easier, and better to create a whole new skin for that champ. Tryndameres newest skin is probably his best one now, along with Warring Kingdoms. Compare them to Demonblade, and they are just so much better, apart from the fact Demonblade has a voiceover. Much like Brolaf. SKT Olaf is miles better than Brolaf.
: Steel legion Garens visual effects
It's an older skin. The effects on older skins are usually a lot worse compared to new skins. Look at old legendary skins, then compare them to new ones. Like Demonblade Tryndamere. The skin doesn't really have that many changes. And then compare it to newer legendary skins. It's also why they updated Ezreals ultimate skin, Pulsefire. As it was lack luster compared to the other ultimate skins, and some of the legendary skins looked far better.
: Who?
I mean, if you literally read what the post says, you'd know who. Feel free to Google him.
: >We aren't sad that he has died, we are sad that he felt death is the only option... Then do something about it, if you can't, then MOVE ONE AND IGNORE. Why I'm telling you this? Because you only hurt yourselves and other people alive with your melancholy over a situation you have no control over. Ok, now he is dead, %%%% it, he no longer matters. What's the point in hurting the living for the 'sake of the dead' ? it won't bring him or anyone else back to life. There's no point, no reason. Just a total waste. You are not his friend nor his family. If you want to be sad about things in this life, I'm sorry to tell you but there are WAY MORE TRAGIC THINGS than a rich singer who got almost everything the current society loves (money, cars, fame, %%%%%es, drugs, family) committing suicide.
You're cold man. You don't have to know someone, to be sad for their death. As I said in a previous reply to you, he was an idol to me, and many other fans. To say he no longer matters is disgusting. Does he still matter to his family and friends? Or does he only matter to them cause he was close to them? Just because I didn't know Chester, doesn't mean I didn't share a connection with him. The fact he loved the music he made, and I loved it, shows a connection between us. Yes there are a lot of tragic things in the World, and this is one of them. Doesn't matter if he was famous or not. Chester would of been the same person, trying to reach out to people in song. Take your cold heart else where.
: I highly doubt people in this thread are his friends or relatives. Yes, those people are 'allowed' to weep. They had a personal relationship with said person. Everyone else only had the music and still has the music if they actually want to listen to it. And if he would've died today, tomorrow, next week, or next month. It would have made no difference in their lives. So, yes, you are totally right about the friends and family. Also, personally I believe in god and hell and heaven and all of that. But I'm also pretty sure if said 'god' is actually merciful to some degree, it would understand when someone feels so badly they fail to cope with life and not make em suffer more like a sadistic personality would
You don't only have to be a friend or relative to weep. To a lot of people, including me, Chester was an idol. He showed many people that they weren't alone. I understand what you mean, in the fact that we will always have his music, but it still is sad. I'm not gonna be happy that he killed himself. Even if it stopped his pain. It's a horrible thing. I made this post, to show respect to an idol of mine. Yes it doesn't do anything in retrospect, but does neither anyone elses 'RIP' messages. Who doesn't get annoyed when someone commits suicide? But it doesn't mean we bash on them for it. We didn't know the real struggles he was facing at the time. He was there for many of fans with his songs, and his passion for what he did. But clearly, no one was there for him when he needed someone.
: I tried so hard And got so far But in the end It doesn't even matter I had to fall To lose it all But in the end It doesn't even matter This is the best chorus I've ever listened to. I am only 16 and this music is and will always be a part of me and my life. The song lyrics already made me think and feel it... but now that he died... it just makes the music heavier than what it already was for me, it really hits me strong now... =(
It does make the song even heavier. But Chester and Linkin Park taught you how to feel those emotions, and you shouldn't forget that. Chester may be gone, but his music will live on forever in all of us. And the sun will set for you The sun will set for you And the shadow of the day Will embrace the world in gray And the sun will set for you The Sun will indeed set for you, Chester.
: This is why we as humans can't focus on the present and ignore the ones that are still with us, and try to do the right things for everyone. Indeed is a tragedy, like every other tragedy. But when is it right to talk about those things? Humans are so fragile, I'm talking about the ones that are alive who try to ignore stuff that are in the present. What I'm trying to say with this is that, just try to enjoy every time you have with everyone and reduce the time you even moarn for someone. It does NOT help at all. Instead let's find ways so we keep our friends that we still have, with us. Oh, and one more thing, always doubt a HUMAN. They are way, way to changing. Instead, let the present define who we/they are, not our past (also known as our actions and decisions), but that doesn't mean ignore what they/we have done! Ok, this is going out of context, my apologies if I said something stupid, it's rather late here. Let's all just enjoy what he left us with someone we still have! WIsh everyone a great night!
What I meant, is that's it too early for those things. It literally just happened. Maybe leave it a week before we talk about those things. Especially on the day it happened, it's a day to mourn. I understand what you are saying, but when you are mourning someone you never met, it's different. Even tho I never met Chester, I was touched by his music and beautiful voice. And I will hold onto those forever. He may be gone, but his music and legacy will remain. And we can hold onto those things.
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: f*ck me, I thought this was a joke and had to go google it myself... I'm at a loss for words.
I would never joke about anything as serious as this. I was so sad, and I thought releasing my few thoughts I had to the boards would create a post where people leave their respect and opinions. It seems to have worked. I can see people loved Chester and Linkin Park as much as I did. I think a lot of people are at a loss for words. It's sad to think that we will never hear his beautiful voice in a new song again.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Suicidal thoughts are super hard to deal with and it gets harder with age, as at some point the negativity reaches it's peak. The more times you fought out of it.....the harder it gets to get out of the next deep canyon. It's something we all suicidals share, to some extent. It's also the reason for his passion. He literally devoted his life to making people like us feel, that we are not alone. Sadly, he did not make it to see the struggle end. Usually, most dont. But I salute him for his work, and salute everybody related to linkin park to just being what they are: bandmates, fans, loved ones, friends or just random strangers.
They really are. And he lived with his for years. He openly spoke about his demons, and his struggles. It's sad that those demons managed to take over. People do not want to kill themselves, they just want the pain to end. His passion was insane. You could see it in his performances, and as you said, he wanted people to know they are not alone. He was an amazing guy. It's a sad day indeed.
: Linkin Park was and is my favorite band. Their music helped me get through some of my darkest times. Forever missed and forever remembered, rest in peace, old friend.
They helped a lot of people through dark times. It sucks to think he was there for all of us with his songs and masterful lyrics. Shadow Of The Day will forever tear me up.
: I was actually listening to one of their songs when I found out about it... So that definitely did get to me. Really awesome band and a really nice person, saw them live once and I really loved his personality on stage, it's a shame he is gone.
I missed the chance to see them live. I really would of loved to. His and Linkin Parks legacy will live on.
: R.I.P. Chester! Now I will say something that can be a new conspiracy theory. What if it was a set-up, so their action stocks would skyrocket. Fake suicides (I mean, someone killed him) are a great way to do it, cause most of them have some kind of drugs or depression background, easier to set up, plus, I bet they will find drugs in his system, cause it's easier to set-up the "suicide". But, hey, this is just something we should all think, cause we live in a world where money is more important than life to others.
Not the time for these things bro. We should just remember Chester for who he was, and what he loved doing. He spoke openly about his demons, and for that, he was stronger than a lot of people. I'm just saddened they managed to take over. To some money is worth more than life, but I doubt Chester, any member of Linkin Park, or people to do with them, would ever do something like this. It's a tragedy, and we should treat it that way until we hear more. It shows that we really do not understand depression and mental health at all.
: I also just heard about it a few minutes ago... Linkin Park is a great band, and as the comments already show they had an incredible influence on so many of us. It's so sad to hear that Chester is gone, he was an amazingingly skilled musician. --- My condolence to his family, friends, and of course all of you Linkin Park fans around the globe. We will all continue listening to what makes Chester and the rest of Linkin Park immortal, tonight more than ever!
He had an amazing voice, and you could see his passion when he performed live. He lived for it. It's a sad sad day for the music industry. Linkin Park, and Chester will live on in all of us. He was a massive part of us, and it shows. As you said, condolence to all family friends and Linkin Park fans. Tonight we stand together.
: I still can't believe it. They just released their last album. Really, it was LITERALLY their last album. They were not only my childhood, they were one of my favourites bands ever. And now this. "I'm holding on, why is everything so heavy?"
It is. And it's sad to think. One More Light. Chester was that light to me. They were one of my favourite bands too, heck, they still are. Chesters music will live on with all of us fans.
: Never heard of this guy, but I'm sure I'll listen to his and his band's music when I get home again. Then I will know what kind of person you are all sad about.
Linkin Park are one the Worlds best bands in my opinion. They brought so many people together. Chester loved what he did, you could see his passion when he sang live. Please listen to them. Even if you aren't a massive fan of the music they make, just understand how impactful he was on others. He was one of a kind, beautiful voice, and he was ever so kind. Heaven gains another Angel on this sad day. Listen to Shadow Of The Day.
Eambo (EUW)
: Linkin Park was my favourite band during my teens - I was going through some personal stuff and the music honestly helped me deal and connect. Chester was always an inspiration as he was open about his personal demons, the struggles he faced and the people who helped him. It's upsetting that he went so young, and especially the way that he did - a fight he'd been dealing with his whole life. Thoughts go out to his family and friends - I believe he had six children, a wife and an ex wife - who I'm sure alongside the band are struggling to comprehend what has happened.
I think they were a lot of peoples favourite bands. They made amazing music, and as you grow up, you appreciate the lyrics more and more, and understand it all so much more. Life is hard, and as you said, it's horrible that he went the way he did, after being so open with his demons and personal struggles. It sucks. He couldn't/didn't want to talk to anyone about how he was truly feeling. I missed my chance to see Linkin Park live in Birmingham cause of work. I will forever hate the fact that I chose to work over seeing them. As I will never get a chance to see Chester put his heart and soul into his live performance again. Shadow Of The Day is shouting to me right through these emotions.
Infernape (EUW)
: Holy shit. Man Linkin Park was my childhood.
It was mine too. It's why it hit me so %%%%ing hard. The World really is a shitty place.
Infernape (EUW)
: What the %%%%? No %%%%ing way.
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: how you concluded that i am 11 .i just filed my complains
No reason, no reason at all...
: %%%ing tired
I heard Roblox is a good game for 11 year olds like you
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Jack Tea (EUW)
: EUW Flex looking for a player for flex.
Bap (EUW)
: Does it look like you are frame skipping? or like dsyncing becuase i have been having this every game constant 144fps, well 60fps since this new high end system bug and it hasnt changed it. I was playing a game and i was skipping around everywhere and animations where buggy. Like this most games i play for about a week now it sucks.
The game basically just jumps around as if I was having FPS drops, it's really annoying
Doomley (EUW)
: It's when part of the data that is traveling between your computer and riot's servers is lost. This results in lag-like spikes which can make things warp (teleport) around.
Yeah this is exactly what's happening. Anyway I can fix it on my end?
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