Ceberuz (EUW)
: According to your OP you've lost your account twice and been in contact with support each time (recovering your account the first time). Lets just assume your story is 100% accurate, it still leaves out the "minor" detail that after losing your account the first time, you took no steps to ensure it wouldn't happen again.
Yes, thats the point. As I stated in my post, call it naive. I'm reasonable but... Frankly, at that moment, I didn't know that someone had ripped off my account via that link. I wasn't really aware of that being able to steal an account with a "stupid" link. Even after it got "hacked" the first time, I wasn't aware of the cause. Well, even Rito wasn't even aware of it. I mean that "Warning System" and enlightenment came in way after those incidents and, so in my case, my incidents in 2015. Riot and most of the players got enlightened very late. I mean, as I said I'm reasonable, it's totally my fault. But at this point, no one could have known that one click one on stupid link could lead to get your account ripped off. And to be absolutely honest, it still makes no sense to somehow lose your data to someone that sits who knows where by clicking simply on a link. Here I'd like to pass the ball to Riot and state that if there were known security issues like these which could harm people drastically they could have at least talk about such bans. Account security isn't only the responsibility of the account owner himself. In my opinion at least.
Ceberuz (EUW)
: Assuming your story is true, it proves one of two things; * Riots system is so archaic that they aren't tracking IP / Mac / ID, otherwise it would be easy to see your innocence. * If Riot is tracking the above, you were banned legitimately and tried out scripts in normal games to understand it. I've never been naive enough to believe the whole '_Oh but I am so high up on the ladder that you know I wouldn't be using cheats_', because I've seen friends use scripts in other games who were among the top 5% world wide (WoW to name one game). That being said, not long ago Riot announced they might consider unbanning some accounts in NA to see if they'd reform by getting their original account back (or something along that line, can't remember it 100%). If the trial proves successful they would consider rolling it out on other regions, so I guess you have a small sliver of hope unless this doesn't apply to script usage. On the other hand, Riot is also working on implementing mobile authentication, so if you fancy a new account, it should be secure around 2020...
Wait mate, you got me wrong. These arguments were just in my defense to at least try to move somebody to check my case. The problem isn't that they not tracking IP's and stuff. The problem is that there were no irregular activities on my account since there was only the one and only player who were playing on logging in when I was on my holidays. That's what it makes it so difficult to prove. I mean like the only way to prove them that I wasn't in town is to send them holiday pictures from my home country with dates on it x) Might go well too far buddy.
: Standard game company procedure when it comes to hacked accounts is usually "Once compromised, forever a threat" it's hard to accept but I'd just move on and get another account to challenger if you're interested in playing. Stop dwelling on something that wont change - they wont budge because you don't actually own your account or any content purchased on it, it's technically a lease based on the user agreement. Sorry buddy.
Thanks mate. It's just sad. I've realized that not my champions or skins or even my progress on that account are important for me. Maybe the progress more or less in other words. Missing my stats - my stats since season 1. Guess there's nothing I can do about it, unfortunately.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: You will not get unbanned, because the one responsible for keeping your account save is you. Yea, this sucks a little (especially if you are scammed for the first time), but this is the only possibility for Riot to deal with scripters and people using illegal 3rd party applications. Also, by 3rd party software Riot does not only understand the scripts, but skins programs that allows to use skins created by them (obviously, I'm not saying that you ever used them, just saying that 3rd party applications are not only scripts). Also you have a typo there. It should be permanently banned since 2015.
That might be right. In my defense I have to say that back then there where no warnings like "be cautious that link might be a trap". That's frustrating, for kids especially. At least they've implemented the system now. Oh well, I might have jumped over and forget about it. They mentioned in my ticket that it has been scripts.
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