: prestige points and tokens
They will be available later on Source: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/Pttzv6lT-garena-leaked-riots-plan-for-the-prestige-points-and-upcoming-skins
DManRimo (EUW)
: About TFT and Nexus Blitz
NB was canceled not because there weren’t enough players initially but because the number dropped immensely after the event. Please don’t twist the words around. It does make sense that something new gets a lot of attention but eventually dies down when people have had enough of it. So yeah maybe the NB numbers were massive in the beginning, doesn’t mean it was like that until the end. We don’t have the official statistics though so we can’t really tell how hard the drop really was. Riot was really invested in NB so I guess the drop must have been huge.
: What happened to getting an elo for every single role?
It was abused so hard that in the end there was no other way but to cancel it. The problem basically was that people just used it as an excuse to troll/not care when they got auto-filled which made ranked even more toxic than it is anyway.
Kirika (EUW)
: you need not only adept to what champions you get. I for one advice loosing some rounds early to get your ecco high. Just loose like the first 5-8 matches and stack your gold to 50. Then you only use gold over 50 (loose streak + Income+ interest = 12 or more gold). Try then to level up. Around level 7 you have a good chance oon violett Pieces (Each level gives a better chance on the rarer pieces). After reaching level 7 or 8 you start rerolling to get your champs. Until that you probably loose like60 HP but its fine cause you can draw first in the carussel and your finanzes are top. Then you should start winning. When dropping below or unto 20 HP you can use your complete 50 gold if needed to rank up your team to survive. I have won a lot of battles with 12 HP from last place to first. Comeback is real
That’s true, I’ve seen a lot of people make a comeback with super strong teams when they were about to drop out. Anyway thanks for the advice, I will definitely try this out next time!
: So Treeline(3v3) and ARAM are not officially supported ? since when ?
I think it’d be more appropriate to say “created” than “balanced”, because Champions are indeed designed for SR and not ARAM or TT. Otherwise Ivern probably wouldn’t have the passive he has now for example.
: I'm going to with all of the above. I mean, I try to stick with a comp, then when that eventually fails to pan out, I try to adapt but at that point nothing I do seems to works.
I know that feeling all too well...when TFT first came out on PBE I wanted to try all the comps and got really annoyed when I didn’t get the champs I wanted. By the time I realized that my plan wasn’t going to work out it was usually already too late. I eventually started winning when I learned how to work with what I got though.
: Am I Just Not Getting TFT?
You don’t have to like it! Tastes differ after all. There are 3 reasons I can think of why people might not enjoy it. 1. It’s just not their type of game. That’s completely fine and if you don’t like it just stay away from the game mode. 2. You’re trying to force tactics (special comps for example) but luck isn’t on your side. So instead of adjusting you stick to your plan which can then lead to frustration because it won’t work out. 3. You’re not using any tactics at all so you just lose over and over again which, again, is probably very frustrating. Just my two cents though..
évè (EUW)
: stuck in champion select
Same... Thanks Riot for releasing a new game mode, a new champion and the pass at the same time, doesn't sound like trouble at all {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
9WellsX (EUNE)
: The release of TFT was a disappointment...
First of all they didn’t announce the exact release time on purpose. TFT going live is a major event for Riot right now, especially after what happened regarding the PBE queue times etc. Also, it doesn’t matter how many resources a company has, implementing something big like a new game mode is always a high risk. Imagine something went wrong on OCE that had major effects on the game due to the release of TFT. Would you really want ALL of your servers to be affected at the same time? Especially the big ones? No! That’s why you try big new things on smaller servers first, let some time pass and when there are no complications you can release it for the rest of the players, one server at a time. If you released TFT at the same time for everybody and more than 1 server then showed major issues that have different causes (which of course you won’t know about until you start looking into the problem) you would either have to neglect a server completely, which is bad, or split up the the group of people who can fix the mistake which is also not as effective aka just as bad. That being said, stop being so goddamn impatient, TFT will be released soon enough.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=iGaveUpAtLast,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=UYyMgOcE,comment-id=0002000200000001,timestamp=2019-06-26T04:53:13.724+0000) > > I’m curious as to how Riot decides on who gets stuff first/last when there’s a staggered release. Not complaining, I got my fair share of TFT already so I can wait, I’m just honestly curious. > > It didn’t really make sense to me that OCE would get it first but then I thought it might have something to do with the time zone or the smaller server size (aka if something goes wrong at least the big servers will not be affected). > > I would love to hear the real reasoning behind this! There's many factors that go into it depending on what the product is. For example we might test "safe" Ranked changes on KR and NA - NA because it's a fairly stable shard in size and capacity and close to the developers, and KR because they're highly competitive - so it makes for a great amount of testing. However if it's less "safe" (IE: Might not be received well or is a huge change which has some risk), we might avoid KR specifically for that reason and go with a less competitive region. Another factor is language - if something goes wrong in EU, we have to message to numerous different languages. EUW especially also has a super large player base, so something "breaking" there will hurt a lot more people than a smaller shard. Conversely again though, if we're testing our changes to specific languages or localisations, EU may be great for that! It gets a lot of exposure vs NA which is EN only. Basically, there's many different thoughts and processes behind who gets what when, based around risk, potential impact, how helpful it is to test there (IE: Testing a German specific change isn't much use on NA!) etc.
Thanks for the answer! :)
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hornswroggle,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=UYyMgOcE,comment-id=00020002,timestamp=2019-06-25T13:14:08.418+0000) > > I see. Staggered release makes sense, the worst DDoS attacks are home made. Slow and steady wins the race. > > Thanks a lot for clarifying. We've learned that over the years...we know it's disappointing to have to wait an extra day or two, but it's even more disappointing when everything crashes and burns because we were too hyped and released something way too quickly! Not to say we won't encounter that again ever, but we try our best to avoid it nowadays :-P
I’m curious as to how Riot decides on who gets stuff first/last when there’s a staggered release. Not complaining, I got my fair share of TFT already so I can wait, I’m just honestly curious. It didn’t really make sense to me that OCE would get it first but then I thought it might have something to do with the time zone or the smaller server size (aka if something goes wrong at least the big servers will not be affected). I would love to hear the real reasoning behind this!
Master Scar (EUNE)
: trundle and zoe fan fiction
What was the flavor of the popsicle? How did they come to an agreement on the flavor? Where did they get the popsicle? Who gets to have the last bite? I really want more details. That being said, 10/10 would read again and will definitely recommend to my friends.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why is it that ARAM is the only gamemode where you can play without stressing?
I know it’s easier said that done but just own it. I was a support main for a very long time and only played normals when I had an ADC to duo with. I always felt bad though because my other support friends never got to play support because of me. That’s when I decided to practice my off-roles alone. I was really scared at first too but you do get used to playing alone!
King Lego (EUNE)
: I'm curious to know on the hell is "her"....
I really want to know what he means be “we”. Do “they” do it separately but both on Saturdays? Do “they” sit next to each other? Does “we” mean 2 people or a whole group? So many questions that need to be answered...
: Post game load out-freeze
I had the same problem and reinstalling fixed it for me.
: Does a 14-Day Ban reset?
It’s not about time but the number of games you’ve played since your ban. So permaban-wise nothing has changed for you since January. The problem is that you will never be able to get out of the danger zone (can take months and even years of no negative behavior) if you just stop playing on that account.
: noooooo, there CAN'T be a FAQ on that, having a FAQ and explaining how the system works would point out LOOPHOLES that players would EXPLOIT...not like people are already exploiting it now... this is literally their excuse for everything {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
I mean they could create a FAQ for clarity and update said FAQ frequently when loopholes are being found. This would actually be nice for people whose native language isn’t English because I’ve come across banned words that were slang and had to google because I honestly didn’t know they were a big no no.
: The Client and EUW server needs more than 1 intern developer Riot (rant)
Ever since the last patch it’s actually faster for me to close the client and then relog after a game than it is to wait for the post-game screen to appear. I’m just stuck in a pseudo home screen without buttons, unable to skip waiting for stats or anything else.
: Need 2 pples for 5 man missions, the loss vs IA then the singed, alistar, voli, poppy, blitz team
You still need 2 people? Because my friend and I are looking for 3 people atm
: > [{quoted}](name=Mak3M3Happy,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=O1AKPhH4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-09T23:08:37.987+0000) > > All i know is that then Your shop won't work saying something about bamboolized shop Oh, that's interesting.. They should make a skin that is better than ultimate but is 1% rare. The only way to get it is to obtain every skin that isn't vaulted?....
Probably not worth it. Given that you can get a shit ton of skins for free (money loss for Riot) and the probably VERY small percentage of players who actually can afford to get all skins would make this a waste of time, money and resources. Buying each and every skin is not possible for everybody so it would also not increase sales since it’s almost impossible anyway (unless you’re rich). Also, how would you handle new skins coming out? Let’s say all skins released so far added up to 10k €$£ etc. and all skins released in the following year added up to 1k, aka 11k in total, how would you justify that? You can’t really make it “skins released until...” but you also can’t make people pay hundreds if not thousands of bucks more than somebody else just because they started playing later or couldn’t afford all the skins earlier. _If_ Riot decided to implement something like this they would first of all probably get large scale shit from the community for various reasons. Second, the skin wouldn’t be worth more than 520-750 for money reasons. Third, there’s no way they can decide on ONE champion to give the skin to and satisfy everybody while they also can’t create different versions because, again, waste of money, time and resources. I get why it would be nice to have something to brag with because you’re a loyal customer and you want to be rewarded for buying “all” the skins but in the end they couldn’t really give you more than an icon.
Shamose (EUW)
: If you read the thread OP said they're not black enough.
Or maybe not {{champion:145}} {{champion:39}} enough (iykwim)
: Not quite. Of course it's not your mistake that Soraka made a mistake. But it was your mistake to point out that mistake, because it's completely useless. If you could travel back in time and make her fix that mistake, sure, then it would be useful. But you can't, so it's useless. The best case scenario is that nothing happens. The more likely scenario is that your teammate reacts badly in some way and, in many cases, starts to tilt. How does that help? Have you ever thought about why exactly you point out peoples mistakes? What exactly is your goal? Do you seriously think they are going to improve all of sudden, just because you, a random stranger, rub salt in their wounds and point out mistakes they are most likely already aware of (either that or they don't agree)? Have you ever seen that actually happen? I doubt it. So what's the point? You most likely already know that this always goes wrong and never results in anything good. I know it's very tempting to do this, especially if you are right...but come on, you already know it doesn't work and what the results are. So, to answer your question, why people are "lying" or twisting reality: Because by pointing out mistakes you force other people in a situation where they have to admit mistakes to a random internet stranger, which most people don't like to do AND because you force people who want to play rather than discuss, to reply to your accusations. That's why people rather pick the easy path.
That’s not completely true imo. This kind of behavior might not fix what happened in the past but it can definitely influence a persons play for the better. Even if you defend yourself at first you will be aware of the mistake and probably won’t do it again or at least try to avoid it. Of course it’s not like this for everybody since you can’t generalize reactions but it can apply to some. As an example, I used to play a lot of Nami and one of my teammates once said “why didn’t you use your ult sooner” which actually made me realize that I was indeed using it too late most of the time. My Nami ults have been on point ever since. I probably would’ve shrugged it off or forgotten about it if he had said something like “please use your ult sooner” (doesn’t have an impact) or “garbage Nami doesn’t know when to ult” (useless flame) but this exact wording made me a better Nami player.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Pl0neer,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=sJWV8L7E,comment-id=0001000100000000,timestamp=2019-03-06T12:10:45.797+0000) > > Thank you so i will not buy the skin need to wait till the next year on 18.03.2019 i'm leaving the country i have the hope to play with the new skin 1 more game but what to do i will not give 30 euro for the skin but for the other staff It may be out before that date (as mentioned, sometime in the next 2 weeks - could be today, could be in 14 days) - but keep an eye on the news for more info ^^
Hey Eambo, I have a question regarding announcements. I understand that Riot doesn’t want to specify dates or times when it comes to champion/skin releases etc. but why don’t we get that for events? When it says “until the 5th” for example it’s really hard to tell whether that’s the 5th included or not and that might lead to very annoying misunderstandings. I would really appreciate if Riot provided us with specific times for stuff like that because it can be really frustrating not to know how much time you have left exactly.
: *Sees prestige KDA Ahri coming out, think to myself...*
Low key I’m still hoping that Riot will indeed release an alternative way to gain prestige tokens as they’ve said in the past. Some way that would make you be able to get at least one skin. I’m not an Ahri main or anything but I really like the prestige version but I neither have nor want to spend 100 bucks for it.
: The Lunar-Revel Pass is the worst thus far, if the passes continue like this I wont buy them anymore
I agree so much. Although we “only” had to grind 1000 tokens this time, I’m just burned out. I don’t want to play League at all anymore right now. I know the pretentious chromas are supposed to be hard to get but Riot could really make the grind a bit more acceptable. I really liked the A/S grade bonus idea and if they don’t want to do that I would highly recommend more missions with set rewards and no RNG. I also think that if they don’t slow down on the releases it could easily backfire if nothing is done.
Your Otter (EUNE)
: Exactly. But atleast we're not the only region that doesn't have it yet.
If the date for something you want to refund really is about to expire maybe you can contact support and have them refund it for you manually in exchange for your future token if you ask nicely. I know they usually don’t do this anymore but since the bug is their fault they might be a bit more lenient and you can come to a compromise.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Wait, really? How can I do that? Thought I could only mute user pings/emotes/chat.
Yes I did that long ago XD you can disable them somewhere in the audio tab in the in game settings
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I would rather mute champions sometimes. Sometimes the enemy just keeps spamming an annoying voiceline all game long and it can really get on my nerves.
You can actually do that.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Really? I love my account... So I have to feed, and make my team fall behind because of Rİot. Okey At least I have tried
It’s not Riot’s fault that you don’t know how to play Katarina. Watch/read some guides and learn when and how to engage with her if you want to be aggressive. You shouldn’t blame your bad games on somebody else when they’re 99% your own fault. Anyway don’t get discouraged. Educate yourself on how to play mid lane/your fav champs and you’ll be good to go after some practice.
Cxvpher (EUW)
: I had to change my Summoner Name after 5 years of using it.
I think I’ve played against you not too long ago because I think I remember talking about your name with my duo XD I have no clue why anyone would report your name though...
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: My mistake then. :) Seems like people don't care anyway, they don't want to play that Maokai.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Leaving champion select in ARAM should have a harsher punishment than just 5 minutes
baE jera (EUNE)
: KD/A theme dont fits Lux at all, imo
Actually none of the supports would fit into the KD/A world imo. Then again, I don’t even want more KD/A skins, not because I don’t like them but because this skin line is pretty much a stand-alone.
loucci11 (EUW)
: I keep on getting top when I put mid on my first role ! annoying !
Have you tried starting a new queue whenever you passed the estimated time? That usually helps me. The queue times can get really long that way but if you really want to play mid then that’s probably the only way.
: Honor level 0 reset to 0 checkpoints at the start of the season
It’s probably yet another bug. You should contact Riot Support and explain what’s going on there.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Now that skin shop was removed
I guess you’re talking about “Your Shop”? If yes then it’s not meant to be a permanent feature but only around for special occasions for a limited amount of time. As always. You should check the official website to know how long events like your shop last so you can plan accordingly.
: Stream it so I can have a good time. ##*Insert that german word for finding joy in another's pain*
Xaytah (EUW)
: Are events getting repetitive?
I usually love grinding. I don’t know why but I enjoyed myself a lot when I had to get the 2500 tokens for Kai’Sa and was actually disappointed that Akali was available for only 1800. But even I, who loves grinding the shit out of things, got tired in the middle of the Snowdown event. I didn’t do the NB missions because I hate the game mode so I can’t really say anything about that it in the end I just needed a break. I also frowned when I saw Prestige Vayne yesterday. Calling golden chromas “prestige skin” is dumb and it takes away my motivation to actually work for it. I don’t care about the special particals, if you make us grind for prestige skins then make them actual skins and not chromas at least.
iDaenerys (EUNE)
: Sorry, but I agree with Captain Jack. I read that on 21st of January the event will end, too !
Sorry but you should always double check this kind of stuff if it’s important to you. If you misinform yourself then that’s tough luck! The only thing that was mentioned in relation to the 21st was NB ending on that date. Also, he could’ve used the NB missions as a clue. Event missions that are not daily usually expire at the same moment as events. It’s been like that for a while now so if you want to do all the missions before the deadline you could at least look at their timer.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Yeah but he basically banned not to play game, he can still check his match histories etc. Sİnce he didn't used his RPs, Riot should let him his money back. Guys please realize that not everyone can earn money easy + everyone would have been in same stuation
If your income is low you probably also don’t have 5k RP (around 35 bucks) just lying around on your account unless you’re either irresponsible or don’t have to spend it on other things. In both cases it doesn’t matter wether somebody earns money easily or not. If you’re on the verge of a perma ban and purchase RP then it’s your own fault if you continue to disobey the rules and lose those RP. It’s not Riots fault that some people don’t follow the ToS and acting like an innocent victim when you’re clearly the one at fault here won’t help you either. Conclusion: If you can’t follow the rules don’t purchase RP.
GadK (EUW)
: NEXUS TOKENS - any options to use them?
I would love to be able to trade them for Snowdown tokens.
Rexyrr (EUW)
: No level 7 token with S rank
Keep in mind that you can only earn tokens on SR so I’m guessing you got your S on another game mode.
Joroz (EUW)
: It is possible that two ppl reported me cuz the guy who said that i should get cancer and die had a buddy
It doesn't matter how many reports you get, 1 report is the same as 9. League only counts the fact that you're reported, not the numbers.
Joroz (EUW)
: Getting penalized just for saying that you will report someone
https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/PzY1ArN3-we-dont-ban-people-for-asking-for-reports This is from Riot. There's no way you've only been punished because of a single report call.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Excellent question. You see, skins demonstrate skill. The more skins a champion has the more skill you can demonstrate with it. Ahri's skill ceiling is too low, and it would be nice if it was higher. The only way to increase that skill ceiling is by giving her more skins.
But...but...something doesn't add up! MF is the most braindead champion ever, if what you're saying is true she needs to get her skins revoked. What kind of sorcery is this?? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Rismosch (EUW)
: Good idea! 2 more skins for Ahri!
Objective question. Why do people hate on Ahri and Lux skins when both of them "only" have 8 which is far less than other champs such as MF, Annie and Alistar with 11 skins each. There are so many champs with 8+ skins so why not hate on those as well? I've wondered about that before and I honestly want to know the reasons why. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
GreyfellD (EUW)
: I don't play scummy, badly designed {{champion:64}} clones. I am a little classier then that.
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opappi (EUW)
: Pool Party Thresh
Yes please, 10/10 would buy and I don't even play Thresh.
Inishadow (EUW)
: it has begun
I always thought the god complex was a Bronze thing...
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