: The only way to lessen the lagg is to have nothing open but league. especially chrome.
I don't even use chrome due to the high ram usage. I tried only lol but it still affects it...
: I have the same issue (and also made a post about it). I've been told by other players that riot is working on a fix but I don't know if this is true (I hope it is) and when it will come out.
Dude I hope rito will come up with something quickly i cant play like this..
: 5 days and still no hotfix i dont believe anymore in that. {{sticker:darius-angry}}
What exactly is a hotfix?
LZ Jayce (EUNE)
: It's not your PC,i have the same issue too.I mean im playing on a laptop and my FPS is not too great,but since the last patch after like 20 mins of play fps drops so hard,and its freezing from a time to time.
Same dude... ffs rito
G2 Grócha (EUNE)
: Did you try reconnecting to game? It works for me and fps are again ok.
Nope.. still fps drops. ;/
Walook (EUW)
: there is a problem in this patch that is causing fps drops no matter the pc ur on.
Oh... I'm so glad to hear that lol. Thanks
Techzar (EUW)
: same problem , gtx 1080 and still lags like 40 fps in late game , its very sad from riot , i heard a guy wants to sue them for some reason , idk crazy
Oh wauw... now I'm sure it's not my pc lol. Crazy indeed..
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