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Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Jealousy doesn't lead to anything. You do not gain anything, you do not improve in any aspects, you are just getting frustrated over someone else. And no matter how you look at it, if you play with your cousin, it means you care about him, so why bear an ill feelings towards him?
Touché. I do not bear ill feelings towards him. I'm rarely jealous but when I am, it's about league lol.
Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: Well,try to be happy for him! After all,its a **chance** to obtain one fancy skin out of the chests. ~~lucky can be a real %%%%% some times~~
Agreed… what are the odds tho.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Shouldn't you just be happy that your cousin got a rare skins (Gun Goddess MF is one of my favorite two), and not jealous over virtual good?
I guess it can be said vice versa: Why would I happy for my cousin over virtual good? ;) This "virtual good" happens to be one of my favorite virtual goods and well worth over 200 euro's hehe.
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: Random FPS drops since last patch.
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: Smurfing?
Good point, I won 8 out of 10 placement matches. Got to B2, and riot decides to hook me up with diamond smurfs every single game. Back in the days, the system would decide in which tier you get placed AFTER the 10th placement game! Depending on your competitive history. That made A LOT more sense than this current shitty system those apes at Riot made up.
: Client Chat wont connect
Jup, and it won't allow us to duo queue... quick fix please rito.
: Yeah this guy explained it better i guess xD.
: Like i said hecarim is in E range so the damage will still go off. Vayne e doesn't cancel abilities that are mid cast.
Well why not mention that hecarim's E range extends when it charges lol. Like the other guy said… now it makes sense lol.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Because you can't cancel other champions' basic attacks ---- {{champion:429}} _Psst._ _Shut up, Kalista._ Hecarim's E is an AA modifier which increases his range. The moment he started the jumping animation, the attack was confirmed and all effects associated with the attack were applied as normal _(which in this case is also bonus damage and knock back)_. It fact, it's been working like that since... as far as I remember, which is 2012 when I started playing the game.
> Hecarim's E is an AA modifier which increases his range. Oh what? That makes sense now.
: Ahhh one of these players... Hecarim is in range to use E. He has targetted Vayne so his e will go off when he is in range. The vayne E doesn't stun until the target Hits a wall, hecarim is able to get in E range and deal the damage before vayne e hits him and knocks him into the wall. There is nothing wrong with these clips, the same thing would happen if it wasn't hecarim. For example if a master yi hit q in range after vayne Used E on him, the Yi Q would still work. If Talon q activated in range before Vayne used E. The damage from talon q will still be applied. A vayne 1 trick should know that vayne E doesn't stun instantly. And a vayne one trick should know the difference between 20 metres and a hecarim that is under 400 units away. Watch the clips again and open your eyes. As you can probably tell the 20 metres bullshit kinda got me a bit angry xD
"The vayne E doesn't stun until the target Hits a wall" Rewatch the video in 0.5 speed, you will see that hecarim gets stunned first THEN his E goes off.
: Looks ok to me. Vayne E doesn't disable other champs abilities so why would hecarim E not work as intended?
Well first off, hecarim is 20 meters away from me... why would his E still go off? Secondly, he's stunned… lol
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