parrecoo (EUW)
: Im looking for Silvers/Gold Players to join my team! hit me up.
top lane main here was gold last season and played semi pro for GAME under the bristol smugglers team. add me in game. IGN: C9 Yuno Gasai
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: [EUW] Team Recruitment! (Silver) TOP
im gold but can play alot of champs, love banter, pretty deccent at the game AND i have cookies. added both of you
: Mid Main LF Jungle for Duo (Gold +)
im a kled otp, but a top lane main, add em if you wana duo ign: kledgendary
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: 5v5 Flex team looking for mid or top
keld top main, can also play most mid laners. add me. got a mic, is and skype
: Looking for friends.
added you, keld top main and got mic, skype and team speak
Pejac (EUNE)
: lost promos without playing
Hello riot here, you see we understand how this is bad but fuck you and buy this skin.
Jèffrey (EUW)
: Smite and Ignite Looking For people
Ingame Name: C9 Yuno Gasai Rank: silver 1 Role: mid/jugnle, no prefence Main Champs: {{champion:25}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:115}} i can play more, i like control mages or utility junglers, i also play a mean fucking illaoi League Experience: nearly 4 years but i do have a lot of knowledge and over 1000 games in s6 atm ranked
: Here's the thing. The way to worded that, made it seem like you said you were plat, full quotes wouldn't have made that clearer. That said, that was a mistake on my part and I apologise. However, I feel as though I should point out that the guys that are Plat/at Plat level skill wise, are more than likely out of Bronze already.
The way to "word" that, i think you mean and look its clearly obvious that your comprehension of the English language is less then sup-par. May i recommend that you do research about both the topic you are trying to comment on and the way you "opinionize" other peoples posts clearly trying to claim some sort of intellectual superiority. Its not clever in any way, i have friends that were plat last season in bronze or just haven't done their placements yet and some that want to climb out of bronze later, i was bronze 4, 2 days ago. I am now bronze 1, that's 3 divisions in 2 days, primarily due to kog jungle and how I play it (which might i add is why you on this post in the first place) so you tell me wtf you are doing here trying insult what I've done on nothing but a pseudo intellectual base of knowledge.
: Custom? legal?
nahh custom skin are fine, rito even said as long as it doesnt impact the game your golden
: I said I've seen jungle Kog'Maw. I never said I had seen a build on a site for him. Also, volume of reports does not matter. Validity of the reports is the only thing that matters. EDIT: I also fogot to call you on this; > plats are in bronze atm Which would insinuate that you're Plat. I checked your info, and you've been Silver for the last two seasons.
i didnt insinuate anything you partitioning pseudo intellectual im saying, if you read the what i said properly, that there are a mixture of players in bronze atm from brozies TOO plat, read before you spread your opinions around and use full quotes.
: I've seen people go jungle Kog'Maw, and I'm not seeing how your build is all that different from how you'd build him usually. And that is not how the system works. You will not get banned or restricted without cause. The only way you would get punished is if you actually did do something that Riot considers punishable (which is likely, because people seem oblivious of the crap they say).
link me to these builds and if you consistently get reported you will get a ban be it a chat restriction or other
: Could have swore I've seen builds like this before... Also, you're kind of playing against Bronze players. Which brings us to the old adage "Everything works in Bronze". Also, that's not how the punishment system works.
ive searched for a build like this and i haven't, im not bronze, plats are in bronze atm. im up against bronzies to golds and yeah it does. people report for verbal cause it gets focused the most by riot.
: I have redefined kog'maw
ohh and for the love of god dont take this in ranked i got a 10 game chat restriction cause ive been spamming this, people theres a difference between off meta and troll pick
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: Diamond Ezreal montage
: new ranked tean looking for members
IGN: silver 4 life Age: 19 Role: mid/jug/top Rank: silver 4 Champion pool: tf, ahri, lb, morg, gnar, kayle gp, cho, ekko, vel, vei, ori, hemi, noc, sion TeamSpeak3?: yup Times I can play just got fired so 24/7 xD
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