: ahaha this guy you act the same way did you ever made it out of bronze? not flaming you just asking
Mocking someone for a low rank isn't flaming? Surprised you're not getting a 14 day suspension for this, absolutely disgraceful!
: That's a lot of typing and almost non of it is helpful information that helps win the game.
But it is replies, so yes, it does have substance.
Chrysies (EUW)
: He's right though, it's a game, not a chat forum.. The amount of entries is enough to drive anyone up the wall, but I do agree there should be an option in the client, to disable chat entirely.
Of course, and I understand it is intense, but at the end of the game, if I am engaging in convo with people, and they are talking about, what does it matter? The chat box is there to talk to one another, but im getting moaned at for over using a feature of the game?
: There is 74 lines in first gamechat There is 77 lines in second gamechat Thats rougly 2 lines per minute. 1 line in chat EVERY MINION WAVE Thats a lot mate, that isn't scattered at all, you are talking nonstop.
It is a lot of talking, but its back and fourth convo between me and four other players. I'm not talking into the wind, i'm getting responses, so of course the chat is going to be a lot longer compared to if I was just speaking to no one. If I am not speaking to someone, I am quiet during the game, so please don't think this is just me talking, it is me and four others.
: My observation of your chat log is that you are under the impression that you are the leader in the game, a personal coach and a performance review committee. The reality is that you are jack and shit to the people you are playing with. They don’t care about your advice, have No intention or obligation to follow your advice or give a squirt of piss about your opinion yet you feel entitled to give it to them endlessly non the less. Who the f@&$ do you think you are exactly? Ban justify!
I am no leader, I am just as valuable as anyone else in the game. League is 90% about communication to win games, but you can't do that anymore with a snowflake community. I never gave them my opinion, I gave them facts that other players in my game we're also agreeing with. It interests me how you've all browsed through the chat logs and not one of you have mentioned the abuse I was receiving on the other end of it all. But burn me at the stake, we'll keep everyone else scot free :)
: Talking back at people > Harassing people who are harassing you. Same thing.
Understandable, but why is it I am getting punished yet those accounts I have reported all still playing games on my friends accounts friendlist? What I said and did really warranted a PERMA BAN?
Shamose (EUW)
: Jesus stop talking for once.
This is scattered across 40 minute games? What are you talking about. All you've come here to do is make some immature comment, so you might as well of never made it...
: Yes. I would want someone who harass people this much to get banned indeed.
This isn't harassing chat, this is me typing back to people flaming me, like I said the system is flawed. I would love for someone to post the whole game chat with 5 champs in my games so you can see exactly what I am talking about. Of course it seems like a lot of talking when it's just my logs in the chat...
: This is worthy of a perma ban?
Please also notice the only words that are bleeped out are me describing what the other players called me, and nothing else on that list is extreme. Not once did I flame someone about anything personal, no hate speech, no racism, nothing of the sort, just common sense and sarcastic chat behaviour back at players who are flaming me... Sums up the community and the flawed system of getting rid of the real issue, not people like me who actually give constructive criticism and try and help my team. Instead the system reports stupid stuff like this and sees it deemable for a perma ban...
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