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: I mean dark harvest on YI? and building AA build? The build it self is not that bad, but you for sure should check out other runes for Yi.
i tried that build, it is not bad, but u still weak compared to other champions u know, thanks tho <3
: Your one trick champ isn't in meta so you complain. Improve your champion pool like everybody else and adapt to the meta.
my friend, i never said i dont play any other champs, it is just that i enjoy yi the most and he is really bad atm. i play the game to releive setress by playing what the champ i like but it is working the other way cuz of how yi is atm. but yea as i said i do play other champs and when i do i win a lot but i dont find it much fun u know.
: I'm sorry to say, if you can't play Yi. You're the problem. **YOU** need to adpt or "get out" I will always say this and i will always think its true. No matter what nerfs/changes a champion gets or in-game items/runes. If the player is skilled enough, these changes won't matter. So maybe you need to look at what you can do to make things work.
u say that cuz u prolly play some buffed champs haha, go try yi then come do the "wise and im sorry replay"
: isn't he getting buffed with trynda next patch?
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