Petsho (EUW)
: +1 Really bothered me, but I didn't create a topic about it for some reason.
perhaps its because right underneath the overview tab is an in-depth abilities page, why waste time coding the tool tips to pop up when there is a button that says abilities, if you are bothered by having to click something pc games may not be for you.
: well, what champions do you already have in toplane? What is your playstyle? Do you like passive or aggresive? Tank or Ap? splitpusher or teamfighter?
lets be fair if he doesnt own varus im imagining his champion options to be fairly small but to buy one of these champions surely it must be Ekko, You can play ap ekko top and mid and tanky cooldown ekko jungle. giving you 3 options to play your new purchase. varus is strong at the minute but lets be honest poking isnt as much fun as making the big plays and getting triple kills etc in one combo. ekko has reasonably strong teamfighting and is strong in a 1v1 vs most champions which allows splitpush pressure to be applied ( also {{item:3100}} being a core item allows for turret pressure. Varus's lack of mobility means you are probably better off picking him if mid if u get a strong peeling/ disenaging jungler or support lest you get run over by a tanky bruiser less susceptible to poke (i've had a ranked game recently where i first pick varus for mid jungler lock master yi and dives into everything without giving chance to poke first--- it ends horribly) . Heccarim and Gnar are both strong teamfighting champions so if u are learning or want to learn the more traditional top lane bruisers these are the way to go, but both are made stronger by map awareness and abilty to spot tp and flanking opportunities. I main Irelia top and occasionally jungle and would perhaps suggest learning the subtleties of her. very strong in most one vs ones easy splitpush and can have an incredible impact on a game. Easy to gap close and cc to set up jungler ganks good damage, excellent sustain and solid tank killing ability through true damage auto attack steroid. most champions can get 4 abilities to proc tri force Irelia can get 7 in full combo (Q+E+W+(Rx4) if spaced properly and auto after each. meaning she makes better use of one of the most powerful items in the game
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Kageryu (EUW)
: > i f you actually read the title of my post, my reason for my original post is the basis of the inabilty to face my accuser and defend myself, as any other tribunal would give you. Tribunal never gave you a chance to defend yourself.
Congrats for summarising my post, stating the obvious and adding absolutely nothing to the conversation. You, sir... are a visionary.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: You're still avoiding the question here. Yes, you made your points, and I have made counter-points, in which turn you just started insulting me.
I am not saying the fact that i have spent money on my league account should be a get out of jail free card. i f you actually read the title of my post, my reason for my original post is the basis of the inabilty to face my accuser and defend myself, as any other tribunal would give you. I'm not really sure at which point i insulted you. But if you feel insulted a maybe it is you who has the personality flaw and needs to not take words from a complete stranger so seriously?
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
And i'm not purposefully misreading anything, he asked where. I pointed it out. So do you not think it slightly **hypocritical **to swear **twice** in a post where you are **preaching** about my **behaviour** in text chats?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Alright, let's rephrase it: Should spending money on your account excuse you for cyber bullying? I remind you that you should keep it constructive here. The forum is open for anyone to come and share their points of views, so don't bash people that disagree with you. If you keep doing it, the thread will just get closed.
Lets be honest i started trying to make constructive points but both you guys have continued to bash on me without trying to consider anything other than the police state mentality of calling in the authorities to punish people because a person is either too weak or unable to either give as good as they get or ignore it and move on. At various points in this discussion you have both asked me to consider the affects of said flaming etc on other people and at no point have i tried to say it's not wrong. I try not to get involved in ragey based behaviour but sometimes i struggle and as far as i can see neither has tried to empathise or consider anything other than this is wrong blah blah blah. As we continue down another dark hole of disagreement and closed mindedness I would like to find out your opinions of what you would do if somebody was in a ranked game and at 1 min 30 typed i'm going to mute everyone so i can't see flame or get dragged into ragey conversations and get my account banned. would you consider this a reportable offense for lack of communication? or lack of teamwork perhaps? In all honesty.... What are the alternatives?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Why should they have to think about your financial consequences of getting your account banned? Should that forgive your behaviour? Just answer this: Should spending money on your account excuse you for verbally assaulting other people?
Apparently i've found the forum where all the kids who cry "report this guy for x" hang out. Who are all trying to justify calling in mummy to sort there beefs out. Technically what you are referring to is not verbal assault. as this requires a voice, the proper term would be cyber bullying. "whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward"
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Where have I stated that the impact of actions shouldn't be accounted? I stated that most accusations of intentional throwing games is not a case of a person **intentionally** throwing the game. Everyone has bad games, and you won't get punished for that. Further on, I explained that the new system that you're talking down about is also being designed to catch, and punish, people intentionally throwing games. How is that me stating that actions shouldn't be accounted for?
> [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=MmA8sdLA,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2015-05-31T09:45:29.196+0000) > > > People should not have to think about the economic consequences that may occur to a player that gets banned for his behaviour. This is clearly an action, that you are stating people shouldn't have to think about the consequence of. Either way it appears you are as unable to see any other point of view than your own, as i am to change my chat behaviour. We all have our flaws...
Hansiman (EUNE)
: If you're going to belittle people who don't agree with you, then you're not hoping for a "reasonable discussion". Be constructive if you wish to have a debate, but don't expect that everyone will agree with your view. People should not have to think about the economic consequences that may occur to a player that gets banned for his behaviour. The player that is violating the rules is the person whom should be considering the consequences of his behaviour. You're opening up for people to say that "I've spent 500 euros in the game, so I shouldn't be able to get banned if I'm toxic". It's just not right. False reports won't get a player banned, only valid reports do. If you're breaking the rules, you're up for a punishment. You can not verbally assault other people ingame.
Be honest if you read your own post it reads as condescending, as does your second.. I'm sorry for being impetulant. However you are asking me to consider the impact of my words and whilst stating the impact of actions shouldn't be accounted. I feel the impact of actions should be more important under any circumstance.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Verbal harassment is never ok ingame, and it doesn't matter what your personal culture about this kinda stuff is. You're playing with people from other cultures, so you need to consider that. Even if a statement is meant as a joke, you need to realize that the type of humour you're expressing heavily relies on two things: body language, and tone of voice. Neither of which is present in an online text based chat, and so your words won't actuall have any other meaning than being rude. What you're able to say in the real life, towards people you know, or share the same cultural background as you, is completely different to what you would be able to say to complete strangers. If you visit a country that does **not** have a cultural background where the banter you mention is ok; would you still go around doing it, even if you could see for yourself that it was offending people of that culture? Probably not, but that's what you're doing ingame. Words **can** hurt. Talking to team mates about events occuring in the game is perfectly fine, but you need to consider how you're wording yourself. As long as you're wording yourself within the rules, or the Summoner's Code, false reports against you won't ever risk you banned. The only time you should fear bans is if you yourself **know** that you're breaking the rules. There's a big difference between real and false reports. People who intentionally throw are also getting punished. Just like chat restrictions, people prone to throwing games will first get ranked restrictions, forcing them to play, and win, normal draft games before they're allowed to enter ranked again. So if they go and troll in normal draft games, they can essentially be permanently removed from the ranked environment. The new system you talk about is actually also designed to capture intentional feeders. However, the system is based on machine learning, and Lyte stated a few days ago on his Twitter that while it has succesfully caught its first case of intentional feeding, they weren't activating the bans for this yet to let the system learn more. The system actually learns about unwanted behaviour based on the reports people give. The current plans for activating bans for this behaviour is actually tomorrow, based on the tweets by Lyte. Toxic behaviour is also far more common than intentionally throwing games. I've been a part of the player behaviour community on the forums for many years, and I can honestly say that the majority of accusations I see against "trolls" is simply people having a bad game, or being completely outplayed in their respective lanes. Being unskilled in a match will never break the rules, but I see time and time again people saying that unskilled players should be permabanned. You spending money on the game does not mean Riot should be more loyal to you, and not permaban you. Riot is very keen on treating every player the same way. If you're toxic, it doesn't matter how much money you spend, because the behaviour is not wanted in the game. If you're banned, you will be provided with a reform card in your mail that provides an example of the ingame behaviour you were punished for. If the behaviour is truly not a violation of the rules, and the ban is a mistake, then support will revert the ban if you point it out to them. Lyte has stated that the system currently has a 1 / 6000 error rate, so just like any justice system, it's not perfect, but far from unfair.
O.K. clearly you know more about everything ever than me, and i am a simpleton with a distorted view of the world. I was hoping for a little reasonable discussion but to be lectured is not going to happen. All I am asking is it not too much to ask to get to the end of a game and move on without people seeking vengeful retribution for chat in a game. I am aware that different cultures see different behaviour as acceptable, I am also aware of the mechanics of the new reform system Please at least think about this, the consequences of hitting that report button at the end of a game now have a real cash money value to most players in this game. Yet it will still be used as frivolously and without serious consideration as it always has.
Kageryu (EUW)
: > I come from a background and area where people speak there minds, aren't afraid of confrontation and even swear a little whether jokingly or otherwise. To me banter is an integral part of multiplayer gaming and always has been, both giving it and receiving it. Yet the recent chat ban ranked restrictions and suspensions, make any banter virtually impossible as most players i play against seem unable to speak for themselves and cry report as a defense mechanism. Well.... you project your upbringing on complete strangers who grew up in completely different circumstances and most of the times countries. Maybe they see things different with your banter.
So what you are saying is that i should be subjected to there culture of crying mummy help me to the tribunal, but the other way around I'm a bad guy? Interesting perspective
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Riquelme375 (EUNE)
: Im in sort of a similar situation, (but not really at all) i have 2 rune pages, an ad one and an ap one. Both have armor yellows and scaling mr blues. Ap has mpen reds and ap quints, and AD has ad reds and ad quints. I've been thinking about replacing my ap page's blues with ap instead of mr, and after a quick calculation, it would take 4000 ip. So i dont think runes are fair.
if you replace MR blues with ap a lot of current pro midlaners replace armor yellows with scaling hp soy you would still have some survivability. Also saves n those cringy moments when facing a Talon with 16 MR and crying for the wasted stats. Also if runes were made free, how fair would it be on the guys who have grinded it out in the past to get every rune required to have a decent set up for all possibilities. I have been playing for nearly four years and am shocked that players are complaining about the rune system
Riquelme375 (EUNE)
: Some people can only have around 1 game a day, not everyone has the time to play 5. 1 game a day is, maybe, 150 ip a day? That would mean it takes 42 days to farm up for a 6300 champ. Runes cost more than 3 times that, so a few months. You should be allowed to be on the same starting level as others (- having access to runes) while still being able to have fun (-having access to champs).
I have a solution, if you can only play one game per day, you should probably only own one champion, as it would take you 6 months+ to learn the intricacies of a champions skill kit and item build path decisions. Thus you would need only one rune page. I am in the middle of levelling my second account to 30 whilst only playing free to play champions and am having just as much fun as anybody else,
: why trying to solve this problem? riot won't gain money for that wtf , illogic . go make skin for $
Having looked at your profile i u seem to not been around long enough to remember 15 20 minutes queue times, sometimes and your match history is appalling and someone from riot should probably be looking into your behaviour . My question would be if you think so little of your teammates and riot and the game in general why would you continue to play the game?


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