: This might be a bug, but was you feared by shaco or something??
nope, there are no boxes or anything there, even if it was i think my champ should flash on cursor direction, rather then flashing where I was standing
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: FPS Drops + Game Freezes
True. Since patch 9.21 my game is acting weirdly as well. My framerate drops to 0 and goes up back again after 1 second and this happens few times a game. Also last night my game was dropping to like 40 - 50 (and game was stuttering as well so it was really unplayable) which never happened before and also froze once, so I had to restart the game... I thought it might have been my PC, so I upgraded from HDD to SSD and reinstalled game ofc like week ago, but game is still freezing randomly . I am 100% sure something is wrong with game!!!
: lets say every minute those 10 players are found that would mean after 1 hour 54 games are found .. it should have been 60 though .. this is not a misscalculation .. the other games couldnt start because there are ppl waiting to get mid .. 60 ppl to be precise .. the 60th person would need to wait 30 minutes to find a game .. and funny enough when said 60th person finds a game there will be 90 players waiting ..
Maybe you don't get what I'm trying to say here. It is completely okay to get autofilled when Qs go beyond 2 - 3 mins, but why do I get my secondary role or autofill if Q time was like 45 sec - 1 min.
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