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: > when did happen ? in dreams ? Happened years ago, riot has also tested programs for people to regain permabanned accounts and those overwhelmingly failed aswell > and besides I already said instead of perma banning at once disabling their chat before the option of perma bann As stated, doens't work, its been tested > if they troll hard and int perma bann them then So your solution to toxicity is to let them ruin MORE games before you ban them? yeah thats some pretty bad logic > but don't put trollers and inters in same place as people who wanna hard win And at which point is riot able to predict the future, also, thats called prisoners island and has already been suggested and that doesn't work either > that's why their must be a perma chat restrict option before perma bann Again, its been tested, it didn't work, and there is no point letting someone ruin 5 games when you can just ban them after they ruin 3
so what you are saying is its fair to perma bann someone who did 3 years effort just cause of 3-5 games ? that sounds pretty nice logic (x me all the people I see they don't ruin the game ...the others ruin theirs then they flame the ones who ruined the game then they get the bann my point is not everyone deserves perma bann ...they should look closer on chating and the way the games gone then decide to perma bann him ye open the option of looking closer to perma banned accounts and might give second chances too
Hansiman (EUW)
: > isn't it much fait to just perma chat restrict instead of removing the whole player from the game ? If that actually solved anything, sure. Riot did test out a permanent chat restriction, but it wasn't a success. When players that were punished with this got upset, they simply found other ways to ruin the game for others, such as intentionally feeding. The only thing that happened was that they were allowed to ruin more games before getting the permaban they should've gotten in the first place.
when did happen ? in dreams ? and besides I already said instead of perma banning at once disabling their chat before the option of perma bann ..and I already said 95% people who gets banned are just boiling to win they wont int their games out...and I already said people for only chat perma bann chat ..if they troll hard and int perma bann them then ..but don't put trollers and inters in same place as people who wanna hard win the end 90% of flaming situations are flaming trollers and inters ...I swear to god I got perma banned for flaming them ...I was on a hard winning streak to plat then suddenly lost 4 games in row ...after these 4 games ( which I didn't flame a single word cause all has bad games ) 3 games in row after those 4 I get 3 trollers and inters ...3 trollers 3 loses ...just 3 scums who came ruined my shiity life and got out is that fair ? that's why their must be a perma chat restrict option before perma bann ...then afterwards if he trolls then perma bann him ...that would even filter the toxics more and more btw
Shamose (EUW)
: > I mean u can make the system in which PEOPLE who talks in chat gets perma chat restrict INSTEAD OF perma bann his account am I right ? If I had a dollar for everytime someone suggested this after the failed tests I'd be rich.
if I had half a dollar for every client that didn't get help from riot ( not even a single little help ) I could be a millioner at the moment (x
: perma chat restrics where a thing in the past, as a result the people who got perma chat restricted just started inting to vent their frustration intead of flaming the current system apparently has a 96% reform rate or sum so it's already good enough, you can't change everyone The people who get perma banned are those that you can't change Regardless riot did try giving second chances to people who got perma'd, and the vast majority of them just got banned again And less than 0.1% players get permabanned, you can't really concider such a small part to be riot's playerbase, even in fact, it's people that riot don't even want as clients
" did try giving second chances " when was that ? who was that ? no one got a second chance ...literally in my surrondings only 14 person got perma banned and they never fot a second chance ...none gets a second chance that's why I started this conversation ...if you can make the system better while the game still nice ...if you can make all happy no in the pursuit of others ...then why not doing that ? you mean are putting people who was their blood boiling to win and just chating in the same place with scums who come troll hard and just doesn't care about winning they just care about tilting you and making you hardly mad in same place ? you are saying that people who gets hacked doesn't deserve a second chance ? in the end it wasn't their fault they got hacked they did put passwords but riot has no supporting codes or sections in this type of things ...I mean cmon a game which is probably played by more than 600 million people ...the security options are just email and password ? OH WOW my little brother can hack that in 3 hours ffs friend who has his password like 25 digits got hacked ! so you are saying perma banning him he deserves it ? you are just being inhuman ...more likely a robot ...and stop saying the can int so to fill their frustration I already said people who just wanna win but they chat disable them from chat ..people who troll hard and intentionally feeds those are the ones who deserve banns the end they are the ones who starts the thing out
: Permanant bans are well, permanent. There are no second chances for us normal players. T1 only got unbanned because he could bring in lots of money for Riot. Also, a player who has a permanent chat restriction will still be toxic, chat restrictions don't silence players they just limit their speach. And toxic people will find alternative methods of being toxic. Why would they gift toxic people anything? They deserve the punishment. You break the rules, you get punished.
first of all buddy ...they can disable his whole chat section so he cant say a single word ...second I already said if he is so boiling to win and he just flames in chat then why just disabling him from the chat section so he can talk or flame no more ..and you say he can be toxic in other ways ? by pings ? oh cmon are you serious even today if you ping the shit out of all 24/7 u don't get any single punishment ...and to " gift toxic people " its not a gift its how things should go ...the system is just so bad and unfair efforts you put in 2 or 3 years just goes to the wind cause of 5 or 6 games ? and only for chatting ? I already said the system can be improved...people who carries and wanna win hard and they just toxic in chat disable their chat ...if they troll 24/7 and make others lose a perma bann ...if an account got hacked and the original owner has nothing to do reset the account put it underwatch and send the original owner a new password from the company or a code for his account so he doesn't lose all his efforts cause of a scum who decided to hack him.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Yeah i think i was reading the title from a different thread when i replied, but either way, deserved ban was deserved and him doing a quick forum search would have revealed that permanent chat restrictions never worked when they were tested
first of all ty bronnie ...second as bronnie said I didn't say I did nothing wrong ...but is it really fair ? to lose an efforts you have put in the account for 2 years ...not to mention money u spend just cause of chat ? isn't it much fait to just perma chat restrict instead of removing the whole player from the game ? if he is just toxic and flaming in chat then u can just chat restrict him then all goes happy ever after isn't it ?
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