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: when kaisa was 0/6 and his was 1/5 , i was 0/1/1... then top was 0/7 in 5 min!!!!! How can i be tank with feed enemy team?and do not dead with that feed items!!!!? i can not go afk too for they was getting feeded!!! i must play and try to help yasou! but afk blitz in base ( his reason :noob adc and top), toper totally trolling ! no farm ,no help, no ss and .... so can you tell me with 10/1 sivir what can i do when i was 0/1/1? i must be alive? or be afk?
the game was 18 minuts if you were 0/1 after 5 minuts means you died 6 times in 13 minuts... that means you died every 2 minuts. You could just farm right when the game is over anyways? you would atleast kept your kda normal and farm decent so your mmr would not go down and that results in even lower elo team mates.
Yehshua (EUW)
: High Elo players matched with non ranked players in normal draft games. Not fair.
Normal matchmaking is based on you'r mmr so if you are on a winning streak, you probably and up with higher elo players. Any new player who is learning the game will end up in game's with people who are learning the game to. I have some friend's who just started playing and trust me they aren't getting matched even with silver players. If you are unranked it doesn't mean you are bad it means you are probably getting you'r smurf to lvl 30 and based on your performance you will end up in higher elo game's.
: Unbalanced team in duo/solo rank for eune server(at least)
I know it's frustrading to play with those people but i have to admit you are 0/7/4 that doesn't mean you are inting but the 2/9 kai'sa does? if i would see that I would have thought you were just softly inting to. Riot did punish them so maybe he doens't care if his account is getting baned eventually. You can see riot is doing his best to punish those people
: 9 lp? What the hell?
we had no issues in game and still 10 lp.......... unfair af
: Lp
ranked issue my whole team got +10 normally i got like 22-23lp
Bak3r (EUW)
: NO LP's after game
same here.... + 10 lp
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