JustClone (EUNE)
: Okay. General notes: You are playing too many different champions, and too many different roles. You need to focus on a single role. And on that role, you need to focus on a single champion. And that champion, needs to be your best one. More specific notes: For example, your Cait performance at ADC role is nearly TWICE as good as your Ezreal performance. And you have 4 times more games with Ezreal than with Cait. If adc is what you pick, you should go for her. You have picked ahri 6 times lately, without any previous ranked experience with her. This results in 0% win rate. You should avoid selecting champions, that you never play, at all cost. It brings huge negative impact. Maybe you have to go for your malzahar instead. Both your Xin and Yi are with nice overall stats. This may be sign, that you will turn into decent jungle player. The role is not heavily contested, you will be able to get it quite often. Also your support Janna is more than fine. In the cases you get autofilled, you have still a lot to offer to your team.
What a fraud, the champions I pick have nothing to do with my loses. Most of these games where I lost were so because my team literally fed and couldn't follow and understand basic pings. Not only that but I get like 16-17lp now so you can imagine how much it now takes me to even climb a division. I always lead them and do most of my jungler's work but its never enough.
JustClone (EUNE)
: So you cannot influence the game? A silver 2 ranked game? And for this smurfs and afks are the reason?
Ok, I admit that I'm bad, please tell me how to improve. I'm always trying to help my jungler, ping for any chance of a dragon/baron and pinnkward it, don't aram but splitpush when we can't win, try to spread the resources, win my lane and roam. Lets see what a level 14 player has to say, I'm sure there is something I'm missing.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Your full post is randomly accusing the design of the system, implying that personal skills have little to nothing at all to do with ranking. I ask you again, do you think, that people who are higher rank than you, are higher just because they got lucky? Does it cross your mind, that the system is perfectly fine. That it represents your skill entirely accurate. And the only reason that you cannot climb, is that you reached the limit of your own abilities, and to progress you need to become better yourself? Don't tell me. I know the answer... It is much easier to blame riot, than accepting your own limitations, isn't it? But what makes me wonder... why don't you accept that you are bad at this, and just ask for advise?
You're just asking for it, don't you? How is a 5v5 game that can easily turn into 1v9 supposed to show your skills? You're clearly mentally ill if you think that losing because you play against smurfs while your team feeds or is afk means its your fault. By saying that you can 1v9 means that other players too can influence the game to the point where the 1v9 is nullified. You're clearly dishonest because you can't sleep at night knowing that you bought rp or in general just got lucky and now you're trying to rationalize it. We will never know though, you use a level 14 account.
JustClone (EUNE)
: So I am a coward, because my account is Level 14, smug about being stupid, and I cannot comprehend what I read. At the same time, you know how to climb, but you do not do it, because it takes too long. Am I getting your statements right? And are my questions... Do you think that more than 250 games, with 49% win rate are not enough to get higher rank than silver 2? Do you think that playing 250 more games, without starting to actually win those games, will make you get higher rank?
Yep, you're clearly a passive aggressive baby who is afraid of showing who you're. I had 60%+ at some point till I got people who clearly have never played the game, afks with such that you couldn't even remake the game. Must be coincidence and my fault that I couldn't 1v9, its not a 5v5 game but a 1v9 and if you can't 1v9 you're clearly not good enough. Also you're just nitpicking and didn't bother reading my post fully. Also you seem to have hard time remembering stuff if you need to repost it all the time.
: its decently designed, its just the community that abuses it
Its not. League is just relaying on its popularity which only goes down but they somehow can't understand why. All the big game companies are like that, they have forgotten what made them successful.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Well, son... Why don't you ask for advise how to get out of silver, instead of flaming riot ranking system? I mean, if the system works for me, and doesn't work for you, does this mean that the system is random, or there is a difference between me and you? Ask yourself this... Why so many people rise in rank, and do not complain, while others do not rise ever?
Considering it comes from a level 14 account it doesn't say much for you other being a coward. Secondly, I know how to climb. Its that it takes long and most people will never improve because the divisions mean absolutely nothing. You clearly don't have the ability to comprehend what you're reading as well so it culminates into making a post that would come only from someone that is so out of touch and smug about being stupid. Though people like you learn it the hard way, sadly nobody cares when you don't have power.
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Cypherous (EUW)
: I mean sure, if you want a guaranteed loss because the bots in this game are pretty bad
I played a bot game and can with an absolutely sincere intention tell you that they are superior to more than 80% of my teammates.
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ijwerneer (EUW)
: What is the point of ranked games?
Interesting how people dislike the post without trying to even prove me wrong. I guess they enjoy their suffering.
: Going to ranked after playing normals does actually make you realize how different they really are. The level of play is much higher on ranked, it's less toxic and people try to win more and play proper strategies instead of constant volibear supports and ad bards. It might not feel different in low elo, but there is definitely a difference for a high elo player.
Damn, it really makes you think... Huh?
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