Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, Unfortunately there was little I could do from home during my weekend, but I'm back in the office and taking a look. Can you confirm approx. when the ~20ms ping increase happened?
Hes not the only bulgarian getting this, its alot of us and probably people from other countries, or so but its not just him so it might be a thign about alot of people have just not alot care about since its still just 20ping but it can be noticable on high level of play, if not fixing it an explenation to why it could be happening would be appreciated,
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Maxolini (EUW)
: Increased ping from Bulgaria with 20 ms :(
From 45 in euw to 66 and from 36 to 60 in eune, about the same 20 ping increase here aswell, from Sofia, Bulgaria aswell.
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: [Patch 7.6] Ashe stops attacking on activating Q
Vayne has the same issue, i can confirm apon using Q you need to rightclick in order for her to auto attack again, it didnt use to be like that and its really annoying #MAKEVAYNEGREATAGAIN


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