Buttcramp (EUNE)
: So, what can ADCs do against tanks now?
are you fucking kidding me ?I remember when I was full tank darius and a cait melted me in seconds
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: Who is stronger as a champion ? darius or volibear ?
play darius if you like to be kited all game and become completely useless
: Because it's pretty much a decently potent team wide buff... it's string and uncounterable so it's on a long cooldown to compensate.
potent ? you serious it gives allys half of the percentage lmaoooooo
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mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: Lets sit a little to talk about Juggernauts
are we really complaining about darius? the champion that can be kited all day, has no cc, no gap closer, relies on team comp to do well....
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KillerADN32 (EUNE)
: Darius
would be nice..
Shadòw (EUW)
: because cho is retarded and broken af
maybe full ap cho lol
Anraton (EUW)
: i've never seen a cho getting a penta with ult kills ... darius can do ...
nor have I seen darius get a penta with ult kills post nerf
Anraton (EUW)
: maybe because cho has a fix 80 sec cd while darius can reuse it if he executes someone with his ult? and he has an easy way to maintain 5 stacks if he once stacked them up And dount forget the 150% bonus ad scaling from darius on max stacks vs a fix ap scaling of 70%
but chos base damage of his ult is same as darius with 5 stacks lol
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kauketsu (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=inbloom12,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=uNzjIp5a,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-03-13T12:19:15.442+0000) > > people need to learn how to build hourglass and qqs straight up hard counters him YEA FIRST ITEM ADC --> qss --> get rekt by everyone else and deal 0 dmg, nice logic
did I say it should be your fucking first item?!?!?!?!
M4ndrake (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=inbloom12,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=uNzjIp5a,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-03-13T12:19:15.442+0000) > > people need to learn how to build hourglass and qqs straight up hard counters him level 6-10 im having Zhonyas or QSS
its called play safe and farm until you can afford items....
The TabIe (EUW)
: Zed is op
people need to learn how to build hourglass and qqs straight up hard counters him
Xevestos (EUW)
: How is darius op? He's been under 50% winrate at all times after his nerfs.
Xêm (EUW)
: Are you serious
darius isn't great he has zero mobility no gap closer only his e which has a high cooldown early his q is really clunky and damage isn't that great early either. my main problem with darius right now is his ult has too much of a big ramp up time getting 5 stacks isn't easy as you would think his AS is really low you get kited to death any one with an esacpe mechanic or dash hard counter him so bad. ive been melted as darius before ive even had 3 stacks on people he really needs a tank steroid if hes going to be an immobile juggernaught front line tank champ lol
Xêm (EUW)
: He gets amazingly high movements speed just by getting off his passive, he has a 24% missing health AoE heal, he has a true damage passive, true damage ult, 2x 90% slows, a pull and an auto-attack reset. He pokes you to heck and his mana costs are very low. And he has resets on that true damage ult. Oh and his passive gives him extra AD, and he applies 5 stacks with 1 ability/auto once his passive has activated
just by this comment I can tell you haven't played darius in a while.
: things riot nerfs
why would you mention darius ? he's garbage right now
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NamelessD (EUNE)
: Zed? Skillful? Diana requires much more skill. Don't know where Zed requires skill? Only thing that requires skill at Zed is hitting Qs. W-E for slow requires skill? No. W-W for escape/chase requires skill? No. Pressing R requires skill? No, it is a point-a-target ability. Diana misses Q in lane? Oh, shit 1/4 of my mana bar gone for nothing. Zed misses Q in lane? Oh, shit I need to wait 5 seconds before I can throw another Q and another and another ... Only thing that separates bad Zeds from good Zeds is that good Zeds know how to use their abilities and spare energy in order to maximize mobility and damage, nothing else. There are a lot of champions that require much more skill than Zed. Before you say anything, I main Zed.
what aload of shit zed is far more mechanically intense than Diana
Ebola san (EUNE)
: New Zed nerfs on PBE
its sad.. zed is one of the more skillfull assassins yet hes getting nerfed but champs like Diana aren't getting touched so dumb
: Riot might prefer NA over EUW, but..
I love seeing regressive lefties get mad over trump :)
: so... um... Illaoi
the only usefull juggernaught is garen the rest are fucking useless
renekton is far better than darius atm, darius needs to much ramp up time
Mister Yi (EUW)
: Getting kited too much as Darius
they should remove the charge time for his q so when he does actually get close to some on he can get damage off...
Xevestos (EUW)
: I've been trying an utility build since he came out I can work pretty good with it, if you're interested ask here or add me ingame. (: (Darius is my main))
thanks but its ok I don't see the point darius is trash tier
: {{item:3009}} {{item:3742}}
not good enough unfortunately
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: Darius is balanced
how dare they make top lane bruisers like darius and garen vible!!!! NERF NERF he is not op he has no mobility or tank steroid just learn to kite...


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