: [Champion Concept] Rubilac, the Hextech-Sorcerer
UPDATE: I reworked the W. Reworked the Passive. Also, I see that most of you don't like his passive, but I personally find it helpful in most situations. There will be 1 second left after getting attacked by a champion, or a MONSTER to act and somehow prevent the damage. I forgot to add the monster, allthough I planned him to be a jungle.
: This seems as a really tanky ad champion.I have got to say that he is kind of interesting,though I dislike his W and passive.Reading his name "The Hextech-Sorcerer" made me think that he was going to be an ap champion.
Thanks. Yes, the W doesn't seem like it is very useful, so I think I will rework it. And the thing is, that he is only able to manifest his mana with his gunblade, not with his hands, oder a staff or something. He IS a sorcerer, just not directly a mage :D
: I like the character design, even if I think that there isn't really space for another time manipulator. We already got the time machine user with Ekko and the time mage with Zilean. Your concept seems to want to include both identities and I don't know if that is something that should happen. But the gunblade as a weapon is an interesting idea, I would keep it without time manipulating background.... About the kit: There are some parts which confuse me. For example the passive in combination with the W as an active. You say that he delays "normal attacks". What do you mean there, auto attacks? If so, I don't really see the benefit of this to be able to negate 1 AA of the enemy. Usually it is a fixed damage, the only way to use the W in big style is against crit champions. So: seeing the crit animation and prevent the damage of it by using W. But that just works if the enemy has pretty low crit chance. Otherwise it is not really worth it. The passive effect of the E could be a balancing problem. I could imagine that this would lead to extremely strong early game power, giving him a too strong early all in. Not sure about that though. The ult seems interesting and I would keep it. Where did you expect this champion to be played? Mid? Top? Jungle? I don't expect him to be played as bot lane ADC. About the lore: If he is able to manipulate time.... why didn't he save his "mother" from being killed? I don't really understand that point. For example, Ekko's friend died but that is because Ekko's ability to turn back time has clear rules. Your character doesn't give us any information about his time powers. Tbh, you should scrap that any just stick with the idea of manifesting mana. That is enough as an identity and doesn't collide with the other 2 time champs.
So, hey! First: The passive delays the incoming damage of auto attacks from enemy champions, after the hit-animation ist over. The W is supposed to neutralize the damage once, allthough I think I should rework on that one. His E needs more than 50% of his Mana to heal him and sacrifices it. Having full Mana in early game in the mid lane or top lane is kind of difficult. Maybe it could be a little bit overpowered as ADC, but I planned him to be a jungler. His ult is there to gank, his passive grants him at least a little bit of sustain, if he attacks fast enough and his E can heal him, if he's in trouble. The heal isn't that strong either. In the lore, his mother tells him, that nothing what happens is an accident until there. But that's not the point. Even if Rubilac would've decided to turn back in time, he wouldn't be able to do it. His time-magic is limited to his gunblade and the strongest time manipulation he is able to do, is the Disruption of himself, to delay the damage. He never really learned to use time-magic in order to manipulate time & space, but to manipulate time itself, like you can see on his Ult. Also his Q isn't really a charge or focus, but he turns back a second after a second of charging, to recharge. That's not really something you can notice on the first view, but I thought about the animation making it look like he resets every second while charging.
: I don't like your hero, way too easy for 10 difficulty. You are also missing stats, such as health, regen, armor, damage etc. I won't down vote, but I recommend you fix these.
Thanks, I fixed it. I didn't work on the Stats, I forgot it. They were from a previous Champion, I used it as a template xD
: Cool idea bud. Someone give this guy some upvotes!
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IndigoFenix (EUNE)
: Okay, the first was kind of funny, but if you keep going the way you're going... Ahem. You know, you might get a better response if you use these for brainstorming and then creating an "original" character. LoL has plenty of expies.
Nah. I'm just having a good time... :D It's better if someone who knows what he/she is doing takes this as inspiration. Because I don't :D
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PepijndM (EUW)
: Duh-duh-di-duh-duh-do duh-do-di-duh-duh-do I got the song stuck in my head, thanks xD
: The ult should be a Passive ability, and the Passive should be : _Getting pissed off fast_ Whenever an enemy dodges an atack, she gains 5% cdr and 20 % Atackspeed (she destroys the CDR cap too) This is the real passive according to my last Undertale run :X
Nah, this is the Genocide Version. Just like my Frisk. But, I know how ya feel. I really, know. xD
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: Now Sans Passive : Dodgemaster you dodge everything, but after dodging 100 things, you need a break for 5 seconds, else champions and minions can hit you Base health : 1hp Q : Gaster Blaster : sets up a Gaster Blaster that atacks the enemy and does 1% Max True Health dgm every every 0.01 seconds W : Bone Prison : Sets up a Prison which makes Champions unable to escape from for 5 seconds, people wo attempt to escape loose 1% of their Max health every 0,1 seconds E : Do you even try ? : You can teleport on a random part on the map R : Judgement : Every single champion gets balanced to the champion with the lowest level
I think that would be kind of balanced in todays league xD
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