: I just realize how addicted i am to League..
Riot please revert patch changes and for once put the players first before your f***ing money.
: Buy a QSS Job Done
K3l3vra7 (EUW)
Had an afk sivir who kept reconnecting and disconnecting so we couldn't remake, I think this problem needs fixing. Also if someone says to you at the start to not remake and they will come back in a minute because they need to fix something. Someone will give a kill to the enemy team and it's a instant remake. I reconnected back in a minute and lost the lp not because I went afk or anything just because my team decided to give the enemy one kill..
LordAlaa (EUNE)
: Champion Reveal: Zeft - The LAG Master
I have never lolled so hard, RITO PLZ MAKE THIS CHAMP!!
DuckyJJ (EUNE)
: How to get out of silver
same I am also stuck in silver 2 atm, been demoted to bronze 5 then climbed all the way back up again. I can only tell you that if you have a winrate over 50% then you will eventually grind out of silver no matter how bad you are because of the free promo wins. And I also have had really bad experiences from people going afk after 5th minute on purpose because they didn't get their role and so noone could remake, I recently played with a lee sin who said he won't gank anywhere till level 10 because he needs his ult to get a "powerspike" and he wasn't new to the game he was 100% trolling, and also had a game where 2 people went afk on my team because " they got countered", the person picked riven after malphite , meanwhile kata was flaming me for 20 minutes for ks'ing idk why people play ranked if they want to ff at 15 mins if they are having a bad game, sometimes it's okay to get carried, you don't have to get a brilliant score every single game..


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