: The best-before-date draws near. Only a matter of time now.
"I didn't get my way, therefore League of Legends is dying!"
: Some SPICY Silver MMR Matchmaking
PS: The Ashe was most definitely NOT a smurf.
Goperod (EUW)
: Normal games have there own mmr.
Unless the Caitlyn has literally never played a normal game in her life, wouldn't even her normal MMR be significantly higher than that of a bunch of Silvers and a level 7 Ashe?
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tortsY (EUNE)
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Pamcakes (EUW)
: {{champion:131}} - advent of the moon {{champion:89}} - advent of the sun "Weapon" - {{item:2032}} Ultimate - {{champion:245}} - safety secured during the day and during the night ✓ - supplies to stay alive ✓ - in case anything goes wrong, fix the problem ✓ ................ via time travel - sexy time ✓ Chance of survival: 100% Reward for survival: http://img08.deviantart.net/b773/i/2015/270/0/f/pool_party_sona_by_instantip-d9b324k.jpg
I'd hate to break it to you, but with Diana and Leona, you're not gonna be involved in the "sexy time".
Bubbarain (EUW)
: " its always team fault i always carry "
energyDZN (EUW)
: Take a one wild guess😉
energyDZN (EUW)
: R.I.P this account
I honestly don't understand why you think spending money makes you above the rules.
Lovepet (EUW)
: Im a product of rito (riot games)
Maybe from my perspective as a psychologist I'm a little bit biased, but the only thing I "see" in your thread is something we in the field call Cognitive Dissonance. In your case, you frantically searching for different explanations that have nothing to do with the reality at hand, each more ridiculous than the last, solely because you outright refuse to accept the actual explanation because it doesn't fit in with your narrative. You are not a "product of Riot", whatever that may mean. Riot don't know you even exist. You are just telling yourself stories so you don't have to accept the reality that your 14 day ban, which you mentioned in another thread, is a product entirely of your own actions. Your problem isn't a ban. It's a very fragile psyche, which I strongly recommend you get checked out before it starts affecting your real life and not just your gaming life.
: Hey guys! I was initially planning on picking these manually but we had so many good entries, I just threw them all into a random generator and picked them out of a hat, so to speak :-D Our winners are: IPirateMyGames (EUW) - Camille Warchief2213 (EUNE) - Nami Astrawde (EUNE) - Hecarim OP Champions (EUW) - Quinn I went with four to get two from EUW and two from EUNE instead - these were actually all generated in order so no rerolls or disqualifications - yay! :-) Friends requests have been sent ingame - add me and I'll get the gifts sent tomorrow after 24 hours ^_^ Congratulations to the winners, and thanks everyone for the entries! :-D
Woo, I won! Now there are a bunch of words I don't normally say when it comes to League of Legends... FeelsBadMan. Thanks a lot, not just for the champion, but for taking the time to give something back to the community during the holidays on your own initiative. It's a real nice gesture and I really do appreciate it. Hope you have an awesome 2017!
: "New Year New Me" Giveaway! [Entries Closed]
>Current 'Main' or favourite champion? {{champion:133}} Top. >Why is this champion your main/favourite? I'm a low elo player and she fits my style of playing solo queue. 90% of Bronze, Silver and low Gold is just people complaining about how they won lane, but their "feeder teammates" lost their lanes and they couldn't carry them in lategame teamfights because they're too far behind. With Quinn you don't have that excuse. You won your lane? Good job, now go win everyone else's. Every lane is your lane after 6. >What champion do you want to win/try out? {{champion:164}} >Why do you want to win/try out this champion? Because you guys over at Riot cannot design a balanced champion to save your lives. Camille is just downright broken and I want to farm my freelo with her. Hey, at least I'm honest! Also I'm a disgusting weaboo and I love Attack on Titan.
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: Client Update
About a week or two after NA gets it, as usual.
Rioter Comments
: Stealing roles in ranked.
Literally 10 minutes ago, a summoner in a game of mine was assigned jungle, yet went top (you can see it in my match history, I was playing Thresh, I won't give out any summoner names to avoid breaking the rules). The person who was assigned top raged and ran it down mid, intentionally feeding. 5 minutes ago, I got one of these messages. http://puu.sh/rqK8b/82c16ceedc.png And 2 minutes after that, I got ANOTHER one of these messages. http://puu.sh/rqK8b/82c16ceedc.png Both summoners in question (the one that stole the role and the one that intentionally fed) have been banned. Pro tip: you can check if someone has been banned by going into their account and checking their honors. If they have 0 honors on their account, it means they've been given a 14 day or permanent ban. So yes, not only is this punishable, it often results in an automatic 14 day ban. Hope this helps! :)
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yup2591 (EUW)
: that in fact might be correct even though Riot never talks about numbers when it comes to the amount of false punishments, but it creates an atmosphere of permanent possible punishment which I believe has an influence on all your game experience.
> [{quoted}](name=yup2591,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=JEpVcKrG,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2016-01-31T13:46:55.705+0000) > >false punishments No such thing. Give me one member of the League of Legends community. One out of the 73 million that play this game who's been banned for nothing ever since Instant Feedback was introduced and can prove it by giving us access to their e-mail address and I will buy you every single ultimate skin in existence. You want to know why I say this with such confidence? Because it's never happened. There's no such thing as "false punishments" or "accidental bans". The system doesn't punish you if you haven't broken the rules. Simple as. Even if every game, every single game you ever play, you get reported by everyone in the game - nothing will happen to you as long as you've done nothing wrong. There's no difference between 1 report and 9, all that reports do is trigger an investigation into a player's behavior. If said investigation finds out that this player has done nothing wrong - he won't get punished. Furthermore, the people falsely reporting you might get punished instead. There's no reason to remove the report system. Not one. It'd be very detrimental to our community, because people won't be scared of a punishment and therefore will completely disobey the summoner's code.
: Well, explain that to the scrubs who demand for an x10 report across all chat.
I could do that. OOOOOR I could hit that beautiful report button and then watch them make their obligatory "WHY WAS I PERMABANNED?" thread on the forums because report calling is an actual violation of the summoner's code.
: * You're getting an x10 report if your KDA is negative. * It's your fault for not ~~dying~~ helping your team mate if he's going yolo 1v5. * If you got a negative KDA, you're reported for trolling/noob. * You're reported for picking Teeto/Urgod. * Your team decides to do a suicide baron steal as 4v5. You know it's pointless. You go and split push so you can take that inhibitor. Your team dies. You're reported for not ~~dying with~~ helping them. * You're getting reported for 'stupid' if you try to correct someone's 'lucker' or 'feeded'. * It's Rito's fault if someone's internet connection is bad. * You're reported for KS if you kill the enemy to save your ally. If you don't KS, you're reported for not helping him.
> [{quoted}](name=TeetoTehSatan,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=OQ60cIPR,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2016-01-27T14:28:56.619+0000) > > * You're getting an** x10** report if your KDA is negative. You're so bad, you'll actually report yourself.
Leonteus (EUW)
: Bring back Team Builder for Normal and let it replace Blind Pick
I don't mean to sound condescending, but what exactly would be the difference? Normal Draft seems pretty teambuilderish to me.
: I nailed it.
You know what? I'll just stick to normals this season.
: ***
Shouldn't you be at school or something?
Ymir (EUW)
: Hey, I don't want to quote[ tmx's post again](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/10wde8H7-20012016-euw-dynamic-queue-system-disabled-further-details?comment=00060000) but he goes into the prep for a feature like this. I know you've already read it, but the most important parts come later in the post. The major point people are raising is that we should have gone up on EUW during pre-season. You're right on that score, it was part of our plan initially and I doubt people would be as frustrated if it wasn't the first day of the new season. We get that. If you've played the Darkest Dungeon these words ring true: _Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer_. Historically we've released things fairly tentatively and we could have followed that model a little more. We're trying not to focus on the shoulda, coulda, woulda right now because the main task is getting Dynamic Queues back up. With that said issues on day one aren't rare with any release and even with an earlier launch we could still be seeing them as the start of Ranked is a heavier time than the last week of pre-season. That's the joy of complex systems and huge platforms. We'll definitely be looking back on what we could have done differently once everything is resolved. Right now our priority is making sure you can get back to enjoying Dynamic Queues as soon as possible.
Thank you for finding the time to respond amid your, no doubt, swamped schedule. I really didn't wanna come off as the petulant kid screaming, as you put it, about what you shoulda coulda and woulda done. Hindsight's always 20-20. I just wanted to know if there was any specific reasoning as to why EUW didn't an adequate amount of preemptive testing considering its high user base. I'm glad to know it was just an oversight rather than intentional negligence. I don't imagine a lot of people in charge of massive communities like League's would have the bottle to admit that overconfidence lead to a messup. So hats off to you guys for being up front about that. And to you for finding the time to reply to the community. Again, thanks for the quick reply. Hopefully it clears up questions other players might have as well. Cheers.
Ymir (EUW)
: [UPDATE 26-01-16 EUW/EUNE] Dynamic Queue system re-enabled
Hey Ymir, thanks for taking the time to actually address the community. Dealing with something of this scale, involving this many people, each of whom wants to make their voice heard must be a strain and I gotta give you guys props for your attempts to stay connected to your playerbase. Now, I really hate to be "that guy" who plugs his own threads in other threads, but I'm genuinely curious what you guys over at Riot have to say regarding the question I asked in this thread. http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/f07wuIAE-no-stress-test-on-euw-and-the-obvious-happens To sum the question up for you guys, since I know you're a bit preoccupied right now what with all hell breaking loose — **_why was absolutely no stress testing conducted on EUW whatsoever? _** The excuse of _"We don't consider testing on Live environments fair"_ kind of falls flat on my ears. I don't claim to understand the machinations of releasing a brand new system in something as large-scale as the most played online game in the world, but my pedestrian knowledge states that's the whole purpose of stress testing. So you can see how a theoretically solid system handles the strain of a live environment. And from experience, when something is released into a live environment, it often malfunctions. It's not anyone's fault in particular, simply because - like you guys said - live environments are unpredictable. _**So why was there no attempt made to predict it? **_ Why was NA meticulously prepared for Dynamic Queues' launch while EUW was just kind of thrown into the deep end, hoping whatever worked for NA will work for EUW? I don't mean to do any finger pointing here and call out on bias, but to be fair to myself, you guys are making it awfully easy for me. I am 100% certain this issue was unforeseeable. I'm sure all tests indicated nothing will go wrong and that the system was ready to go. But why was there no precaution taken anyway? Why were your 2 biggest servers (EUW and KR) not stress tested when they had the largest chance of malfunctioning during release? I don't really expect a response among the swath of questions you guys must be getting, but if you've read this far - thank you for your time!
: New champion selections forces us to follow meta ? wtf riot ?
Riot aren't forcing you to follow the meta. The community is. Riot never invented or had anything to do with "the meta". We did. It's not part of the summoner's code and therefore you can't get punished for not following it. But you can get punished if your teammates feel like you're intentionally ruining their gaming experience for the sake of your own fun and not being considerate to the fact that you (and your premades) are not the only people playing this game. That IS a violation of the summoner's code and it IS something you can get punished for. To put it in more simple terms, you can go duo top if your team is perfectly okay with that. Go duo top, go 3 man bot or duo assassin mid. But if they aren't, you can't force 3 players to play at a disadvantage just because you and a friend want to do something random - that's a violation of the rules and you WILL be punished with it. Get a 5 man premade or go to a custom game. There are other people playing this game too and their enjoyment of the game is just as important as yours. If your team is okay with it, nobody will report you and you won't get punished. It's a pretty simple system and it's been working fine for a long time.
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Lâwless (EUW)
: Nice permaban System Rito
"Cancer to every member of your family" Yeah I hope they find your smurf accounts and ban those too. I think I speak on behalf of the entire League of Legends community when I say THANK YOU RIOT for banning this guy.
: The only way to make lol toxic free
Step 1) Press Enter Step 2) Click on the blue bar on top of your chat Step 3) Drag the chat away to the bottom left corner Congratulations, you've removed your chat.
Dixi Pixi (EUW)
: Being a fu*kin idiot should be a reportable offence
Christ mate it's one loss. Play something else and cool your jets for a while. You're lucky being a "fu*kin idiot" isn't a reportable offense, because you might get banned.
not good (EUNE)
: An in depth guide on how to stop getting reported fro "no reason"
Neonchan (EUW)
: so how exactly do you solve 4+x = 5 with x >= 2? Otherwise, nice solution to protect real players from toxic soloQ players
> [{quoted}](name=Neonchan,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=U4YYk73M,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2016-01-15T13:42:56.304+0000) > > so how exactly do you solve 4+x = 5 with x >= 2? I fixed that part in the OP ages ago lol
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Sorry but assuming that getting 4 man premades is going to turn into a negative experience is just a dumb argument.
Give me one recording of you playing with a 4 man premade, losing and them being positive about it. For every one recording you give me, I'll give you 5 of a 4 man premade flaming the shit out of me and blaming me for every mistake, even their own. The fact is, when things go wrong, people like to assign blame. That's just how people work, it's basic psychology. When a 4 man premade is looking for blame, they'll never look for it among themselves. You're the only one left. Which means that even if you're the one comparatively doing the best on your team, you'll be the one blamed for each and every misstep, simply because nobody is going to blame their own friends when they can just as easily assign the blame to a random person they'll never see again. I never ever said "every game with a 4 man premade is going to turn into a bad experience". But the majority of them do. I've played enough games on normal draft to know that. Flaming is flaming. It doesn't matter if you're being flamed by 1 person or 4. But if all 4 of your teammates have no connection between them, it's less probable for them to all collectively start flaming you in specific at once. Conversely, when faced with a 4 man premade, the second one starts flaming you, you can be 90% certain the rest will follow. Especially if you try to defend yourself or, worse, call one of them out on a mistake they've made. This is experience talking, not paranoia. This has happened before more often than not. And no, muting everyone is just not a viable solution. It's a band aid. We might as well start papering over the cracks in regards to everything if we considered muting everyone at the start of the game as the go-to solution.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: what's your problem with 4 man premades?
Think about it for a second. You'll get it.
: So if a dynamic group goes with 4 members, what happens?
> [{quoted}](name=Khal Abbas,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=U4YYk73M,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-01-15T08:00:57.989+0000) > > So if a dynamic group goes with 4 members, what happens? That's not possible with my suggestion. Re-read my post. [{quoted}](name=ipiratemygames,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=U4YYk73M,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-15T07:01:45.589+0000) > **Ranked Dynamic Queue** > _In this queue mode, players queue up for Ranked play with anywhere from **2 (minimum)** to 5 (maximum) teammates. The mode still uses the same new teambuilder queue style where a player selects 2 roles and gets matched with teammates according to their roles._ Stress on the "2 (minimum)" part. It means that you can't get matched with players from Dynamic Queue unless you're IN Dynamic Queue. And if you're in Dynamic Queue, you need at least one other person playing with you. Meaning that there's no possibility of ever encountering a premade 4. I suppose I should have mentioned that in Dynamic Queue it would be impossible to queue up with 4 people period, because it wouldn't have any players playing alone, thus your team would never find a match. I've since added that to the OP to avoid confusion. I doubt Riot will EVER implement a system like this, because the waiting time to get matched will be absurdly high, but it's 100% positive, because it completely eliminates the possibility of you getting ganged on by a premade group with nobody to defend you.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: So what you are suggesting is increase exponentially queue times and matchmaking because............?
... the alternative is a negative gaming experience. And Windows introduced a revolutionary new mechanic called "Alt Tabbing" where you can - GASP - , **_do other things_** while you're in queue!!! I mean can you believe it?! I'd much rather wait 5 extra minutes in queue than get matched with a 4 man premade that does not speak English.
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Cokie (EUW)
: Mute in game report after, Riot is actually starting to ban A LOT of toxic players as of lately.
I doubt a lot of people are gonna see this post, but I'm just gonna drop it to help as many people as I can. Riot have indeed started cracking down on their punishments a lot lately. But one thing you have to understand is that the system for banning people or delivering strict punishments (I.E. 35 game ranked restrictions)** is not automated**. A Rioter has to check each punishment manually and verify that it's legitimate. And that's a problem, because they really have their work cut out for them when it comes to punishments. Why? Because of us. Not you and me specifically, but the players. Have you ever been in a game where one of your teammates had a bad game and another one of your teammates said "REPORT MID FEED OMG !!!"? Well, that person probably actually got reported for something false such as Unsportsmanlike Conduct or Verbal Abuse, even though they've said nothing all game. Sure, they're not gonna get punished, but Rioters still have to waste their time checking that report. And there are so many reports like these, the actual complaints aimed towards actual rulebreakers get lost in the swamp of false reports because someone missed Smite. So Rioters really have no idea what they're looking for anymore. It's become insanely hard to tell what's a report worth punishing and what isn't these days. And when I say "don't know what they're looking for", I mean it literally. It's just hard to tell whether a player is flaming based on chat. An Elise going "lol mid fail" could be her harassing the mid laner for something they did badly, or it could be just her admitting that she failed a gank mid and apologizing for it in a lighthearted way. It's hard to tell based off text alone. But if you specify in your report that "Elise kept flaming mid", the Rioter checking that report will know what to make of it and dish out the appropriate punishment. **TL;DR** What am I trying to say with this long-winded post? **1) Don't report people if they didn't break the rules.** Even if you had a feeder in your game and you're frustrated about it. Because you'll be twice as frustrated when an actual troll playing Teemo jungle and AFKing by blue buff appears in your games and your report does nothing to punish them, simply because Rioters can't find it because you reported 20 people in the last 10 games. And the more important one. **2) Specify what your report is about in the text box.** Don't just click Verbal Abuse. Type in what this person did to abuse you. If they insulted your mother, specify that. That way Rioters will know that the line "f**k ur mum mate" isn't some inside joke between you two, but it's actual harassment that they need to deal with. Hope this helps ease your playing experience for the future.
XGameFreak (EUNE)
"Dear Riot. I was happily trolling people, flaming my teammates and being unsportsmanlike for a long time now, because I didn't think I would get punished. Even though you've warned me lots of times that my account would be banned, as long as my account was safe, I ruined the fun of lots and lots of people. But now that you've banned me, I promise to start being sportsmanlike. Not because I want to, not because I respect my fellow players or because I want League of Legends to be enjoyable for everybody, but because I want to be unbanned." Yeah, no. You got your warnings. You ignored them. You should have started being sportsmanlike BEFORE you got banned. Too little too late.
feralous (EUNE)
: yes i got banned because i blame feeders. feeders never got ban. so i will fu** you in ranked
> [{quoted}](name=feralous,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=541rgqeE,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2016-01-05T19:49:46.580+0000) > > so i will fu** you in ranked No you won't. Because you're banned.
PinguinZo (EUW)
: Hey butthurt losers
Hey, butthurt loser. Throwing a tantrum on the forums isn't going to get your chat restriction lifted. Maybe next time try not being toxic and you won't get punished. Even if 4 people report you because your team won after theirs had an AFK in it, nothing will happen. Unless you actually said something bad in chat to them. Sincerely The guy whose account isn't in danger of being banned
Cuddleee (EUW)
: Took a break, came back, officially quit.
Laxius (EUNE)
: First of all I thought you discuss behavior in this forum,didn't know that I needed permission. Second no,even when I'm back 100-0 i ain't surrendering.If you don't have fun while losing,well guess what,that's what losing is for.Improving.If you surrender when you are behind you'll never improve.
I'm not saying you're not allowed to discuss player behavior. I'm saying reporting them is a lot more useful than talking about it on the forums. Even if people agree with you here, there's very little we can do. And you do you, man. There are times when the game just stops being fun for me. The score is irrelevant, if my team is behind 30 kills but we're actively trying to win and communicate well, that's a learning experience. But when I have a feeding premade bot lane of Renekton and Garen who're playing drunk while my mid Yasuo keeps diving 1v5 trying to make lcsbigplays, I'll just open mid because that teaches me nothing.
Laxius (EUNE)
: "open mid"
Why are you complaining about it on the forums? You have every right to report them for both intentional feeding and AFK. A lot of people think "feeding" just means dying a lot, but the literal definition of feeding is to give the enemy free gold which they can manifest into an item advantage. Turrets and uncontested CS are also free gold. So by leaving your lane and declaring "open mid", you are intentionally feeding the enemy laner. You are also not present in the game, which counts as AFKing. Report them for both and move on, Riot have been very punishing on intentional feeders lately. I alone have gotten 4-5 popups that someone has been banned after I reported them because they went AFK at fountain. That doesn't mean I disagree with people who go open mid. People who just get first blooded and go "gg open mid i afk" can suck a fat one, however there are situations in which you just have to look at it from the other person's perspective. If it's minute 20, the score is like 5 to 27, your ADC has like 30 cs and your team STILL refuses to surrender because they watched a YouTube video that told them "never surrender in ranked" then I wouldn't blame anyone for wanting the game to be over as soon as possible. Not because it's lost, the game is never lost until the nexus goes boom. But because that kind of game just isn't fun for anyone on the losing end and it's better to take your lost LP, bite the bullet and risk a punishment in exchange for a change of teammates. So always try to put yourself in the position of the other person before reporting them. But people who are spamming open mid as soon as something goes wrong need to be weeded out of the game as fast as possible, I agree.
Shiwah (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ipiratemygames,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=O1VkiJqz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-12-18T01:04:39.806+0000) > > And no, I'm not supporting your thread, it's just silly and will never happen, but it is weird how a solid 90% of French people on League are horrifyingly toxic and unpleasant to play with. "I'm not racist, but..."
France is a nation, not a race.
: Own server for the french
That's a little bit extreme xD But then again, and I am not exaggerating here, I have not met a SINGLE French person on League that doesn't meet one of the following criteria: • Refuses to communicate with the team in any form • Refuses to speak English and only speaking in French to their duo partner even if nobody else on the team speaks French. • Doesn't play support. Period. Will lock in Singed with clarity/clairvoyance and threaten you with a duo report if you make him go support. • This one is probably the one you ALL know. Goes in 1v3, dies, types "mdr" in all chat and does it again 20 seconds later. And no, I'm not supporting your thread, it's just silly and will never happen, but it is weird how a solid 90% of French people on League are horrifyingly toxic and unpleasant to play with. Like, how can a country make people toxic at League? French people aren't even bad outside of League, but by god the French community in League is intolerable. And I don't understand why.
PeterFish (EUW)
: I Like Flaming
I also want to be able to talk on my phone all day with my friends and have unlimited mobile internet for Facebook chat without having to pay my phone bill because I find internet and talking fun and I don't like paying. But my phone company made me sign this contract in which I agreed to pay my bills or they'll terminate my service. The same way Riot made you agree to their ToS where you promised not to flame, or they'll terminate your service.
Catch223 (EUNE)
: Leaver Buster is forcing me to "lie" in order to keep playing
You're not quite understanding what Riot is asking you to agree to. Nobody is asking you to agree to never leave a game, because nobody can make that kind of a promise. Riot is asking if you understand that what you did is going to get you punished in the future. Nothing more, nothing less. It's not binding your soul to a satanic contract, it's just saying "Hey man, leave a game again and you'll wait 30 minutes in a low priority queue for 5 games. Type I Agree if you understand what I just said".
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