: Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread
I have tested bug #26, Zac taking damage when using his W, and it still isn't fixed. I also tested bug #24 and I tried to hit the enemy player with w + e a few times but it dealt damage and restored mana all the times I tried, may be fixed. Bug #25 is still not fixed, Zilean can lvlup his W at lvl1. Bug #38 seems to be fixed too, I played a 3v3 in ARAM with friends and a guy picked Illaoi and his E seemed to deal damage correctly everytime. Bug #41 seems to be fixed too, Xerath's Q and Jayce's E don't cause a freeze frame but Taliyah is a bit inconsistent, it sometimes caused a 2 frame drop on me but when minions were arround it caused a 20 frame drop on my friend who was the one playing taliyag but it was tested in a 1v1, don't know if it will affect more when 10 players are arround. Diana also seems to be fixed, bug #40 seems to have been fixed. Can you include these new fixes? Thanks for making the thread
: How can people 'make things better' when the game has been bugging since forever on all sort of fields. Mordekaiser got reworked for many reasons, one of them was because he had too many bugs to deal with and Riot had no idea how to fix them, so they thought reworking them would fix him a bit. You can check their reddit post "Ask us" for Morde. If Riot did its job from the start, it wouldn't be like this. Now they have too many things on their hands since everyone including Koreans are complaining about it. They named 69+ bugs this patch alone. THIS PATCH ALONE. If you ask me, right now there isn't a single brainless raging. People are complaining about their 'product' for years. They invested money in skins, exp boosts, name changes etc. to play the game, and Riot can't deliver properly nor they care much for it, otherwise game wouldn't have much issues. I have never seen any game have so many issues just after one patch, it means the game was so shit to begin with, that new patch just activated them. All games have issues, but this was the first time i see it for any game, and for League i have never seen them have such problem since i started the game in S2,S3.
This patch was incredibly bugged and brought a lot of new issues, that is true and I said it in my post. What I said is that instead of complaining without providing any solution, you could go to the bug threads and try to help in there. If you prefer just complaining, go ahead, I'm not forcing anyone to do anything. Have a good day
: Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YJJoHEaURM This video shows a bug with Zac's Q, don't know if you have alredy been notified but felt like I should let you know. There is a recent post with a bit more insight but that's basically it. It seems a purely visual bug though
: my favorite bug so far. zac arms never detach
Do you know if you were the first champ he Q'd in the game? When he dies, do the arms disappear? I'm trying to help on some bug threads and this could be a useful video to look into. It looks like it's only a visual bug though. Thanks for sharing it
: You are new to the game if you don't know that Riot had this issues for years.
I am not new to the game and I know Riot has always had issues, this is my response to people complaining in the forums without trying to improve things. I think I didn't understand you, what were you trying to say?
: Yada-yada. You complain about complainers. And I complain about that you're complaining about complainers. There will be always someone who complains. If you are against complaining, then don't complain. Delete this post.
But that's my thing, complaining about people complaining. On a real note, if everything is so bad, you can either leave and/or rage in the forums or you can help Riot find new bugs or check for known bugs in order to see if they are fixed or not. I didn't say I was against complaining, I said I was against brainless raging without providing acutal solutions. If you want me to delete the post, just downvote it and go play another game if League is so terrible. Have a good day
: > [{quoted}](name=White Zinkx,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=lGO2dOHA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-18T17:50:10.782+0000) > > I have that problem but it's not a reason to quit the game. It's normal for a game to have bugs, specially this patch, it was a pretty big one. Just wait, they will do what they can. I don't think they will give you a skin tho, too much too ask :P Yes, it's normal for a game to have bugs, but it's not acceptable that those bugs aren't fixed in more than 24 hours. And they are not doing what they can. They care more about their new rip off lottery game now. Also yes, they will never give us a compensation, because they don't give a %%%% about the community, they just care about money. The people who buy rp are the issue. Once we all stop giving them money, they will have a reason to start fixing shit.
When TFT wasn't working properly during the first two days of release, everyone was crying and saying that they should focus on the newly released stuff to work. Now that TFT is working properly, everyone is crying and saying that they should focus on the game that has always been there. Not talking about you, not talking about anyone in particular, but the community in general is giving them mixed signals. Tbh what I think people should do is actively try to fix things instead of complaining: Use the "Report A Bug" feature in the client, find bug megathreads on reddit and try to help find more and check if the ones listed are fixed or not... Trust me when I say there are a lot of ways to help that are more impactful and more useful for Riot than a bunch of users raging in the forums
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: Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread
Just played a game with Azir, can confirm the bug ISN'T fixed. It still does only 30-40 damage (the extra AD the turret gets from your AP) to minions but full damage on champions
: Still not banned on this account so its not that bad of an experience getting matched with me however getting 100% defeat because of riot's faulty system is.
"Still not banned" Wonderful phrase to define what he was trying to say
Sprichwort (EUNE)
: That is just awful. My last advice is to report to Riot about your issue and hopefully they will fix it. The issue could also go away with the next patch. All the best!
Aparently when you play in No-Border mode it works fine, for anyone with the issue, this
Sprichwort (EUNE)
: Good day! I also have this annoying problem. After 25 minutes of playing, the game just throws me out to my desktop??!! You can try deinstalling your game and then installing it again. It did not help me, but you could still try it.
Already tried. no results. But for me it happens at any minute, at any moment of the game, I can be doing anything and it will just Alt+Tab without me pressing it. I can be dead, taking the first wave/camp, I can be pressing a button, I can be looking at my phone while I'm dead... anything
: > [{quoted}](name=itram2001,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=6TV9ABFh,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-09-03T21:00:41.252+0000) > > You say she started inting, yet she only died twice... ? You do realise dying twice in a minute with 4cs while the game lasted 8mins is inting right?
you also died twice...
: scuttle crab event feels unbalanced
It also kinda depends on your team comp, if you have a blitz, it's braindead to win
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You say she started inting, yet she only died twice... ?
RageFuel (EUW)
: How to Fix Yasuo (Discussion)
Well, I think that the passive changes should be different. Maybe he have his shield removed or reduced, bc in late game it's just plain dumb. His crit chance could also be multiplied by 50%, but only at lvl 18 or 16, making its absurd 2 item powerspike only history. I think this would be a good change, mainly due to the absence of snowball in most games Yasuo destroys on. This would make Yauso more reliant on farm and XP, and he should do something else than staying in a lane and farming till minute 50 and one-hit everyone.


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