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: Shen, Zed and Sona are Jhins rivals. It would be quite badass duo, the two brothers going after a serial killer, together. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Maybe no one can kill Zed accept jhin whit his sniper special powers xDd
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: EUW down rip
Wow riot this is a very bad time to take theme down Please Rito fix it QUickkk!! {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: If YOU were a champion in LoL..
ill Be Fizz cuz i like to get eaten By angry tham bench
: lol i can see it now {{champion:24}} supported by {{champion:5}} both build {{item:3124}} and proceed to tower dive everylane :P but in principal sounds liek a fun game mode
Laasyahnir (EUNE)
: My new Kindred tattoo.
am getting a teemo tatto.
: Open Letter to Parents of League Of Legends Players
am 15 i can sit heer all day ez and yeah i kidna agree
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: Best sentence you ever said after a penta?
: It would be nice to have a sticky post for this: Reports that are false have no consequence, and devalue future reports of that player. If you didnt break a rule, you have nothing to fear, even when being reported.
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Eambo (EUW)
: Free Skin Links - Scamming and Phishing
i think giving us rp for reaching certain elo is a good idea like for instence now i cant charge rp cuz i dont have a credit card adn i need some cool skins in the game there no other way to get theme exept Paying for theme riot Should Have Like a goal to reach to earn some RP for player that cant PAy greets Fade
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its fade

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